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In Topic: Secretum Labyrinth Dark Castle teaser video

Sat Jan 5, 2019 11:45 AM

Hi Pete,
I absolutely can not understand that you called this music Top Notch.

But, but... it was BlueMoon_001 that called the music top notch... is not like they are.. the same person..

They just have the same tastes, write the same way and dislike people that "nitpick". Perfectly normal if you ask me.

In Topic: Mad-Assembler (MADS)

Thu Dec 20, 2018 3:39 PM

?varX = 0
.rept nosprites
:4 .byte >(sprites+14*#*4+?varX*14*4*4)

Don't remember about nested repts, but something like this should work..

Working example from some code:

?cy = 0
:ITEM_MATRIX_SIZEX .byte <[ScreenBuffer1+LINE_SIZE+1+[?cy*3*LINE_SIZE+3*#]]

I believe nested repts were added in the last few years, but you should test it.

In Topic: Galaga for 8-bits?

Wed Sep 26, 2018 4:46 PM

- Anybody has path data from arcade, or idea how to get it ?
- What's your source control choice - hg or git ?
- José can do gfx in a day imho ;)
My vote goes to setting up public repo for shared code. Different gfx versions can be worked on in same time etc...
ps. Same time means like months and years between commits, but that time frame is kinda standard imho ;)

I haven't used git much, but I still would vote for it, instead of hg.
I think probably is going to be easier to plot the trajectories taking screenshots in Mame :D

Never saw the NES version but thats quite close to the arcade? Why are the sounds so close, too?

Aaaargh.. you made me look for the sounds and I drifted far away x)

If you want to take a "look" at the Nes sounds:

Or prefer a version for the 2600: (there is source down the page)

And this app for the Ipad is really nice:

It seems Namco made available there, the sounds of lots of old arcade games.. including Galaga, Xevious, PacMan, etc.
The nice thing is that it models a Waveform Sound Generator, like the sound chip in the old Namco arcade games,
so you can see how the sounds were constructed, in all detail.

You can see in the video the wave table (of 32 steps) for some of the sounds.

Bonus tracks.. two translations of the same interview:


And a nice site that I didn't knew about :)

In Topic: Galaga for 8-bits?

Tue Sep 25, 2018 3:34 PM

I forgot that I already did 10 char pre compiled sprites, of a similar size, in my recent demo.. duh.
With just preshifted sprites I did like 7 or 8 in one frame, and with a bitmap mode I think I would get better or similar results (for sprites of that size).
So doing 8 software pre shifted sprites (plus logic) doesn't sound that crazy in G15 (NTSC, 60fps).
Don't know if the test_big in this thread is going at 60Hz? But the size of the sprites is similar at what I would like to use.

Also I think we can reduce the memory requirements, for the pre shifted data, in half.. by creating a draw routine that use the sprite data backwards.
Kind of a "free" vertical flip in hardware :D

you have 3 groups of thought now... so do things split off into groups and see who does best? or does everybody work together trying in all directions... try both options and then run with whatever is showing the best response.? or everyone do their own thing and getting help from everyone as they go along. So many other ports to draw ideas from. (or wholesale ripping off of :o) Then come back and merge them.
I only mention this because it looks like the point has been reached where there are now some good ideas, bits and pieces.

I see this as a friendly discussion to share ideas. There are similar ones from time to time.
Probably many of the people that could cooperate already have projects going on, or just don't have the time.
So I wouldn't expect a coordinate effort, but I can be wrong :)
At least I know that I would like to finish the sprite sheet for G15 (4 colors) and do the display routines, if someone
provides me with the arcade movement data :D

Go for Antic D (in spite of an uncongenial person advocates that) and use the GBA sprites as a base, so that you get these
if you reduce the color count to 4...

I forgot about those.. some of them could be useful, but I would change the colors to the ones I used on my gif :)
Wouldn't like to go to G7, but.. that would solve all the speed and memory problems.
At the expense of worse graphics and coarser vertical movement.

In Topic: Galaga for 8-bits?

Tue Sep 25, 2018 1:03 PM


Thanks... now you do wolfenstein in 64k and for Galaga we need 1MB hahaha.... lovely missing VIC2 sprite hardware...

Haha.. forget it!
Wolf or something similar would go in a 1MB.
If you want content, textures, music, levels, then give me the memory :).

Look at the good side.. it would run on a 64KB system :P

For Galaga I think you still can have a very good version in 64KB.
Use xor for sprite drawing, then you don't need masks.
Don't use pre shifting (there is no memory anyway).

The key question would be if you can create a draw routine, that could display 10 moving enemies (8?) in one frame (easier in PAL).

Maybe you could use only one pre shifted frame (4 bits rotation) and less sprite rotations..