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(Insert stupid Blog name here) - To-Do Part Two

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Posted Tue Mar 14, 2006 1:11 AM

Well, just when I get a bunch of stuff checked off my To-Do list, more stuff gets added to it.

So, new to the list are:
  • New ghost sprites for Dennis' PacMan (not Pac-Man) ;)
  • (Some) new sprites for Rainbow Invaders
  • Tiles for Bob (maybe he's redecorating his bathroom or something)
Plus I still have to clean up the Four-Play title screen a bit, finish the label art for it, finish the manuals for RPS and MGD, and I may take a crack at the power-ups for SuperBug.

Plus, I need to write up some store reviews for my latest haul from the AA store:
Posted Image

And of course, I need to spend some quality time with my 2600, too.



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