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New Jaguar Demo

Fri Aug 31, 2018 9:14 AM

Had some free time tonight, so this had to be done.



Attached File  enjoy.rom   4MB   93 downloads

(Don't hate me! It was Sporadic's idea! Pah! Take that!)

Stunt Car Racer - Competition

Mon May 7, 2018 7:18 AM

Posting this out in the main forum in case anyone missed it.


I have released a Skunkboard ROM of my latest port, Stunt Car Racer here.


The first person to show proof of winning all four seasons on Jaguar hardware will win a physical cart of the game.




Archive sorted by year

Wed Jan 24, 2018 7:28 PM

As the title says, has anyone put together an archive of the newer releases sorted by year?

It's easy to miss something when its in a giant archive of "here is everything".

Bad Apple

Thu Dec 28, 2017 3:30 AM

Documenting the development of by attempt to bring Bad Apple to the Jaguar.  I am satisfied with v7 enough to call it a day.


-----------------------  MONOCHROME VERSIONS  -----------------------


Seventh Attempt:  Attached File  Bad Apple v7.rom   6MB   136 downloads


15.3 Khz Audio (Orion's player - Audio re-sampled from HQ MP3 instead of taken from the YouTube source)

320x220x2bpp Video

Subtitles (Can be toggled on/off)



Sixth Attempt:  Attached File  Bad Apple v6.rom   6MB   70 downloads


11.9 Khz Audio (Orion's player - Audio re-sampled from HQ MP3 instead of taken from the YouTube source)

320x220x2bpp Video



Fifth Attempt:  Attached File  Bad Apple v5.rom   6MB   104 downloads


Video now at 160x120, scaled to 1:2 for fulscreen, however now in 4bpp (16 shades) - The ROM is back to 6Mb.


Is this better? I guess if you prefer shading over detail. I'll probably make a 320x240 1bpp version tomorrow (its 2am!) and leave it at that.



Fourth AttemptAttached File  Bad Apple v4.rom   4MB   79 downloads


Replaced the depacker with NRV2E by lsl / Checkpoint. Demo is now 4mb.

No new video, it's exactly the same as below. I'll try a higher res and/or more shades 6Mb version next, now that there is suddenly 2Mb free!


Third AttemptAttached File  Bad Apple v3.rom   6MB   81 downloads


21.9 Khz Audio (Orion's player)

320x120 Video


Additionally, some processing has been done on individual sequences - the star field at the start was punched to 3.0 GAMMA so they are visible. Several other sequences were converted with dithering so things such as the band and the running girl at the end now have their shadows, and the flames look much nicer.


Looping has been added so you can leave it running.



Second AttemptAttached File  Bad Apple v2.rom   6MB   85 downloads


21.9 Khz Audio (Orion's player)

320x120 Video



First AttemptAttached File  BadApple-6mb.rom   6MB   112 downloads


15.9 Khz Audio (ZeroPlayer)

192x100 Video



-----------------------  COLOUR VERSIONS  -----------------------


Second Colour Attempt:  Attached File  BadApple3DColour_v2.rom   6MB   88 downloads


11 khz Audio




First Colour Attempt:  Attached File  BadApple3DColour.rom   6MB   73 downloads

21.9Khz Audio






Sat Nov 18, 2017 9:26 PM

Attached File  Raptor Horz HiRes 1280.png   681.54KB   10 downloads




It has been over 2 years since the last release of the API.  In that time, various updates have been pushed into the API in order to improve the rB+ experience, but these have not been implemented into the API release - until now.


This release bundles all the previous updates along with some new functionality into a new baseline, 2.0.00.


From this point forward, I will update the API release prior to pushing things into the rB+ package. This might cause longer delays to get new features into rB+ but will make my life much easier maintaining this library.


So, what are the major changes?


* The U-235 library is now 100% external to RAPTOR. A wrapper object file is included to preserve backwards compatibility.


* Inactive objects are dynamically culled from the list - they're not just ignored by the engine as previously, they are no longer visible to the Object Processor.


* Dynamic object redefinition. Objects in the list can now be redefined completely at run time.


* BLiTTER use! RAPTOR internal BLiTTER use can be disabled or set to automatic. There are also two powerful new BLiTTER functions for running batches of commands on the BLiTTER via the GPU.


* Highscores - RAPTOR now supports 5 unique highscore tables.


* 512 bytes of user data tagged with the MemoryTrack save routines.


* Several internal variables/pointers are now exposed allowing access to some internal operational data.


* Bugfixes - several bugfixes in the library


* The audio examples now work ;) - They did before, but there was a gap in the documentation, meaning the sound calls produced silence.


* Updated logo files.


With all that said, go grab the API and start making games!




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