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Posted Sat Apr 13, 2019 4:09 PM



This is not "quite" Atari-related, except that I needed this so I could run VMware on my Mac so I could run Altirra. So, yeah.


Anyway. I needed more diskspace on my Macbook Pro and wanted to do something cost-effective and yet semi-permanent.


So, I bought a 1TB SSD, an enclosure and a right-angle USB cable for around $150 total.


Then I designed this to go on the bottom of my laptop:



These are three 3-D printed pieces. The center one holds the drive, and then the one next to it routes the cable up to the USB port and the plain one is just a dummy to complete it across, so it acts like a riser to make typing easier and also allow air flow under the laptop.


Anyway, I knew there were a few Atari people on here that had 3-D printers, so, if you are interested, the files to create this are here:



If anyone makes one, I would love to see the picture.


(Note, I am not making anything off of this. I am not using Amazon Affiliate links in the Thiingiverse description, and there is no charge to use this for non-commercial use.)


We now return you to posts that are much more legitimately Atari-related!



EDIT: Attached wrong image originally.

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