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Combination Virtua-Pin/Multi-Cade

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Posted Sat Apr 20, 2019 8:37 AM

I mean...the things that get made nowadays. New to me, sorry if it's not to you.






I'm not even sure which screen you'd play arcade games on....the Pac-Man pic seems to show DIFFERENT screens on the 'playfield' and the 'backglass' (???)...but Pac Man's score screen on the backglass definitely looks stretched/smooshed. So it is probably taking 4:3 games and making them 'widescreen', at least in some spots. Bad form there. And for all I know, the screens themselves are garbage, very hard to say one way or the other with only the short video to display it. I doubt I'll ever be brave+rich enough to risk $3200 on a boat order from China to find out. Still...I think this thing is very cool. Aesthetically I like the layout and it kills multiple birds with one stone. Vertical layout of the pinball playfield would work well for vertical games too, if that is indeed where they are played (wonder if all the games are vertical actually...)



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