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What are your favorite retro/homebrew news sites?

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Posted Wed Apr 17, 2019 11:28 AM

What are your favorite retro/homebrew news sites?  I'm looking for one single place I can go, and not be too afraid that I'm going to miss the big kickstarters, preorders, new hardware gizmos, or just general releases.


'Classic Gaming General' has picked up a few newer newer subforums which mean I now tend to fall behind on, say, vectrex or genesis when previously I wouldn't, and I always miss out on the Atari stuff, since it's way over there *points*.  And then there are the things Atariage just never talks about, for example the Dreamcast drive replacements that just don't get much play here, etc.


What are your secret news sites?  I know I have a good one for board games, but is there something similar for retrogaming that keeps me from 'missing out' in our new world of 'preorder or nothing.'

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Posted Wed Apr 17, 2019 12:02 PM

I use Feedly to track a large number of sites via their RSS feeds. The service also tells me when sites are dormant or dead. This is how I find interesting voices, which are usually off the beaten path. There are a few Tumblrs with magazine scans in there that I like as well. Feedly also does a decent job of helping you find other things like stuff you already follow. 


"News" usually gets picked up by big sites like Kotaku, which I follow in a different category. Some of my favorite non-obvious places to watch include



Digitiser 2000

Arcade Attack

Grumpy Gamer


Obscure Handhelds

Retrogaming with Racketboy

CRPG Addict

Tiny Cartridge

The Digital Antiquarian

Vintage Computers

Armchair Arcade (Bill Logiduice from this board)

Hardcore Gaming 101 Blog


It's hard to sustain a retro "news" site. It's part of why I hang out here so much. 


Retro Gamer Magazine is worth subscribing to ... right now they're having a half price sale on back issues. You can also read it in subscription services like Readly or Apple News+.

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Posted Wed Apr 17, 2019 12:13 PM

Cool thread

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Posted Thu Apr 18, 2019 11:30 AM

I honestly hadn't considered that RSS was still an option.  I really just figured it to be a fad that died at least a decade ago.


Believe it or not, I even frequently miss news on the front page of this site, thanks to browsers remembering where I want to go.

But sure enough, front page has an RSS feed.  Hell, most of the forum groups have their own (example) so now I can just put all the forums back together again--no more missing things like xeno crisis.  (I'll have to look harder at that those forum feeds, they may be too noisy)


GBAtemp has (RSS), so the ez-flash omega wouldn't have crept up on me.


Then I can take anything on twitter and RSS-it with something like (this), so I don't miss out on, for example, piko interactive which doesn't seem to rss on their blog.  Seems like most homebrewers like twitter these days.


I still am not seeing a good source that directly focuses on retro games on the crowdfunders, but I should be able to get it all indirectly from above.  I also can't seem to see a way to get at whatever drives dcemu, so I still have a blind spot there.

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