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SuperCharger Space Invaders Boys and Girls

Space Invaders New Editions Atari 2600 Retron 77 Atari Flashback Boys and Girls

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Posted Sun Apr 21, 2019 10:38 PM



SuperCharger Space Invaders Boys and Girls picks up where Beta 4 left off with increasingly progressive action and interactive immersive soundscapes that draw you into the game!




It's Space Invaders but now they've got the shields and there's less time so dodge fast and try to hit everything!




You are equipped with dual laser cannons that fire multicolor bursts in parallel - the second shot will continue to seek a target after the first one hits something.  




How many levels can you clear? How many without being hit? 


The game pink screens when you are hit and red screens when you lose (you may be able to recover), eventually disintegrating into a kaleidoscopic demo over time. 


Help expand the study:


Take both game ROM's for an immersive test run (clear at least 5 levels), do you agree with the test group?


If participating in the study please indicate if you used a classic Atari console, a Retron77 running Stella 6 and/or the latest build of Stella with enhanced sound, or an Atari Flashback or earlier version of Stella, or another emulator.  


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Posted Fri Apr 26, 2019 5:59 PM


Here's a fourteen minute long play video of the Girls Edition running all the way through to the ending! :)


Shown playing in HD on a Plasma display on the Hyperkin Retron77 console running the Stella 6 upgrade to get those phat sounds (this game is included with the Retron77!)


Features include interactive music that ties to the gameplay and the level progression and two playable abstract cut scenes when you die - it's possible to come back twice to complete the game and reach the final ending cut-scene animation!


Can you beat the game? You'll have fun trying! :)


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