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PLATOTerm99: Need insight into RS232 weirdness C with RS232 routines in asm

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Posted Sun Jan 13, 2019 11:12 PM

I finally have gotten a working RS232 setup using the ti994w emulator.


However, now my problems have only gotten stranger...


I initially got this code to compile again, after leaving it for a few months, to work on this again, (see attached), and I got the RS232 routines to finally send and receive (but the terminal reaches a strange state after jumping into PLATO mode, and eventually stops responding to echo packets):

Attached File  platoterm99-original.zip   234.76KB   2 downloads


with the latest compilation of that code, somehow display corruption is happening, BUT, I am able to send/receive from the tcpser virtual modem...


I decided to peel away everything and re-assemble again into another codebase temporarily, to see if I could isolate issues, and produced a smaller executable, with the same I/O routines, BUT, the code stops working, WTF?

Attached File  platoterm99-reworked.gz   93.03KB   1 downloads


What the hell?


For reference, the serial routines are here:



of which, the rs232_* functions are convenience functions which call the rs232raw functions (which activate the appropriate card and port, do their function, and then deactivate.)


I am really at the end of my rope here, especially since I am _not_ familiar with the machine or the architecture, and could really use some help to know just how many battles I am actually fighting here, so that I can solve these problems and get a version of the terminal out for you guys.



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