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Posted Sun Apr 7, 2019 1:47 PM

Hello to all here in this phantastic forum,


today it is time to share a small programm to access a lot of games and applications in an easy way.


I named the program "Mega Menu"


it is currently in German but I add a manual in English and it works only with a TIPI system from 1.0betav34 and RXB.
So I know I have much room for improvements.

Attached File  IMG_2488.JPG   74KB   1 downloads

But the program is not just another menu program.
- It shows date and time from the tipi system

- The program shows the RXB version used

- There are three screen displays with 30 menu entries each

- It shows the mapped folders to the drives DSK1, DSK2 and DSK3

- Use CTRL + 1 to 3 to change the drive mapping from every screen

- Use CTRL + D to catalog DSK1 - 3

- Use CTRL + C to configure your own programs in the selection screen or make a individual submenu


For more informations please read the MEGA MENU Manual

Attached File  MegaMenu_Manual.pdf   535.95KB   14 downloads

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Posted Sun Apr 7, 2019 1:52 PM

See the attached zip file with the MEGA MENU program and a copy of some games and applications I got from this forum.


To install the program please unzip the file in your TIPI folder.


This will add some subfolders named in the manual.


Attached File  MMTIPI.zip   3.18MB   11 downloads


Enjoy the program and have fun trying it out

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Posted Sun Apr 7, 2019 3:49 PM

Looks like a finalgrom is inching its way closer to the top of my "buy me next!" list so i can run a copy of rxb.

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Posted Sun Apr 14, 2019 11:42 AM

MEGA MENU v1.8  -  Update:   Apr/14/2019


Today I release the version 1.8 beta of my menu program.

Attached File  MM18.zip   10.78KB   5 downloads


and the updated documentation:

Attached File  MegaMenu18.pdf   296.81KB   6 downloads



To install the updated version without trouble, please copy the new files from the MM18.zip file into the TIPI.MM folder. Your entire menu configuration is retained.


Changes to the last version 1.4 are:

- multilingualism for English and German
  Now it is easy to create other language files maybe in Italian, Spanish or French.
  If you look at the new updated MM18.dsk, there are some new files:
  1. MM-SETUP                 setup for language, language-file, printer and screen copy counter
  2. MM-GER                     German language file
  3. MM-ENG                     English language file

- new menu screen commands CTRL+P for print screen and CTRL+S for save screen

- Speech Synthesizer support for program start, print menu screen and save menu screen
   I added that because the load time and the screen dump times have become very long. I hope that
   will improve a lot if I can compile the main program.


TIP: If you edit the language file with EDIT40 and add your name at position “T002$:” after the colon
       you have a personalized menu system with your name in the greeting line.


Here is the complete package with all programs in DSSD 80 TRACK disk image files.

An Overview of the DSK content and the copy paths is in the pdf on page 10!

Attached File  MM18_disk_images.zip   1.08MB   3 downloads

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