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PAL Jag on NTSC tv? Is it ok?

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#1 marcio_napoli OFFLINE  


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Posted Wed Jan 30, 2019 11:29 AM



This is certainly basic stuff, but I wanna be 100% sure first. 


I'm shopping for a Jag console right now.


Living in Brazil is sh#tty on many levels. For example, it's super hard to find a NTSC Jaguar seller willing to send it to this sh#t hole I live in.


I know a seller that will ship it here, but it's a PAL Jag.




I know it runs all NTSC games, but what about connecting it to a NTSC TV (with OSSC)?   Will I encounter any problems being a PAL console?


What about screen resolution? Is there any difference between regions? 


And gameplay speed, any noticeable difference?


Thanks a lot everyone






#2 Gummy Bear OFFLINE  

Gummy Bear


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Posted Wed Jan 30, 2019 3:38 PM

Impossible to say whether it will work or not as every TV is different.
If it is a modern TV then I'd guess that the chances are good that you will be OK.

Very few Jag games were optimised for proper PAL resolution (the same story for every console).
Tempest 2000, Super Burnout and I-War are, and I think the Iron Soldier games are, but those are the only ones I know of.

#3 Stephen Moss OFFLINE  

Stephen Moss


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Posted Thu Jan 31, 2019 2:13 AM

Depending on the set, it my support both PAL and NTSC. I not you could always install a PAL/NTSC switch or make the necessary alteration change it permanently to NTSC, if you search the forum you should find more information on how to do that.

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