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In Topic: Mike Price - Jag Game Tester of Dante's Inferno & Video Game Journalist

Today, 6:41 AM

Well... I don't drink wine, find eating snails and frogs repulsive, think Bill Bailey is a very funny and talented comedian, live in a region where it rains every other day, and consider French TV series bloody embarrassing when compared to the kind of stuff the BBC produces.


So what do you think?


But can you say in a fluent British accent "Bugger" and "Bollocks!" ?

In Topic: Atari VCS new

Today, 4:36 AM

Llamasoft officially confirmed the port of Tempest 4000 some time ago ;)

The least is to support this new machine as everything released in the Atari community is supported naturally.


Llamasoft confirmed it after "Atari" contacted them in a panic after being caught out in blatant lies to people trying to drum up funds from unsuspecting (? was anyone that dumb?) victims. At the time of the video from "Atari" showing "T4000 running on the console" Llamasoft knew nothing of it. Also, the game doesn't exist yet, assuming it gets made, so that video is ... well... you decide if you trust them. 

Also check that "Funds will be received regardless of anything being achieved" on the page. Cash grab, nothing more or less.

In Topic: Atari VCS new

Today, 2:29 AM

I see Tempest 4000 is included, not sure how it was ported??



Neither was Llamasoft....

In Topic: Images generated by RastaConverter

Yesterday, 8:33 PM

Startreader is amazing.


Pretty sure there's loads of line errors in the sky but it works there nicely and you can't see them :)

In Topic: Heretic

Yesterday, 6:37 PM

 I'm not going to post names, but I am pretty sure he was referring to someone else.


One brush full of tar fits all in this case.