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My "new" TI-99/4A with FinalGROM and nanoPEB - so darn cool!

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Posted Mon Jan 14, 2019 2:10 PM

Okay, now I know what I've been missing. And let me tell you, I'm glad I dove back in!


I picked up a few TIs from a person nearby whose relative was apparently a hoarder. I figured I'd grab three to start (yes, there are a decent amount of additional ones I may grab) and thankfully one of them works with almost no issues. The other two I will be sending off to another AA member to attempt repairs once I recover from having my gall bladder removed this Wednesday. I am tentative about picking up any additional equipment because the place they were stored has water damage due to both a leaky roof and very damp basement. In fact, the 3 machines I picked up still have a bad mildew smell to them. If I can get what I want at a decent enough price, I will. If not, I'll be happy with my current set up, which does include a speech synthesizer.


I know I've said this a few times in other threads, but I've really been missing my original hardware for a couple of years now, wishing I had never given away the rather large collection of TI-99 items I had up until 2010. But, it may have been for the best, now that I've gotten a hold of a FinalGROM and a nanoPEB. So much power in so little space! It's amazing how you can fit pretty much every TI cartridge onto an SD card and over 2500 diskettes onto a 4 GB CF drive. Add to that the 32K expansion and RS-232 port, it's amazing that I've been able to expand to my dream TI set-up for less than $150 including shipping for these two amazing pieces of equipment. These are so much better than the humongous and noisy PEB (not to mention the cards needed to fill it) and all those cartridges and aging diskettes lying around. If I had the space to store it all or enough room to set up all of the systems I'd like to, it wouldn't be an issue, but having downsized my living space by more than half between 2005 and 2010, these tiny devices are a godsend. So for me, it's a wonderful alternative.


Between this and my modernized Amiga 4000, this is like living in retro computing heaven. Two of my three favorite computing platforms (the third being the Apple ][ line) I now have working original equipment that are modernized to enjoy nearly everything there is to enjoy on them. It's doubtful I'll ever get any original Apple ][ hardware due to how the prices on them have soared over the past few years, which is fine since I already have to swap my systems in and out of my limited space in order to enjoy them. I guess I can settle for Apple ][ emulation on my Raspberry Pi for now!


I just wanted to thank all the hobbyists who have kept this 40-year old computer relevant (or at the very least still fun to play around with) all these years later. There are far too many people to list without anyone feeling slighted, so I will just thank all of the contributors to this wonderful group here on AA as well as on FB for all the useful and helpful information on modernizing the first computer I ever owned. Like the Blood, Sweat and Tears song goes: You've Made Me So... Very Happy!


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