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Planet Bob > Marvel vs. Capcom Origins Achievement Glitch

Posted 09 February 2014

Hi there!
First time ever I experienced a broken achievement/trophy:

As you can see, it is required to win 100 matches in MvCO, but even though it says I have 100/100 matches won, the achievement won't register.

Planet Bob > Here I blog again?

Posted 22 June 2013

Hi there!Just figured that it's been over two years since I wrote my last proper entry here. I wonder if I should possibly blog some more about my Capcom-Mania here. As you may know from some of my posts in classic/modern gaming, I'm trying to 100% complete every European released Capcom game in existance, more or less in chronological order....

Planet Bob > A Knight In Shining Armor

Posted 12 June 2013

Planet Bob > 2015 Ant-Man // Avengers 2

Posted 16 April 2013

Hi there!I assume that Ant-Man will end with the unleashing of ULTRON :-oAvengers 3 should then feature Vision and an epic battle against ULTRON :DGreetings,Manuel

Planet Bob > Mission: Beat all European Released Capcom Games #01

Posted 30 August 2011

Hi there!

I started this mission in early in 2011 and now have a first milestone covered: I'm done with the first 10 games! :)

What follows is the list of games I'm already done with, adding a few comments to each. What is true for all of them, is that I beat each on the default difficulty and without cheating. I did use stuff like...