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attaching a zip drive to the ST/STE

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#1 Gunstar OFFLINE  



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Posted Fri Jul 22, 2005 3:00 PM

I've been told that I can use a standard Zip drive with my ST, which I want to add to it, and my friend has an STE that he wants to add one too, so, what is needed to do this? Is there an adapter available or that can be made to connect it to the DMA port? I can directly (with an adapter or other) connect a Zip drive to the ST without going through an ICD or other HD controller/adapter can't I?

#2 Mitch ONLINE  



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Posted Fri Jul 22, 2005 6:14 PM

I thought it was the parallel port version that you used. But I've never done it so I could be wrong.


#3 geosteve OFFLINE  



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Posted Fri Jul 22, 2005 7:05 PM

I though that too, pretty sure I read that in an Atari magazine from the ST days. on a website I found this info though so now I guess it doesn't work :?

"George Iken posts this about using a parallel port hard drive or other
storage device on the ST:
"The parallel port version of most any of the removable drives will work
ONLY on a PC. It will NOT work (even if someone tried to make a driver)
on an ST because the ST paralell port does not support bidirectional data
(unfortunately, even for the most simple disk writes, the computer really
needs to ask a few questions of the hard drive .. otherwise you might be
able to cobble up a write many, read never drive interface through the ST
parallell port).

The SCSI version of virtually all of these removable drives DOES work with
the ST (or Mac even). On the ST or MegaST you need a DMA to SCSI host
adapter (an ICD or other host adapter). On a TT or Falcon, just plug in
to the SCSI port. The ZIP drive is a little unique in that it needs to
pull power off the SCSI bus. Not all DMA to SCSI host adapters have power
at the pin the Zip is looking for it. If you have the right adapter
though, the Zip works fine. I personally prefer the faster and more
adaptable (you can use any SCSI ID versus only #5 or #6 on a Zip) Syquest
drives. I especially love the EZ135 (I have 3) and EZ230 (I have
2) drives for transferring data between ST and PC."

also, IMO, zip disks are too expensive to be practical nowadays.

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#4 Gunstar OFFLINE  



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Posted Fri Jul 22, 2005 7:24 PM

That was a bit confusing guys; first it seemed like you said that I'd use the parallel port, then you say I need to use a DMA to scsi host adapter. So, I'm guessing, from the confusing responses, and correct me if I am wrong and please verify if I am right, I COULD use the parallel port, but I'd still need some type of "interface" due to the bidirectional problem, BUT, I can easily attach a scsi Zip drive with a standard host adapter like the ICD one...right? My friend actually already has a zip drive that he has been using with an ICD host adapter THROUGH his Hard drive with one or the other working as a slave and he wanted to get rid of the old Hard drive and just have the Zip drive attached. So, he could then just get rid of the HD and have his Zip drive connected to his ICD host adapter (dma-scsi)? I would also need something similiar? I already have a BMS-100 and adaptec 4000 interface/controller, so I could probably hook it up through that too, as long as the Zip drives (for both of us) are scsi zip drives...right?

I may just go with a syquest drive as you do, since I don't have either yet, but I think my friend would still wnat to use his zip drives that he already has, whcih, I assume, are indeed scsi if he has them currently attached through his harddrives anyway.

also, how are the Syquest drives connected? do they also require the same as the Zips?

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#5 krupkaj OFFLINE  



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Posted Sat Jul 23, 2005 2:03 AM

I had SCSI zip drive connected to ST through Link hostadapter back in the days. It was not bad, but lot of my friends preffered EZ DRIVE 135.

#6 DarkLord OFFLINE  


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Posted Sat Jul 23, 2005 6:56 AM

I had SCSI zip drive connected to ST through Link hostadapter back in the days. It was not bad, but lot of my friends preffered EZ DRIVE 135.

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I've got an EZ135 and 200. Both work great with my ICD Link2 on my Mega ST.

The carts for the EZ drives did have a reputation for being somewhat more fragile than ZIP carts though.

#7 atarian1 OFFLINE  



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Posted Sun Jul 24, 2005 10:16 PM

No, you canNOT hook up a parallel ZIP drive to the ST.

Yes, you can hook up a ZIP drive via a WB Link 96/97, ICD Link 2 or AdSCSI host adapter. These plug into the ACSI port of the ST. You'll need Centronics 50 to 25 pin adapter to hook the ZIP up to the host adapter.

I doubt that your BMS-100 host adapter will work as it's very old. It was one of the first generation of ST host adapters along with the original Supra and ICD host adapters. None of these support parity which the ZIP requires.

You'll also need to supply +5V power to the host adapters because the ZIP can't pass power through its SCSI port.

#8 krupkaj OFFLINE  



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Posted Mon Jul 25, 2005 5:12 AM

I remember that SCSI zip drive needs parity in hostadapter. But I am not sure. You can try to connect it.

#9 Sikor OFFLINE  



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Posted Mon Jul 25, 2005 6:48 AM

I use ZIP drive with my TT. I have one question: wchich SCSII driver you use - with HD Driver is no problem...

#10 doctorclu ONLINE  


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Posted Mon Jul 25, 2005 1:48 PM

Sorry to hear that the paralle zip will not work. Bummer.

As for me, used and backed up many programs of the ST on a Zip drive (100).

ST/STE - had to use a link 2 adaptor (ASCI to SCSI)

Atari TT... has a SCSI port and therefore no problem. Connects right up.

Used either the ICD utilities or HD Driver.

#11 ijor OFFLINE  


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Posted Mon Jul 25, 2005 2:01 PM

It is feasible to connect a ZIP drive with a centronics/parallel interface to the ST. But not easy at all. As some already said, the ST port lacks some signals and functionality that is needed by such devices as a ZIP drive.

However (and perhaps, just for the record) I remember reading that somebody developed and sold a full blown centronics interface for the ST cartridge port. I don't know if it still available (guess it's not), but even if you can get the adapter you still need a special driver that probably was never written.

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