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Unreleased Jaguar Games.

jaguar unreleased games

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Posted Wed Feb 13, 2019 10:32 PM

It was hard to ground T.H.G.M claim that Doom II was rumoured as a Jaguar Duo exclusive as he made no attempt to name the source or sources of the claim for his viewers,just presented it as speculation.

A viewer asked for the source in the comments section after the video went up and that question has remained unanswered ever since.

Whilst it's straight forward enough to find quotes from I.D saying Jaguar Doom II was under consideration (they would monitor Jag Doom sales), they would not be doing any more ports of Doom 2 themselves as focus was now on PC Quake and it was unlikely Doom II would be coming to Jaguar..for the life of me i cannot seem to find any UK magazine at least, speculating it'd head up the launch of the Jaguar Duo and be a cartridge and CD title.

At least when asking,the person putting the question of Jaguar Doom II to I.D had the common decency to quote the source of the claim.

These Lost Console videos that seem all the rage at present on YT from a number of channels, seem high on speculation and low on actual detail and are little more than a collection of magazine clippings.

Little effort made to try and contact anyone from the R+D departments of the company involved.

That might be deep enough for the target audience though as i see a lot of comments about how well these videos have been researched :-))

It's becoming click bait..

The untold story of...(erm your using magazine clippings from the time,ergo the story was being reported, even if it was at that point just pure speculation),The #### console you never knew existed (insert unofficial non western clone here), The amazing ##### arcade hardware that never was...(that's because it was only a patent).

There seems to be a run on trying to get milage out of the most obscure hardware suggestions,failed projects and hardware the Eastern Block etc saw that the Western world never did.

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Posted Thu Feb 14, 2019 12:29 PM

At the rate YT channels are pumping out these unreleased or obscure consoles/coin ops you never heard of...videos, it's only a matter of time before someone does a 10 minute video on the Codemasters console.

Over 9 minutes detailing back story of Codemasters and then 30 seconds explaining they once thought about doing their own console, The Game Genie Engineering team came up with several design concepts, but Codemasters abandoned any such ideas when it became apparent the sheer level of resources required to enter the console market.

I'm being cynical, but given how wafer thin some of the content covered on YT of late has been..this could happen :-))

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Posted Thu Feb 14, 2019 1:08 PM

@Jenovi:Hopefully the damn thing sent (it was on my PS3 HDD), but i have just emailed over (fingers crossed), the Imagitec Design snippet from Atari Entertainment Magazine.

It has a very brief Q+A with their P.R Guru..codenamed Piglet..

A few B+W screens of Freelancer 2120..In Game stuff looks very high res,so i would assume taken from the PC version running on Argonauts BRender software.

Piglet also talks of Imagitec working on a Space Strategy game,very different to anything ever done before, it being in early development stages.

It doesn't sound like Space Junk..

It's not even confirmed for the Jaguar.

It might,might not be this mythical Cyber Knights game Martin Hooley has claimed was planned for Jaguar.

It's typical Imagitec Design..start hype for yet another project whilst giving no details and at a time people were still waiting for the earlier titles they had hyped up.


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Posted Fri Feb 15, 2019 5:39 AM

Shaun Mcclure has kindly offered his views on what that space strategy game Piglet was talking about might of been:

"I vaguely remember them designing a space strategy game based around some table top figures you could get that looked like gigers alien but with snake tails but nothing ever came of it. "

Not too big a leap of faith to make the assumption this might well of been Cyber Knights that Hooley mentioned. .

Whatever this things working title was, it joins the already hefty list of annouced but never to appear, projects Imagitec have become associated with.

No wonder it's so hard to find fresh information on what else they might /might not of been working on.

Their Atari platform work alone is a long list of abandoned projects.


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Posted Sat Feb 16, 2019 5:36 AM

Brief snippet from Rebellion:

Just so y'all know; Skyhammer is well-nigh finished; as ever, it's in
Atari's hands, not hours, but it ought to be in production, um, real
soon now. And I mean _real_ soon now. (but that's just our opinion, of

 Plans: like this says (hey, someone got it right for a change), no
plans for anything on the JagCd -- no plans for JagAvPII, blah blah
blah. Said it before, and I'll say it again.

 -- dan (@ rebellion

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