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#4123364 Videos of the largest CreatiVision collection in the world

Posted by MADrigal on Fri Sep 28, 2018 11:21 PM

The first video now has English subtitles. I am currently working on adding subtitles to the second video, it will take a while by the way.

#4072123 Videos of the largest CreatiVision collection in the world

Posted by MADrigal on Mon Jul 16, 2018 4:19 PM

Hi everyone!
I have recorded 3 videos of myself with an old friend, showing my collection of CreatiVision items. A sort of video-interview where I show the items and tell a lot about them, with also descriptions of hardware, etc. And a video review of games running on the console, etc.
The videos are in Italian but you can use the "subtitles" in your preferred language.
You will see a few very nice items!
In my videos I also mention my friends that helped me over the years, such as Dieter, Michael, Kurt, Thomas, Kym, Jarkko, Adrian, Ian, Maurizio and many more!
You don't want to miss these videos icon_e_smile.gif

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

Also a short video of my Italian MB Vectrex - recorded just for fun icon_e_smile.gif


I hope you enjoy them! Please feel free to comment on Youtube or here.



#3420671 Classic US gaming/computing magazines - REQ FOR HELP

Posted by MADrigal on Thu Jan 21, 2016 2:26 AM

Thanks so much jhd! I will jump to NSW libraries as soon as possible.


Thanks for your time! :)

#3406629 VTech Creativision: mega update to CreatiVEmu website + NEW ROM!

Posted by MADrigal on Sun Jan 3, 2016 4:51 AM

1st January, 2016
Happy new year everybody! 2015 has been an important year for the CreatiVision community, thanks to the restless CSL Team who released the wonderful CSL Module after over one year of development!
Hopefully 2016 will be as generous as 2015 in terms of development of new software programs and games.

Meanwhile, I am sure that you will love the new scans and photos of rare CreatiVision and Laser 2001 items that I am adding to the database. This is the list of new files:

- CreatiVision MK-II, Laser 500 variant (German manual)
- Salora Manager (codes of box and manuals)

- Crazy Chicky, South African version (manual)
- Deep Sea Adventure, Salora Manager version (manual)
- Tennis, CreatiVision version (later box variant)
- Who's For Tennis, Hanimex Rameses version (box, cartridge)
- CSL Module, homebrew (box, cartridge, tape interface)

Thanks to Jarkko Pitajamaki, Oreste Antignano, Gernot Hirth and Thomas Gutmeier for providing the materials and unvaluable support!


URL: http://www.madrigald....it/creativemu/

#3192505 The Official "Thrift finds" Thread

Posted by MADrigal on Fri Mar 6, 2015 6:42 PM

I have the same exact version of the CreatiVision, also with Tennis game included.


Mine has the "New!" sticker over the artwork, in order to "hide" the "Crazy Pucker" game art. And mine lacks the Chinese band.


But I have a similar version with no "New!" sticker, but having the Chinese one. In that case, the pack-in game is "Crazy Chicky".


It' quite an early release inbetween the first (with "Crazy Pucker") and the third, with no pack-in game.


Photos here:


http://www.madrigald...id=42 (earlier)

http://www.madrigald...p?id=40 (later)


High-resolution photos of your console box would be very precious for the CreatiVision project.

#3082970 Flashcart and Multicart List - All systems

Posted by MADrigal on Tue Sep 30, 2014 4:05 PM

Brand new multi-cart for the VTech CreatiVision - made in Italy by the guys at Treviso RC.


Very similar to the one I produced in 2007, but with different featured ROM programs.


I have 1 copy. It's very well made and it works fine.


Colour manual is also included in Italian and English.


URL: http://www.madrigald...mu/multirom.php

#3082959 CreatiVEmu website news: new multicart + loads of scans + datasheets + etc.

Posted by MADrigal on Tue Sep 30, 2014 3:45 PM

More and more obscure and rare stuff surfaced this month, and a brand new homebrew cartridge! Today I'm adding pictures, scans and information on South African pressings, Salora Manager and Fellow peripherals, newly discovered articles from old magazines, and much more...
This is the list of news:

I'm happy to announce that the guys at Treviso RC have finally released their long-awaited multicart, named Multirom. It's a cartridge featuring 31 ROM programs that's the full set of official games plus hacks, homebrew programs, diagnostics and demos.
Please read te full story and pre-order your copy on the Multirom page!

The new files were also added:

Articles: A generalist Italian magazine named Video featuring a nice article on videogames. Thanks to Mauro Spadazzi for sending the scans:
- I Videogiochi (Video, Annuario'84)

Releases/Hardware: New entries, pictures and scans of the following items. Thanks go to Manu Parssinen, Dieter Koenig and Jarkko Pitajamaki:
- Cassette Storage Module, CreatiVision version (Italian box, new pictures pack)
- 16Kb expansion module, Dick Smith Wizzard version (manual, new pictures pack)
- Colecovision module, Salora Manager version (box, manual, new pictures pack)
- Floppy disk controller, Salora Manager version (pictures pack)
- Datassette, Salora Fellow/Manager version (pictures pack)

Releases/Software: New pictures and scans got by generous old and new contributors - Anders Carlsson, Sprazzi, Jarkko Pitajamaki and Gary Petzer:
- Air/Sea Attack, CreatiVision version (South African box)
- Auto Chase, CreatiVision version (South African box and manual)
- Chopper Rescue, Laser 2001 version (cartridge)
- Crazy Chicky, CreatiVision version (South African box)
- Crazy Chicky, CreatiVision version (Italian 8-pages manual)
- Planet Defender, CreatiVision version (South African box)
- Planet Defender, Laser 2001 version (cartridge)
- Police Jump, CreatiVision version (South African box)
- Police Jump, Laser 2001 version (cartridge)
- Sonic Invader, CreatiVision version (South African box)
- Tank Attack, CreatiVision version (South African box)
- Tennis, CreatiVision version (South African box)
- Tennis, Laser 2001 version (cartridge)
I am also adding a very nice finding on cassette tape:
- Demo Tape, CreatiVision version (South African box, tape and recording to WAV)

Last but not least, I wish to thank Kevin Gallery for providing very high quality scans of the console datasheets, which are now available for download in a brand new area: Datasheets.


URL: http://www.madrigald...tivemu/news.php


#2883406 My collection of handhelds + tabletops on sale!

Posted by MADrigal on Wed Dec 11, 2013 2:18 AM

Thanks much for the kind words :)

#2882949 My collection of handhelds + tabletops on sale!

Posted by MADrigal on Tue Dec 10, 2013 11:47 AM

Thanks much. So nice of you :)

#2882821 My collection of handhelds + tabletops on sale!

Posted by MADrigal on Tue Dec 10, 2013 7:41 AM


I'm selling most of my collection of handheld games. I'm keeping a few of them, for "programming simulators" purpose.

Notice that many games I'm selling were used as source for my handhelds simulators. For this reason I assure that they work perfectly and are in great cosmetic conditions (the simulation process doesn't affect games). :)

PS: I'm willing to sell the games on Ebay shortly.
Please send me an email as soon as possible in case you're interested in any of the items listed below. Thanks  :)

My email address: lucantignano [at] gmail [dot] com

Las Vegas (loose)

Water Coaster CG-61 (loose, solar power)
Turbo Drive MG-200 (loose)

Auto Slalom (loose)
Explorer of Space (boxed + manual)
Fowling (boxed + manual)
Frog Boaster (boxed)

Galaxy II tabletop (boxed + manual)

Paint Roller tabletop double play (boxed + manual)
Towering Rescue (loose)

Electronic Master Mind (boxed + manuals, etc.)

Dungeons & Dragons (loose)

WIDE SCREEN - Mickey Mouse (loose)
WIDE SCREEN - Parachute (loose)
WIDE SCREEN - Snoopy Tennis (loose)
MULTI SCREEN - Black Jack (new from stock)
MULTI SCREEN - Lifeboat (boxed + manual)
MULTI SCREEN - Mario Bros. (loose)
MULTI SCREEN - Mickey & Donald (boxed + manual) SOLD
MULTI SCREEN - Pinball (loose)
MULTI SCREEN - Rain Shower (loose)
MULTI SCREEN - Squish (new from stock) SOLD
MULTI SCREEN - Zelda (loose)

TABLETOP - Popeye (loose)
NEW WIDE SCREEN - Donkey Kong Jr. (loose) SOLD
NEW WIDE SCREEN - Super Mario Bros. (loose) SOLD

MICRO VERSUS - Boxing (loose)
MICRO VERSUS - Donkey Kong 3 (new from stock) SOLD
MICRO VERSUS - Donkey Kong Hockey (new from stock)
MINI CLASSICS - Fire (new from stock)
MINI CLASSICS - Octopus (complete)

Q & Q
Flying Saucer (loose) SOLD

Bull Fight (loose) SOLD

Tron (boxed) SOLD

TIME & FUN - Escape (boxed + manual)
TIME & FUN - Monkey (new from stock)
TIME & FUN - Pancake (boxed + manual) SOLD
TIME & FUN - Safari (boxed + manual)
ARCADE TIME & FUN - Chicky Woggy (boxed + manual)
ARCADE TIME & FUN - Monkey Jump (loose + manual)
CALCULATOR TIME & FUN - Dragon Castle (boxed + manual)
CALCULATOR TIME & FUN - Home Sweet Home (loose)
INTELLIGENT GAMES - Backgammon Master (new from stock)
INTELLIGENT GAMES - Chess Master (boxed + manual)
PRO SCREEN + Death Corridor cartridge (new from stock) - SOLD
SPORTY TIME & FUN - Hot Line (new from stock)
TINI ARCADE - Chicky Woggy (loose)
TINI ARCADE - Crazy Chewy (loose)
TINI ARCADE - Wild Man Jump (loose)
TRI SCREEN - Deputy Den (boxed + manual) SOLD
TRI SCREEN - Deep Diver (boxed + manual) SOLD
TRI SCREEN - Diamond Hunt (boxed + manual)
TRI SCREEN - Rabbit Hop (boxed + manual) SOLD
VARIETY + Burglar Alarm cartridge (new from stock) SOLD

VARIETY + Burglar Alarm (new from stock, box missing top flap)

VARIETY + Super Soccer cartridge (new from stock)
SUPER SOUND - Swifter (loose + manual)

Updated Jan 30th, 2014

#2842892 CreatiVision (1981) -> ColecoVision (1982) -> SG-1000 (1983)

Posted by MADrigal on Mon Oct 7, 2013 12:26 AM

evg2000: you'll find a tutorial about adding the "composite video mod" to your unit on the creativemu website.

and just in case your power supply is broken, there's an useful thread on the creativemu forum, with diagrams and layout to help you build a new (and cheap) one.

#2841226 CreatiVision (1981) -> ColecoVision (1982) -> SG-1000 (1983)

Posted by MADrigal on Fri Oct 4, 2013 4:08 AM

Here I am - I'm the webmaster of the CreatiVEmu website - I was pointed here by Carlsson and Mobsie.


I recently read an interesting story from a friend. He told me that the CreatiVision was possibly designed around 1977 by Otron (or Oltron), a Korean manufacturer of "pong-style" videogames.


The "project" was offered to Coleco, which refused. Then it was offered to VTech, which bought it, completed the development and released it as "CreatiVision".


But what you forget to say is that:


1. CreatiVision was not meant to be a "console with a strangekeyboard". It was designed to be a real home computer! You can remove the left and right panels from the main unit, and you'll find out that:

2. on the left side there's a specific connector to attach the custom tape recorder/player

3. on the right side the cartridge slot is actually an expansion port, in which you could attach the I/O module (released), the RAM expansion (unreleased), the modem (unreleased), the floppy disk drive (unreleased) and the "Colecovision converter" (unreleased for the Creativision -> released for it's successor, the Laser 2001 computer)

4. you could attach a Centronics printer to the I/O module, and actually use it to print listings from the BASIC interpreter

5. the BASIC interpreter (released in 4 variants) is a standanole cartridge, sold separately with its 140-pages manual


You can find whatever information you want on the CreatiVEmu website. There's a nice "history" in English, a few tutorials, and a complete database of scans of flyers, game manuals, game covers, prototypes, articles, books etc. Around 1 Gb of freely downloadable data :-)


You're welcome there :-)


PS: I have a few units to get rid of, including an ultra rare variant: the Hanimex Rameses.  I also have books, boxed games, rare items, etc. Contact me via the website. I'll do anything I can to help. :-)

#2740502 VTech CreatiVision - mega update to the CreatiVEmu website!

Posted by MADrigal on Mon Apr 22, 2013 12:33 PM

A new year has begun, and I'm here with a ton of updates!

First of all I'm proud to introduce the new section: "Homebrew", featuring articles about newly produced hardware and software. In addition to the existing pages on Multicart, Diagnosticart and Datassette Interface, I'm adding two brand new articles:
- How to add a Composite A/V output mod to your CreatiVision
- How to build a Printer cable to connect your Centronics standard printer to the CreatiVision Parallel I/O Interface.

I took pics and scanned the box of the rare optional joysticks pack for use with the Salora Manager. Also, got scans from the rare "erratum" sheet for the Cassette Tape Module manual, plus pictures of a "variant" of the box, showing an orange sticker on the back.
Don't miss the new files, they're available on the Releases/Hardware page!

I got fresh scans and pics of many rare games on cartridge, now available in the Releases/Software page:
- Auto Chase (Rameses): box, cart
- BASIC (CreatiVision and Wizzard): "erratum" sheets added to instruction manuals
- Chopper Rescue (Salora Manager): box, cart (at higher resolution)
- Deep Sea Adventure (German): box
- Deep Sea Aventure (Salora Manager): cart (at higher resolution)
- Locomotive (Laser 2001): box, cart
- Planet Defender (international): box
- Planet Defender (Rameses): box, overlay
- Police Jump (Salora Manager): box, cart
- Police Jump (German): box
- Soccer (German): box, manual
- Stone Age (Salora Manager): cart (at higher resolution)
- Tank Attack (Rameses): box, cart, overlay

There's a bunch of new articles from old magazines: "Pergioco" (Italy), "ELO" (Germany) and "Tekniikan Maailma" (Finland). They are:
- "Astro Pinball" review (Pergioco 9/83)
- "Video: la parabola tende al computer" article (Pergioco 10/83)
- "Metamorphose" (ELO 5/83)
- "Aquarius II ja Salora Manager: Uusi yritys" (TM 18/84)
- "Kultainen keskitie?" (TM 5/83)

There's scans from an old book from the 80's, mentioning the CreatiVision system:
- "Home Computer: Ein praktisches Handbuch" (Germany, 1983)

There's good news on the emulation side: a programmer whose nick is Wiimpathy released a porting of FunnyMu to the Nintendo Wii console. The executable and source files are available for download on the popular Emulators page.

Last but not least, I finally typed (and fixed) the listing I had on paper print, of the BASIC game Math Launch programmed by my long time friend, John Pospisil of Sydney. It's now available for download on the Basic Programs page.

Thanks go to Ernest Haslinger from Austria, Mauro Spadazzi and Gavino Sechi from Italy, Adam White from Canada, Jarkko Pitajamaki from Finland, Rikard Ljungkvist from Sweden, Thomas Gutmeier from Germany, Paul Nicholls from Tasmania, John Pospisil from New South Wales and Mark W. Canon from USA.

PS: Don't miss to check the Forum for a ton of interesting threads on programming (with even a few beta-version of games currently under development).

URL: www.madrigaldesign.it/creativemu/

#2634770 VTech Creativision: mega update to CreatiVEmu website + NEW ROM!

Posted by MADrigal on Wed Nov 7, 2012 1:23 AM

Very cool, I didn't even know about this device (the CreatiVision). Going by the Wikipedia article, I am gathering that it wasn't released in the United States?

no it wasn't.

but i recently discovered a south-american release. not sure the exact country, (the owner is from venezuela and he thinks it was bought somewhere else, not venezuela).

the unit has 110v power supply, and provably it's NTSC. i still need to gather more informations about that unit.

maybe it was just a "prototype" or a "pre-sale" unit, used for promotion or for testing purposes... not sure if it actually shipped in venezuela/brazil etc...

the only known ntsc model which officially hit the shelves is the japanese one. it's darn rare.

by the way, since all modern TV's are "multi-standard" (they work both with PAL and NTSC), most US collectors use the PAL version. as for the voltage, you could use a self-made power supply, or buy a "220v->110v" converter.

ps. if you like the Wikipedia article (which I partially wrote) you will like the "history" part on my CreatiVEmu website. there's also a few nice pics there.