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Lost Dragon

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Posted Sat Feb 2, 2019 5:47 PM

Sent you a PM with some background info on Imagitec Design and how company worked and a few lost projects Martin perhaps would of prefered stayed lost and why

But this soundbite from Alistair Lindsay should help explain just how small a company Imagitec Design was during the Atari era..ST..Lynx..Falcon and Jaguar and on that grounds how straight forward it should of been to find someone who worked on a Panther project in one form or another:

"At Imagitec I was doing sound design as well as Music and that’s how it was back in the day, pretty much one audio guy. Thankfully it wasn’t the programmers doing it because even earlier they were. So I just missed that earlier kind of 8-bit type thing although I did do some mega-drive and a couple of Super Nintendo bits and bobs"

Your talking such small teams on a project full stop, which does make it a lot easier when tracking down ex-staff.

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Posted Sun Feb 3, 2019 8:35 AM

Many thanks for the background--your research on the subject is exemplary! I wish everyone had your level of dedication.  :)

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Lost Dragon

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Posted Sun Feb 3, 2019 9:30 AM

:-)) Shift work has an awful lot to be blamed for...

Today a good case in point, literally just killing a few hours before i head off to start my week of night shifts, so chasing a few more industry folk i might of missed.

Many thanks for the very kind words, i really do not deserve them.

All i do is take the approach GTW taught me,take claims as a starting point, pass on information as it comes in but be sure to establish it's the viewpoint of the individual, others may well have very different accounts...and just keep looking.

Chances are someone,somewhere has documentation or worked on or worked with someone on a lost project.

No harm in asking and just be completely honest about why your asking.

If they are happy to chat? Result :-D

If not? Well at least an attempt was made.
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Posted Sun Feb 3, 2019 10:20 PM

Faran Thomason, producer of Bubsy Fractured Furry Tales on the Atari Jaguar, has been on here numerous times.  Maybe he might have some pointers on the Imagetic days.

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Lost Dragon

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Posted Sat Feb 9, 2019 5:04 AM

So..if as Martin Hooley claims, both Raiden and Humans were being done on Panther, who handled the audio?

It doesn't look like it was Trevor Raynsford:


"The Busby credit is for the Jaguar music player (also used in Raiden and Tempest 2000).  Our studio also did the awesome in game and CD version of the Tempest music.  AFAIK we were the only studio with Jaguar launch games with in game music and SFX.  Before the Jag I did a Falcon music player which ran on the 56000 (used in Humans IIRC) and a SNES music player on the sound chip (I forget what for)."

Sorry Martin, but so far so many of your staff who worked on the 3 titles you claim either were in development for the Panther or might have been in development, Raiden, Humans and Daemonsgate...never mention the Panther.

We know Lynx Daemonsgate was based on C64 Nightbreed-rpg code..

You were a small company, limited staff..

Yet no Coder..Artist..Musician we can find lists Panther on platforms worked on.

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Posted Mon Mar 4, 2019 12:53 AM

One thought--there might have been things assigned to some project road map that never actually reached the implementation stage. That would explain remembering things but would result in the same negative findings you have to date--and that roadmap may never have left the marketing department, so the programmers would be clueless about the titles/systems involved that never began coding. It isn't verifiable unless a copy of the roadmap ever turns up, but it remains a distant possibility.


This is very likely.


I'll just mention this is quite common.  Back in '96 when I was at IBM working on UNIX workstations/servers we had a big meeting with upper execs that stressed we had to delivery our product on time with industry leading  performance or the entire IBM UNIX workstation/server business would switch to selling our main competitors product Sun workstations with Solaris.  They claimed to already have contacted a very interested Sun corporation and were in the heated financial negotiations concerning the royalties to be paid.


The flagship product S70 server shipped with industry leading performance and sales... basically saving IBM Power and AIX businesses.

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Posted Wed Mar 6, 2019 10:46 PM

Back in the early 1990s, I worked for a computer software company in Miami. One of the programmers had a cubicle just across from me. Among his many projects, was helping to take some of our existing games & convert / translate / port / upgrade / enhance them to other systems and higher resolutions. And I can tell you that some of his hard work didnt always come to fruition. As upper management would sometimes cancel jobs & change priorities on a weekly basis. It was often frustrating & annoying.

But all of us there; the artists, sound guys, programmers, testers, etc. had mountains of tapes, diskettes, Zip drives, CD-Rs, etc. always at our disposal. And we all had an understanding & appreciation for logging in hundreds of hours into postponed or canceled projects. So we usually saved everything that we worked on, especially that which never saw release. So anything is possible in these scenarios. You just never know who might have something.
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