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I Made an Atari 2600 Game

Buy Seaweed Assault (Atari 2600 homebrew) from the AtariAge store

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Obvious Jokes
Obvious jokes are the funniest because they're so unfunny that they make people snort a special kind of snort that causes nosebleeds and throat lesions.

Thoughts on Game Design

I love randomness, replayability, and freedom. I don't like it when games have everything in the same place. I want a fresh experience each time I restart the game. Most video games aren't games, they're static action puzzles. Everything is always in the same place and you must learn a sequence of predetermined 'dance steps' to win the game and you often have to die repeatedly to learn the sequence. That's not playing, that's tediously memorizing choreography. Many classic board games are perfect examples of what a good game should be. Video games should be able to surpass the randomness and replayability of board games, but they usually pale in comparison. It's sad. What a waste.

Need a Better Console

I won't be satisfied until I can buy a Grand Theft Auto style game where the buildings and other things are destructible (similar to Red Faction: Guerrilla), the trees can be climbed/chopped down/burned/shot up/blown up, the ground can be affected through digging/explosions/aircraft crashes/backhoe-like machines, the draw distance is realistic and nothing just pops up or spawns in front of you, and the people walking around are more intelligent and act more like real people in various situations (they wouldn't casually stroll through fire or do other things that make no sense). Let me drive, fly airplanes and helicopters, and use a GTA: SA style jetpack again. Just give me more stuff to do in a more realistic world, without actual real-world hassles that would ruin a game.

About Me

I don't drink alcohol. I don't take illegal drugs. I don't abuse legal drugs. I don't smoke anything. I like to have a clear mind at all times. If plans change or there is an emergency, I'm always ready to leap up and go.

A lot of people have an 'I'll try anything once' mentality and that's how they build a rat's nest of complicated 'needs.' If you don't try it, you can't get hooked on it and think you need it. My needs are fairly simple and I plan to keep it that way. I have no interest in doing things like dancing, going to bars/nightclubs/strip clubs, gambling, or eating at fancy restaurants.

I'll never understand people who want to get tattoos or piercings or make their hair some goofy color or cut it into some weird shape. It doesn't mean you're a unique nonconformist rebel, it just means you're a pathetic follower who wants to be accepted by a certain group. If you want to be a real unique nonconformist rebel, you shouldn't fit in anywhere. There should be no little freaky group you're trying to impress. They can all eat sh*t and die. You'll refuse to wear anything special. You'll refuse to get tattoos or piercings and you won't color your hair or make some weird shape out of it. You'll just look the way the gods made you and you'll wear whatever is comfortable and doesn't itch. Screw the mainstream. Screw pathetic little freaky groups. Screw religions, cults, atheism, and close-minded scientism. Screw the rich. Screw the poor. They can all lick your unwashed taint.




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