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Items for Atari 2600 manufactured in Brazil

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Posted Sun Aug 20, 2017 5:57 PM

"Monkey Dong" ?!


Should I even ask what the gameplay consists of?

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Posted Fri Jul 13, 2018 3:35 AM

No update for almost one year. Time to "unstick" this topic?

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Posted Fri Jul 13, 2018 8:54 AM

No update for almost one year. Time to "unstick" this topic?



It's by far the most valuable Brazilian VCS carts topic in the world.



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Posted Wed Aug 8, 2018 5:11 PM

I was reading an old Brazilian videogame magazine (entitled "VideoGame") from 1991 and found 2 oddity I think some of you may like.

That was the unique mag from there featuring Atari game reviews by the time. 


The first one is a game under development by "Engecomp" software (never heard about) that will feature a famous Brazilian singer Angelica.

There's no picture of the game, but was described as "memory game" (matching card game???).

It probably was never released, but it is interesting to know another brazilian game was in the works back in 90's (the other is MegaBoy).


The second surprise was an advertisement of a unknown to me "Conector Atari Console". Note Conector is the company brand, the console is just described as "Atari Compatible" console that will be released "October 1991".

Never saw this clone either. I'll post below both scans.


I did some search and found nothing relevant. There are many Engecomp's around to know which one was the aforementioned, and certanly Atari + Conector will never result in what I was looking for.

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  • conectorAtari2.png
  • Engecomp.png

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Posted Thu Aug 9, 2018 12:45 AM


Thanks for sharing.

Here's the Conector list:

Perhaps Engecomp was connected with Engesoft:

A non pirated game from Brazil is hard to believe, though.



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Posted Tue Aug 28, 2018 1:52 PM

this is so cool

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Posted Tue Sep 25, 2018 4:21 PM

First off, amazing topic. I browsed all the pages, I doubt even brazilians know all these stuffs.
I also found here Dactar boxes from my cartridges I dont see in almost 30 years.
Just for curiosity during the '80s it was forbidden to import any eletronic device to Brazil, which impulsinated the develop of Atari and NES clones, when a official distribuitor got a license(grandiente) the market was already inflated.
Also the US NTSC Atari VCS showed black and white images on the brazilian TVs at the time, only in the mid-'90s they would support both PAL-M and NTSC on most sets.

I now place two interesting editions (special) that have many information about games and as to play they (and about manufacturers) . Almost all the games are from Atari 2600.
These editions had been "supplements" of a magazine with name "Somtres" (Somtrês). They are two editions with more than twenty years. (February, 1985 & March, 1985)
They have some old announcements of the time. (2 x Polyvox, 2 x Digivision, Microdigital, Dynacom & Honda) They are rare to find.
The list is for the name of the games.
I go to start for the first edition (games of A - H).
I wait that they like.


Sr. Ferraz,

Which Splice Vision games are these:

Furia Espacial

They are mentioned in the review book, but I can't read it properly.
(although I think that Aventura is Raiders of the Lost Ark)

Thanks in advance.


About the game list on these pages, theres some important info on these parts I will translate below.
warning1.jpgAlmost all game are compatible with the Atari system, with exception of three brands.
warning2.jpgApart from Atari system, there are, Intellivision, Odyssey (Phillips) and Splice Vision (Coleco).
So what I understand is that these Splice Vision's games, at least on this magazine were not Atari 2600 games, along with the ones labbed Intellivision and Odyssey.

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Posted Wed Sep 26, 2018 7:16 AM

There is, on the Web, some similar information about a company which was the first in Brazil to manufacture a compatible console to Atari 2600, and with the same hardware, the first "version" of Atari 2600 (first videogame/ console and cartridges). It was the year 1981.
The company "Bit Eletrônica" manufactured the console under the name "Top Game" and cartridges to be used in the console. The problem was that, the company, probably being afraid of legal issues and lawsuits (patent), changed the cartridge connector type (case) - it produced a cartridge connection different from the used with Atari 2600 and similar compatibles.
They were not successful because it avoided to use the cartridges with usual pattern for Atari 2600 (the joint did not allow the usage of an usual cartridge).
Another problem was that the cartridges manufactured by Bit Eletrônica were not able to be used in consoles with Atari 2600 joint pattern.
Afterwards, Bit Eletrônica launched an adapter to allow the usage of Atari 2600 standard cartridges in its console (I don't know whether it fitted or they manufactured another adapter to be used with its cartridges in consoles with Atari 2600 pattern connector, which was another problem). But it was too late - maybe, because of that delay, other consoles and cartridges compatible to Atari 2600 pattern had already been launched (~1983).
The console and cartridges manufactured by Bit Eletrônica are very rare, there are no pictures of them on the Web(so far...). As well as there is not any information or comment on the cartridges made by the same company.
My friend Marcos Felipe has got 4 cartridges manufactured by Bit Eletrônica (one of them without label), they really have got a plastic case which is very different from the Atari 2600 usual pattern (the circuit board connector is similar), they haven't got the two plastic pins which usually are next to the circuit board in the joint (fit).
One of those has got a brown plastic case and the others have got it in black, the labels are varied and perhaps from different series (years). The brown-cased one has got 2 labels, one of those was probably the pattern and the other (like a 'stamped' tag) showed the name of the game (modified when translated to Portuguese). The other cartridges have got just one label, which shows the name of the game (observe that it is written "Video Jogo TOP GAME" on two of them).
The labels are simple. I don't know the original name of the game in cartridges...
Another unveiled "mystery"...



Here is the extremely rare Top Game by Bit Eletrônica, which is the VCS but changed the slots.


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