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Modding Atari hardware- All in one source

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Posted Sun Jan 13, 2019 4:07 PM

I have Atari 8 bit upgrades of U1MB, Antonia, UAV, Sophia... they go to my fave systems. Now, I got a light sixer 2600 and got wondering about mods and started a thread for the 'B systems' of our collections.  For example, I LIKE the 2600 but having a CRT VGA monitor and a MIST  keeps me happy when I revisit the 2600. I just got a light sixer but don't feel I need to upgrade beyond a simple composite mod unless a S-Video mod was easier or cost the same. 


Firstly, what mods would people suggest for my light sixer? As I already have a MIST, RF on an old set is nearly fine enough for nostalgia. I'm up maybe for inexpensive mods and keep my Sophia for th ones I play more often. :)


Which systems would you NOT or MINIMALLY alter and why?

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