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Microsoft Visual C++ Visual Studio 2017



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So let's say we have a simple .rom or .bin or .car file like Starraid.bin.
How does one make a .com .exe or .xex.  ?

Well Ok, Star raiders is not simple though because it's
a diagnostic cart which means it fires off before the
OS has completed it's own initialization process.
Somewhere in between almost done with that job, this
particular cart just takes over, so loading of DOS by
OS code isn't happening. NOT simple at all then.


Use a hex editor on these BASIC object files and compare
them to the BASIC.ROM files they are related too.
Maybe disassemble the object files to spot the
twists and turns needed to just get BASIC to run
as an xex file - can get very complex. Main issue
going on here is that the display list is occupying
cart area so E: needs to be re-opened after proper
ram size is adjusted downward to move the display

I got my feet wet using disk editors on real floppies.
A hex editor has the same look and feel, but the
basics were learned observations of Atari files on
disks. Don't know how you are going to pick it
up as second nature without that hardware.

In Topic: rom to exe

Sun Dec 10, 2017 3:43 PM

A real machine would have a major headache trying to
emulate a bank switching cart like BASIC XL. The
only reason it runs on emulators is because the
emulator has that extra code and storage place to
emulate the bank switching cart with, the real
machine has only the cartridge hardware and it's

Method might be better done with reverse order.
DOS is booted which then goes looking for
AUTORUN.SYS file(s) which then load the cart
data. Files such as AUTORUN.SYS have headers that
tell DOS where to place the code while having
two unique places to RUN or INIT the loaded code.
INIT address of 0x02E2, 0x02E3 is always run as
soon as it is changed from RTS address pointed to
by DOS as it loads memory as told to by the header.
This is why AUTORUN.SYS files should only be using
INIT address to run code and should always end with
RTS instruction so that DOS will just resume loading
the rest of the AUTORUN.SYS file. And this means
AUTORUN.SYS files can be appended to do things in
desired order. RUN address 0x02E0, 0x02E1 is jumped
to only after the file is finished loading and
IOCB is closed.

pg 65,66 --- pdf pg 99,100

Cartridge also has INIT and RUN address but at the
end of the cartridge space.
Mapping the Atari
pg 103,104 --- pdf pg 137,138

Executable files always start with FF, FF double
bytes to indicate an executable file follows.
Load to address pair comes next followed by ending
address pair to load data to. Double FF can be repeated,
which will be ignored as next in the file structure
and/or you can have just another pair of load addresses,
start and end. And this pattern can go on as many
times as you need it to. RUN Address can be changed
many times but the only one that is RUN is the last one
It would be a headache WITH the real BASIC XL cart,
without it, I have serious doubts it can be done
on a real machine at all. You would need to write a
custom banking system that used extended memory to hold
the bank switched cart data and then move it along
with changed banking address that is looked at every
interrupt to see if a new bank is supposed to be
there or not. Pure hell if you ask me so I really
doubt anyone, if they have written such a thing, is
here and now to give it away.

So very much easier to get a real BASIC XL cart.
And then start pulling the hair out getting
AUTORUN.SYS to play nice.

Welcome back BTW, nice when that happens.

In Topic: Deviceside.com floppy controller

Sat Dec 9, 2017 2:51 PM

Would depend on the software bundled with it and
by the overpriced appearance of the item itself,
I doubt very much it has anything except the bare
minimum that could qualify as meeting stated claims.
And that would be the end of support.
They don't have a list of compatible formats it
can read ONLY? Doesn't smell nice here.

I would expect MAYBE DD DOS2 disks possible,
but nothing else is very likely. And the numbers
of those I have is negligible while already doable
by other means like MS-DOS on Win98.

3 times the money will get you kryoflux well known
to do just about anything Atari. Along with everything

Just my opinion but I smell a raw money grab on this
one. Certainly would save my money up for the much
better kryoflux if I needed to go here.

In Topic: 800XL blank blue screen

Mon Dec 4, 2017 10:25 AM

Yes to using any other 74LS138 for testing purposes.

Remove keyboard and try it without.
SignGuy81's #3 might be the issue where SELECT and
START are stuck on and you are looking at the
Cassette boot screen. Which is waiting for you to
press the spacebar IIRC, then it should beep to
signal that you need to turn on the cassette player.

Try swapping out 4051 chips before tearing apart the
keyboard, they go bad often enough to be the real
issue here too.