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Plotmap tiles different widths?

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Posted Thu May 9, 2019 11:13 PM

Hi all,

Im just starting in 7800Basic really but I find many times a doubt that isnt in the help and isnt in the forums, well maybe its here somewhere but it escapes me. Im experimenting with plotmap right now and I make the map with alphadata you know writing all the characters there in a kind of matrix way. But I notice that blank character is half the size of the rest of characters, I think I have read somewhere something about this, Im using 160A doublewide and zone height 16 just if that makes any sense, what I wonder is... is it possible to have all the tiles the same width or how can we change that on specific tiles? or is it just an exception with the blank tile thats always half the width of the rest? Thanks a lot for any clue about this =)

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Posted Fri May 10, 2019 5:51 PM

A blank tile is the same as any other tile. 7800basic doesn't make a distinction between blank tiles and others.

Maybe post an example of your problem?

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Posted Fri May 10, 2019 7:07 PM

Thanks a lot RevEng for explaining this =). And oh I see, I think I read somewhere we can plot tiles of different width in same map, perhaps on different maps, isnt that possible?.


Regarding my code, well I had double wide set off, and somehow the tiles I used to test the width of each tile fooled me to think the blank space character's tile was half the width but now that you say it, looking more carefully I think these are probably the same width just maybe the order they overlap or somethng make them look like that, because I see they overlap if I set the double wide off covering half the other tile, you can check in the image I submit, all the tiles are the same drawing (made for testing the width) which is mainly a frame around a square and a diagonal line from botton left corner and from there up to the right so that we can count the number of pixels, as said made for testing how wide they are, so setting the doublewide on just made them look normal and fill the width of the screen.

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