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In Topic: New Starcat Devocean project?

Thu Oct 4, 2018 8:41 AM

@sh3-rg: What I have in mind will probably be a cross between something text heavy like you posted and some location artwork, but in a simple pixel style.

Lost Dragon, Saturn, Clint Thompson, Diatoir3d, and Stephen Moss:  You have summed things up pretty well.

@agradeneu: I agree with what you said about storytelling games and them being available for all kinds of systems.
Except that I don't understand that last part about "rather than to project unrealistic expectations."

For now imagine it as an interactive story like sh3-rg posted, but with some location art to illustrate. That should be close enough without raising false expectations.

In Topic: New Starcat Devocean project?

Tue Oct 2, 2018 4:40 AM

To all: It would be helpful to me, if you filled the poll with your preferences for later.


Please comment if this interactive story idea sound like something you would want to play (or collect if a publisher teams up).

It's not a big game, but it's meant to be replayed. There is no action, it's not a graphics-showcase. But it's focus is on storytelling in a way the Jag doesn't have yet.


As mentioned in the first post, we're working on the game for the PC. Once that is done, you'll get a better idea what this is about.

Until then I thank you for your constructive feedback.

If you want to keep in touch on what the Starcat Devocean team or myself am up to, there is always Twitter, Facebook and the websites in my signature.

In Topic: New Starcat Devocean project?

Tue Oct 2, 2018 4:10 AM

@Stephen Moss:

It's not a complex game as it is and it's not for everyone. What's there was to test the waters with a mode that could be used for competitions on events for example.


We make the games we want to make, much like any decent creative does what they do best. It's not like feedback didn't matter. All I meant was: In the past most of my games were done, because people asked for them at some point. But personally I was never happy with the results. They weren't the games I wanted to make. What I learned was, it works much better if the team focusses on the game we are good at.


Thanks for answering the questions. It helps.


In fact we are developing our games on PC primary and then we would adjust it to the Jaguar.


@CyranoJ: What was said in this post was already helpful to me.

The thing is, I still love the Jag, but my opinion is not enough. The team has limited resources and doing a Jag version is a lot of extra work.

If nobody cared, there would be no point in doing it.

@agradeneu: I'm not SELLING anything. I am ASKING. We are not a company. We are not making a profit.

We are creatives asking for the honest and hopefully self reflected opinion of the fans. That's what the poll is for.

To see why HalMock tanked and if the Jag may still be worth the effort.
Most people in this thread already said helpful things.

In Topic: New Starcat Devocean project?

Tue Oct 2, 2018 3:43 AM

Hmm, I can't seem to edit my original post to include comments at the top.


Thanks for the replies so far. This is very helpful.


I'm aware that doing something for the Jag is a labor of love. That's the only reason work on games anyway.

However in many cases what we saw in the past felt like like very conditional or even unrequited love. It's understandable, we are strangers. You may want something from us (a game, entertainment, a physical good) and we want something from you (to entertain you, appreciation, support to allow us to keep doing this).

Naturally things had to be a certain way to earn the love, like a certain type of game, a physical release for collectors, well promoted...


Many of these things we can't provide. We can not make professional games without a professional team and budget. That's a hard lesson I had to accept during the Eerievale project.

Starcat Devocean will not make games of that scope anymore. It serves no one to have big plans that can't be realized with the resources we have.

I didn't promote much in the past, because that feels much like hyping or empty promises. And still there was too much of that.


There are no videos of HalMock, because I felt that providing the game bundled with an emulator would be better than just a video. I don't have the equipment to grab a video signal. Maybe I have to film it off a screen.


I don't want to do physical releases myself, but I can imagine teaming up with a publisher to take care of that.


@Stage_1_Boss: That's what I meant. Collecting versus playing.

My impression is that these days a lot more people collect and less time is put into playing for many different reasons (time, priorities, too many games out there on other platforms to play, etc)


@Clint Thompson: The stability problems of the original release of HalMock were improved, which was later patched. The problem was the OP crashing due to bandwidth issues which of course do not happen in VJ. Real hardware sometimes runs into problems, but most of the time it's fine. I could never make it *perfect* though.


This new idea will not be like Eerievale at all. It won't be a traditional graphic adventure, it won't be huge and will not have such a strong focus on art.

The focus will be on gameplay, storytelling and will be text heavier. Best imagine it as an interactive story with some pixelart to illustrate different locations.

Which on the plus side means it could run from Cart or CD, maybe it will even fit into RAM. A problem may be saving to a regular save eprom. 128 bytes is not much. But I'll think about that issue if things get there.



Maybe you could send me a PM to let me know about your issues with the puzzle mode of Bombsquad.

I get what you're saying and I agree. However HalMock as an example is not sold, it's free. So our guess was that people would check it out. At least that's what I'd do with any new Jaguar rom I get my hands on.

If people don't know about the game and nobody talks about it, that's a problem. Maybe the Jaguar has reached a point where there are too many releases to try every single one? Like having a library of 300 games on steam. ;)


@agradeneu: I fully agree. Considering a hobby project a promise is a problem by itself. It's also one of the reasons I'm not doing the whole Indiegogo, Kickstarter thing. I'm not promising anything anymore.

To be clear: This post is not an announcement for a game. There may or may not be a release for the Jag. We will know when it's there, until then it isn't.


@haightc: I get the appeal of a cart release. It's just something I can't offer myself, maybe through a publisher. At the same time you say releases are expensive and not everyone has a Jag setup next to their TV. Well, our rom was bundled with the emulator for free. But maybe that doesn't feel much like playing a Jag game?


@davidcalgary29 and @saturn: I guess you're both right. Again this is something a publisher could provide. As a developer I want  to focus on making something rather than distributing it.


@UHATEIT: Sorry. We tried very long with Eerievale, but we can't do a project of that scope in our spare time.


@82-T/A: Okay. So maybe my assumption was wrong. Just because many have the means to play homebrew roms, doesn't actually mean people use them as much? Was there ever a poll how many users of homebrew devices or CD drives are out there compared to cart?



What I hear is: Physical releases are important to you (cart prefered), even if they are not cheap to produce. And releases need more promotion rather than to hope for word-of-mouth?


What about this interactive story idea then? Does it sound like something you would want to play (or collect if a publisher teams up)? (Please fill the poll if you haven't already.)


In Topic: Jaguar + OSSC + SCART = Really Nice Picture

Mon Jun 25, 2018 10:48 PM

I use the same setup: OSSC + retrogamingcables Scart cable. It's awesome even on a modern 40" LED TV. I love crisp pixels.