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#4136038 Odyssey 4?

Posted by LS_Dracon on Wed Oct 17, 2018 7:32 PM

Yeah, I think it is about the ROM limit without bankswitch - "8Mb" (megabit) cart.

Not bad. I wonder which processor it is going to use...  

It refer to "Hitachi" but I don't know if it is the processor or video chip. If it is the processor, it should be a variant of Motorola 6809 (Vectrex processor).

It is a competent 8bit processor with multiplication capability, a step up from Z80 or 6502.

#4122084 Baby Pac-Man

Posted by LS_Dracon on Thu Sep 27, 2018 7:06 AM

We make games for fun.

If it is not fun anymore, there's no point to continue the project.


Kurt, I wish you continue with the project, if it still fun to you.  This game is amazing.

#4108974 Dungeon of Eternity - Rogue Like RPG

Posted by LS_Dracon on Sat Sep 8, 2018 5:18 PM

Game is finished.

I don't know about the cart production for now, some bad things happened.

Sadly, my games are being pirated in Brazil, that's why I not release the ROM for you test.

I don't care people playing my games for free, in an emulator (they're made for people play anyway).

But I do care a moron selling pirate carts and profiting from my work. These type of scumbags do not deserve any cent.

Even worse, they're selling a unfinished ROM I've posted, and the cart not even was released yet.


I'll stop here to not say anything worse.

#4085616 Dungeon of Eternity - Rogue Like RPG

Posted by LS_Dracon on Sun Aug 5, 2018 7:16 AM

It will have a cart release for sure :)

#4083461 Dungeon of Eternity - Rogue Like RPG

Posted by LS_Dracon on Wed Aug 1, 2018 7:02 AM


Sadly, the map is the same, but it's huge and will take a while for you memorize it.

#4083207 Dungeon of Eternity - Rogue Like RPG

Posted by LS_Dracon on Tue Jul 31, 2018 6:57 PM

I've finished the game, now I'm fine tuning the difficulty.


The game features Title, Game Over and Victory screens.


This is the title screen in all Odyssey2 glory :


Attached File  DETitle.png   2.56KB   2 downloads

#4081798 sprite graphics advice/assistance?

Posted by LS_Dracon on Sun Jul 29, 2018 4:43 PM

Do you have spare cycles in the kernel to enable Ball?

I think you can use it for an extra color for the eyes.


EDIT : A quick attempt :


Attached File  roboninja.png   7.66KB   23 downloads

#4077622 Dungeon of Eternity - Rogue Like RPG

Posted by LS_Dracon on Mon Jul 23, 2018 4:22 PM



I forgot to say all enemies have at least 2 levels and there are 12 enemies + Beholder and the Last Boss.

Even if the sprite are the same, some of them are stronger than others.


I have plans to display the enemy level, if I get some free bytes....

#4076816 Dungeon of Eternity - Rogue Like RPG

Posted by LS_Dracon on Sun Jul 22, 2018 1:22 PM

This is my new RPG game for Odyssey2 / Videopac

Originally my plans was to port Pedit5 (the first CRPG ever) but this game is too RAM consuming for O2 and the combat mechanics is almost non-existent.


So I come with my own thing, although the graphics are very close to Pedit5 ones (there are original monsters created by me BTW).

The maze is the same from Pedit5 because it's well designed and a very challenging place.


Well, as you can see, the game is very complete (I would say 85%). The objective of the game is collect more gold as you can, find treasure chests, kill abominable monsters and try to find the "Amulet of Eternity" which grands to you eternal life.


But it will not be easy, as deep you go inside the dungeon, the more difficult enemies will come.


The game features weapon and armor upgrades, and 3 types of spells to help your quest :


Fireball - Combat spell. Not effective on all enemies.

Heal - Increase the hero's HP. A rare spell.

Light - Defensive spell, it helps in combat by making you a bit stronger, also reveals more easily secret doors and gives you a bit of rest, making some difficult enemies to not appear. But the effect stands for 1 minute only.


The combat also features random critical hits for both, player and enemies and naturally, the enemies/chest position are totally random every time you play.


There are others features such one Beholder that roam the dungeon, and can find you even if you're not moving.

And one Final Boss (not working yet). He's the amulet holder.


Here's a gameplay Video :



Note the game is not finished yet. I'm currently working on sound effects so, they might change a bit in the final version. 

#4051457 Baby Pac-Man

Posted by LS_Dracon on Sun Jun 17, 2018 5:20 PM

Attached File  bpmball.png   6.17KB   26 downloads

#4023044 ZeroPage Homebrew Twitch Stream

Posted by LS_Dracon on Mon May 7, 2018 6:02 PM

Thanks for posting the videos, they are a good feedback for the programmers.

#3998528 Mario 16-bit on NES

Posted by LS_Dracon on Sun Apr 1, 2018 5:30 PM

It was an April fools... Sorta.


The rom really displays a 16 bit looking sprite, but the DMA thing was BS.


I've stacked 4 sprite layers, each layer with 3 colors, to get all 12 colors you see.


The problem is I'm using all the NES resource just to show that sprite, I can't display anything more on same horizontal area.


Here's the sprite sheet, showing the process of creation.


Attached File  nes16bit.png   10.06KB   17 downloads


#3997851 Mario 16-bit on NES

Posted by LS_Dracon on Sat Mar 31, 2018 7:41 PM

I'm studying NES hardware these days, and find something really interesting.

Using OAM DMA with NMI to plot sprite pixels, I can draw a 16 bit looking graphics on a stock NES hardware!

It is really difficult to get the timing, but the result is really good! 

Don't believe me? Download the rom below and test it on your favorite NES emulator!

I've designed this sprite specially for this new technique. How cool would be a Megaman or Castlevania game with sprites like this?

Oh, and I'm not cheating, this is the basic mapper, CHR ROM (no cart RAM) and no co-processor.

Tell me your thoughts.

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#3887809 Magnavox Odyssey pro-mo film

Posted by LS_Dracon on Fri Nov 10, 2017 5:06 PM

Yep, especially at the time.


It's odd how little games have evolved in those last 10 years. I mean, sure they get a little better, and f you compared the bet-looking games of 10 years back with the best-looking one of today, you'll see a difference... but would it be a notable, jarring, mindblowind difference? I think not. Silent Hill 3 still blast me how gorgeous it looks, especially the faces on the PC version, and it's a 14 years old game.


Take it back to 1972, and you went to the Odyssey to the NES and Master System. Mindblowing!


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#3790622 Anyone thirsty for some PoP?

Posted by LS_Dracon on Fri Jun 23, 2017 6:56 AM

I was not expecting people being so sad about this. :(


I'm afraid this is my fault - my personal circumstances have changed such that I can't take on a project of this size for the foreseeable future.


Ivan spent a lot of time completing the sprites and animations, and it would be great is someone else could take on this project.




Is not your fault, when I arrived the project was already dead, I tried to resurrect it but this is not how things works.

I decided to quit because it's not fun anymore.

After the animation demo, I lost interest because I did what I really wanted, a perfect POP animation code on Atari 2600.


I was very happy to make the sprites, this is something I used to do for fun years ago, so there's no problem for the time spend.

I still draw stuffs for nothing, like this Jessica Rabbit sprite :

Attached File  jessicarabbit.gif   1.68KB   11 downloads



Please make sure that all your work is secured and backed up so more than just one or two people have access. Especially the animations you created are very valuable for anyone attempting this project in the future.

Thanks for all your work and good look with your other projects.


Thank you Thomas. I don`t know if there's something to be backed as the animation code is a mess and needs to be optimized, I'll see what is useful and send to Chris.



Sorry to hear that... you'd done some amazing work on it. But maybe someone will take up the project again someday.


Thanks Nathan. That would be cool.

I said only gonna help if a programmer show me a working level, to not feed any hopes and dreams anymore.



Ivan, Chris, have you considered putting this on github as open source? I am not saying that I want to try and continue the project, I have far too many real world obligations for the foreseeable future (+ no experience with game-scale VCS development), but I would definitely like to take a peek and who knows who else might look at it and decide to give it a spin.


There's nothing really. The "working demo" stage was made for starpath supercharger, and can't hold the prince animation data.

I think the source is out somewhere.


I'll post here all the good ROM files I have here, for posterity :


Unreleased storyboard music (by Chris Walton) : Attached File  pop.bin   10KB   52 downloads

The famous working level (SuperCharger, by Chris Walton) :  Attached File  popspikes.bin   8.25KB   46 downloads

The intro storyboard animation (by me) : Attached File  PoPstoryAnim.bin   4KB   54 downloads

And the playable prince animation (F8, by me) : Attached File  princeanim.bin   8KB   48 downloads


Those are most relevant ones.