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Is there a way to turn your microphone on with any capture software?

Fri Dec 28, 2018 10:33 PM

Long story short, I just got a cool capture card (Startech PEXHDCAP). AmaRecTV gives me a lot of trouble. The only thing I like is its ability to click on the microphone, so I can record my voice while I'm recording. The program I love is StreamCatcher. While recording is easy and automatic, there is no setting to turn the mic on (I have a Blue Yeti). Is there a way to keep the mic always on in Windows 10, or perhaps through third party software? If not, any other capture software that's easy to use, automatic, and has a mic option? I'll pay if I have to. Thanks!

Does anyone make a SIO extension cable?

Sun Nov 11, 2018 9:12 AM

I need it for my SIO2SD. Long story short, I have my 1050 DD with a long cord in the back left of the PVM monitor (to the right of the Genesis). I do this due to space, and it can not fit on the right side. If I daisy-chain the SIO2SD to the 1050, it won't reach to where I can see it, since the cord is too short. Any way to get an extension? I don't want to hack up the SIO2SD by cutting and merging a cord into it.

My Apple IIGS just came in the mail, but I've got questions

Tue Oct 30, 2018 10:50 PM

Ok, so here's the story. I bought an untested Apple IIGS Woz edition for a great price. I also ordered separately a A9M0330 keyboard and cord, mouse, and both floppy drives ( A9M0106 and A9M0107). It didn't come with anything but a power cord. I immediately took the cover off. It looks very clean. The original battery is still there, but no corrosion (I'll remove it as soon as the new updated battery replacement kit arrives). There was no memory expansion card, so I just ordered one for $10.


So I hooked up the keyboard, mouse, and drive, and connected it to a PVM monitor. I hear beeps and it says Apple IIGS, ROM Version 01. The screen then switches into Check Startup Device. I'm assuming it's looking for a disk of some sort, but I don't have any. I did put in an Atari ST disk just to see if I'd get an error message, but it just ejected it. Attached are three pics (if you see anything that looks off, let me know). So, now for some questions!


1) Isn't the OS built-in like the ST's? If yes, how do I boot to it? Can I do anything at all without disks? I might have blank disks lying around somewhere.


2) I've pressed everything on the keyboard and nothing happens. Is there a way to test the keyboard without any disks, just so I know that it's working?


3) Since it starts up without any real error messages, do you guys think that my IIGS itself is probably good?


4) Anything else that I need immediately?

SD2IEC program file names are a bit garbled

Sat Oct 27, 2018 11:38 PM

I just got a nice used SD2IEC SD Card Adapter ($45 shipped in three days) for my C128. I used a 2 gb SD card, formatted it, and downloaded the necessary files. I then put a small handful of roms on the card, in a directory called C64. So I run it, and load FB64. The directory list runs perfectly and everything looks great until I go into C64 directory. Enclosed is a pic, where you can see how the text of all of those games is off. When viewing the SD card's contents on my PC, everything looks normal. Did I do something wrong?


Note: The games that I've tested so far work. I'd just like to have it looking the way that it should.

Are there any mods to make use of s-video on my Commodore 128?

Mon Oct 22, 2018 9:43 PM

I apologize if this has been covered. I searched, and couldn't find anything. Long story short, I have a Commodore 128, US model. I have this cable, which has both composite and s-video options. While the composite works just fine, as expected the s-video only displays in black and white (I ordered because I didn't have any cable). It is my understanding that many C64/C128 models won't properly display s-video, only outputting in B&W. It's a shame, because the B&W s-video looks far sharper than the color composite.


So, why is this, and can anything be done to mod it?


Note: Enclosed is a pic of my 128 model, and game using composite.