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A teaser....

Wed Jul 2, 2014 7:44 AM



Just heard from John about ultimon II, it is still coming but he has a very complex project to complete first in his real life work.


That's about the jist of it, obviously I can't publish what he said as its a private email but its coming, still being worked on and he's put the site up in the meantime..


John has said he will let us know on the forum when its done..

Phaeron, can you load a .cht file by command line?

Thu Jun 26, 2014 3:23 AM

Just wondered as I have an idea for it to add on to the Gamebase Starwindz has written.


If its a no is it a lot of trouble to add?


Just looking for something like Alttirra.exe -starraiders.atr -starraiders.cht


Or similar, if its a load of hassle then please just say so, its not the most important thing out there :)

Slightly OT: Shahid Ahmad.....Lucky guy.

Thu Jun 12, 2014 2:16 AM

Most of us know Shahid as a forum member here and as the man who brought Chimera to our beloved 8bit, a wonderful isometric treat of a game that has given many of us great pleasure over the years, he's also a really nice bloke from his chats on here. But when Shahid isn't just being an Atari hero he's Sony's lead for independent game development in Europe and it seems he has just been gifted / earned the publishing rights for Sony of a game  that is the toast of of E3 at the moment,


Sony have picked up the exclusive rights to publish a UK 10 man groups game, No man's sky..


Here's a vid, Shahid must feel like the guy who got the cream :)


I suspect an Atari 8bit port might be way off :)


Oh, just thought, it shares roots with a certain 8bit star, Rescue on Fractulas, both being procedural games so no two planets are ever the same.



Any comments Shahid....



Best Altirra settings to emulate a PAL atari?

Tue Apr 1, 2014 3:09 AM

Didn't add this to the Altirra thread as its both huge and mainly about bugs and suggestions.


Basically as the question from he topic, I've gone through the help file and chosen a few bits that suggest best emulation but would like to check what anyone thinks about or has suggestions about. I'm also hoping the thread could then help other users configure Altirra to the optimal level as close to hardware as possible, in this case PAL hardware.


Right, I'll list out the things I've set, I will only list the bits that are solely about hardware quality emulation rather than things like what disk drive mode, eye candy or optional addons etc.


Bicubic, says its best quality..It may deviate a little from TV / Monitor quality compared to real hardware (?) but I like a smoother picture.


Stretch to square pixels as it says its resembles PAL them most.


Overscan to Normal but also ticked extended extended pal for the first time as it says it supports software trickery, any demos that use it?


Unticked Fast Boot, not 100% sure what it does but I presume it bypass's some startup inits?


Ticked SIO override but sounds like its more for custom OS etc / custom hardware?


Now one I'm not sure of, I set latency as low as possible without cut outs to make the sound timing as close as possible but not sure what the extra buffer does or how it links into latency?


Also the Audio API, any pitfalls of which to choose? Set it to Dsound


Ticked non linear mixing as it says it matches hardware style.


CPU is set to stock 6502 and ticked enable illegal instructions, are there any non debugging options in there that need ticked?



That's it bar custom settings, have I missed anything?


Oh, is full screen preferential to Windowed, as I'm setting it to PAL (mostly) Vsync although ticked won't hit the Pal frequency as my LCD only has 60 - 75 as frequencies.


One thing I'd like in FS is what Winuae has, screen scaling, I used to play my Atari like many on a 14inch little Sony and then on a 8833 monitor so these large screen we have now just feel too big to me so I use it windowed to allow my personal choice but if FS has some better features it would be nice to be able to scale it as well.


That's just me tho, I'd imagine its a hell of a lot of work to add and that is something if is the case I'd not feel happy to request. (Avery is looking at the screen with two fingers like a gun saying "no chance sucker" :)  )


All suggestions and help welcome, hopefully it could help others.

Altirra sound issue.

Mon Mar 24, 2014 11:56 AM

Hi Avery,


I know Pokey isn't ultra documented so emulation is hard to be exact but I thought I'd ask this :


In this thread




there's an updated Donkey Kong with a tune at the start, to me it sounds out of tune on certain notes so I asked the guy who did the tune about it and he said it sounds ok on real hardware...


Any idea's?  (apart from don't ask questions about pokey :) )


EDIT: Read the replies first before even looking at Altirra please..