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Games that benefit from the Pro Controller

Mon Oct 15, 2018 1:36 PM

The reproduction Pro Controllers are on the horizon and there are sure to be questions about which Jaguar games support the Pro Controller, so this is an attempt to gather everything anyone needs to know about the Pro Controller in one thread. 


Technically, any Jaguar game works with the Pro Controller, as the additional buttons map to existing buttons on the keypad. The L/R shoulder buttons map to 4 and 6 respectively while Z, Y and X map to 7, 8 and 9. 


The goal of this is to make a list of games where the Pro Controller is (subjectively) beneficial, since again any game can work with it.


Air Cars - Z and X look L/R, Y toggles backward/forward views.

Alien vs. Predator - Z and X to sidestep L/R.

Atari Karts - The shoulder buttons are used for L/R sharp turns.

Baldies - L/R are Builder Baldy and Hand icon. Z is Soldier Baldy, Y is Zoom in/out and X is Go to/mark location.

Battlemorph - Weapon bays A, B, C and D are mapped to L, R, X and Z. Button Y selects twin shot.

Battlesphere - There are three different Pro Controller configuration options available in game.

Defender 2000 - The L shoulder button is reverse, A is fire weapon, B is thrust and C is fire smart bomb.

Downfall+ - The shoulder buttons are used to move.

Double Dragon V - The controls are fully configurable so you can use the 6 face buttons or 4 + the shoulder buttons.

Fight for Life - X is left sidekick, Y is high kick, Z is small uppercut (double it for a left/right combo). The shoulder buttons perform a sidestep.

Full Circle: Rocketeer - The shoulder buttons are used for thrust and fire.

Highlander - The L/R buttons rotate Quentin in either direction. The X and Y buttons are dodge right and left respectively. The Z button allows you to take a quick jump backwards.

Impulse X - The shoulder buttons move the paddle.

Loopz - The shoulder buttons rotate the active piece.

Missile Command 3D - In 3D Missile Command the Z or L buttons will change the special weapons and the X or R buttons will use the special weapon. In Virtual Missile Command the shoulder buttons change bases.

Myst - The shoulder buttons allow you to turn pages in books.

NBA Jam TE - The shoulder buttons are used for turbo.

Pitfall: The Mayan Adventure - You can use the X, Y and Z buttons to select your active weapon.

Primal Rage - The Z button is High Quick, Y is High Fierce and X is High Power. You must select the 6 button config in the Modify Controls menu.

Protector/SE - The shoulder buttons activate hyperspace.

Robinson's Requiem - The L/R buttons strafe left and right.

Ruiner Pinball - The shoulder buttons will nudge the table left/right.

Skyhammer - The shoulder buttons will move the ship L/R. The Z and X buttons move the ship down and up.

Super Burnout - The shoulder buttons are used for shifting down and up.

Total Carnage - The shoulder buttons are used for firing left and right respectively. 

Towers II - The shoulder buttons are used for side stepping.

Worms - Y will center on the current worm.



I'm trying to keep this to only games where the additional buttons add value/convenience. For example in Total Carnage I left out the Z, Y and X buttons because they only add partial functionality, but the shoulder button shooting is helpful. If a manual mentions Pro Controller support those are included here. Also if Al or another mod can give me unlimited editing on this post I can keep it updated to which games we think make best use of the Pro Controller. 

Fire 6 button controller

Thu Sep 6, 2018 4:45 PM



Has anyone seen this? It was distributed in the US by HAPP which is interesting and sold nationally so it's not some cheapo knockoff. Any idea of the value?


Edit: The back says "Super UFO" a popular Hong Kong based company at the time.