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Convert EA3 to EA5 / run EA3 from cassette in XB?

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Posted Sat Jan 19, 2019 10:20 PM

I believe the funnelweb loader is 8K long. With a cassette this takes a long time to load a bunch of stuff you don't need. An EA5 loader would probably take just a couple hundred bytes. I won't wriite a loader, but if someone were to provide the source code, I could put it into a TI BASIC program that copies it into the 32K and starts it up.




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Posted Sat Jan 19, 2019 11:01 PM


I see now, you want to make a loader for TI basic.

With nothing in the cartridge port, isn't ti basic blind to the 32k needed for assembly programs?


It will be interesting to see you pull this off.

Not exactly blind, just not looking...

without XB, 32K is free... just need the E/A @LOADER to load the Support routines to LOW MEMORY then load and run .obj code...

If the @LOADER could be modified to load from cassette...

A convert utility could run on an emulator to convert .obj files to cassette.

I think maybe the idea would have to garner more interested users first.

Senior Falcon's already part way there with his playground loader...

I haven't been able to make time/space to figure out playground yet...

I think it and the underlying development are the biggest deal hack for the TI as of yet! Albeit a little late ...in life.

I have considered the utility of using Playground for my text2speech extraction hack for the TE-II... lots of free buffer space in 32K to capture a program listing. The only other option I am aware of to "see" 32K (from TI BASIC) is the LOAD interrupt in conjunction with a preloaded program(from XB for ex.).

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Posted Sat Jan 19, 2019 11:02 PM

Here's the scratchpad loader we did a while ago - it's meant to be loaded with CALL LOAD and run with CALL LINK (it also uses BSCUTL from the EA disk). Once started it gets out of the way and runs from scratchpad so can load the full 32k. I'll also attach the XB disk just to keep them together... ;)

Attached File  scratchloader.zip   5.22KB   7 downloads

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