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Lots of RARE Atari disks listed, ultima II, Fantastic Four by Adventure Int

Thu Oct 24, 2013 1:10 PM

hello everyone,


big fan of gaming here and always have been. but i've never been a collector, more of a visual artist myself.

still play both retro games and current gen stuff on the pc. 

anyway.. onto the good stuff!


i have recently uncovered a treasure trove of some Atari games.

some of the games appear to be VERY rare, like Fantastic Four by Adventure International (USA)


you can check out my full list of stuff for sale here:

(all the atari related auctions should be worldwide shipping)


ebay user name bubble_eel


here's some pictures and names of what i've found so far.

probably adding some more auctions / buy it now items, but pretty sure the best is up for auction right now.




game marked DEALER COPY







(all 5.25" disk games)


atari astronomy I

Midway Battles (user made game) by TDC 1987

financial cookbook

ultima II


the lurking horror by infocom

hollywood hijinx by infocom

datasoft games

Bridge 4.0 by Artworx

Cycle Knight


go check it out and bid  :]


i would really appreciate any help spreading the word,

or for other suggestions for websites / forums to promote some of the items.


have fun gaming!