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In Topic: XEGS game missile command in ST mouse mode?

Tue Nov 21, 2017 9:56 PM

On my 130XE my brown cart Missile Command in trackball mode works perfectly with both my STM1 mouse and my CX80 trackball in trackball mode.




In Topic: Turbo DOS ver 2.5

Sun Sep 10, 2017 9:56 PM

I guess he mixed it with Turbo-DOS XL/XE by Reitershan which you can find on the webpage...


I agree.


Here are pics I saved from somewhere else, that show what I think is a 1990, version 4.0, cartridge based version of the Turbo DOS 2.5 from 1989 in the first post of this thread.

In Topic: Turbo DOS ver 2.5

Wed Aug 16, 2017 9:05 AM

Goes with the Top Drive 1050 upgrade from Poland, I believe?


Looking forward to a more expert response!

In Topic: KERI and MUFFY?

Wed Aug 9, 2017 1:54 PM

I noticed at https://archive.org/...stad_Atari_8bit there's a second, similar memo from August 10, 1984.  I thought it should be posted here next to the August 3 memo.



    August 10, 1984
TO  : Phil Suen
RE  : XL Project Status Report
    Microdisk Drive - After a meeting with John Honig, George
 Nishura defined the pin/interface specification.  It
 is a DIN connector with 14 pins.
    MUFFY - Dave Sovey designed the MUFFY simulator and Michael
 Wooding is building it.  In the event that Wooding is
 assigned to another project, Songly Mu will be able to
 bring it to completion.  Peter Atesian has indentified
 a vendor that will commit to a schedule of Sept. 20;
 however, a purchase order will need to be issued.  Randy Hoopai
 is entering the MUFFY schematic into the MENTOR system.
    KERI - Peter Atesian informed me that ASG is developing a test
 program for KERI.  However, the Note from the previous
 status report is still a primary concern.
    SCHEDULE - enclosed with this status report.
    FUNCTIONAL SPECIFICATION - The 1450 specs is on the VAX; and
 it can be modify for the XL product.  Randy Hoopai will
 be generating the XL specs.
    MANUAL - Phil Suen will determine whether under the new guideline,
 the project is responsible for the manual.
    SCHEMATIC - Sonly Mu is continuing the drafting of the schematic.
 It is still waiting on the MUFFY pinout specification that will
 be finalized on Aug. 15.  Randy Hoopai and Gary Rubio will
 help to enter the schematic onto the MENTOR system.
    PARTS LIST - this will be generated when the schematic is finished.
    BOX & PACKING MATERIALS - same as the manual
    DISK FIRMWARE - Mike Barall finished writing the 8049 firmware.
 It cannot be tested until the 6502 disk handler is written.
    OS - It was decided to put a FMS (DOS routines) in ROM.  Mike
 Barall is commited to having a working OS by Oct. 31 and
 Tom Brightman will continue to keeping the Data General
 as the development tool.  "Working" OS is defined as one
 that can be demostrated to the customers.
    TEST SOFTWARE(S) - John Hinman is designing a complete test
 program for MUFFY.
 The initial pacing item is the availability of MUFFY.  Once
 MUFFY is available, then the pacing item will be the system
        KERI and MUFFY will have to have test programs and equipment
 to qualify them during production.  Currently, Peter Atesian
 said that we do not have the equipment of testing a 68 pins

In Topic: POKEY, two-tone mode, 1030 tone dialing, and the 400

Wed Aug 2, 2017 8:35 PM

Re-listened to the Rustad interview just now, thanks!


And, outstanding!  I guess I didn't appreciate the hack involved when I heard him explain it the first time.


So, the tones for 1030 tone dialing are generated by POKEY using its 4-bit PCM Volume Only mode, and the 1030 manages to pick up the sound as noise over the SIO audio INPUT line, SIO pin 11. 


It sounds like they almost had to come up with unique routines for each computer model, or at least the 1200XL needed a different implementation for its unique sound circuit characteristics.


As to why not on the 400... Not enough audio output signal leakage onto the SIO audio input line on the 400 would seem the most likely explanation.


Does 1030 tone dialing work on XE computers?  It seems like it would almost be a fluke if it does.  It would depend on how similar XE sound circuitry is to that in the earlier machines.