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Posted Thu Apr 25, 2019 8:33 PM

I have a Super Scope. One of the few people in the world with one, I guess. I am going to get it out of the garage tomorrow and see if it still works. I want to make a SNES game. I want to make a game for the Super Scope. I could just as well make it for the ActionMax, but I've done two games for it already. I want to do something new. There are too few games for the Super Scope I think. And in shooting games using a gun for retro consoles in general. I know, I want to make a niche game that only a few people can play (those with a Super Scope and a CRT TV.) I just happen to fall in that niche.
I have 2 or 3 Super Scope games. I found Metal Combat and Super Scope 6. I thought I have Yoshi's Safari but I can't find it. Perhaps it's with the Super Scope in the garage. Has anyone ever attempted a homebrew SNES game that uses the Super Scope? I need to find SNES programming info, and probably an emulator.
My game idea is called "Going Bananas." It's a lot like the ActionMax game HydroSub 2021. Bananas are floating around on the screen in various locales and your job is to shoot them. If I can make just a title screen with a picture of a banana and the words "Going Bananas" on it for the SNES, I'd be happy.
So CAN I make a Super Scope game? Is it even possible?


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