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In Topic: Boot Disk Games. No directory

Today, 12:11 PM

No source or documentation I've seen.

Just the old school method of OS disassembly and/or
boot disk sector disassembly too. Some are very
cryptic in the way they go about it while others
read like good novel.

This and file structure, the ways and means of DOS,
etc. need to be in book. But no such book exists
that I'm aware of. Best we've got is cut up coverage
in Mapping the Atari with a very light touch given
to the meat of the subject usually. Just enough to
fuel an insane quest to disassemble the entire OS
for example. Three months down that road and "Oh,
there it is".

XBIOS not something I'm aware of or interested in,

In Topic: Congo Bongo EXE problem

Yesterday, 11:02 PM

Changes made are 26h for 94h in two places.


Attached File  Congo Bongo HomeSoft_brown.xex   16.1KB   21 downloads


In Topic: Atari 800 S-Video Problem

Sun Feb 18, 2018 7:33 PM

Could the color differences be due to CTIA vs. GTIA? Do you know which chip your 800 has?

I'm not sure.  How can I find out?

I'm thinking by the part number on it.

When using google for our beloved Atari, I find it
best to include Atari in the search term to cut
down on worthless hits, but really CTIA wasn't hard
to search for...



In Topic: Atari 800 S-Video Problem

Sat Feb 17, 2018 6:51 PM

EDIT: In Basic, lowering the luminance of the text seems to help with the ghosting issue.  Is there any way I can fix this at a hardware level?

Sure, you can construct a resistor network to cut
back on the level of luminance and/or chroma both.
Some insist on a 75 ohm resistor in line to 'match'
impedance to the TV/monitor but this is misapplied
#Fake News nonsense for RCA type connections in the
first place. Make it to be what works but understand
that it's probably only going to work with that
computer and that monitor both. Change one or the
other and the problem may show back up and in reverse
this time. 75 ohm inline wouldn't be a bad place to
start either. Which doesn't help any with the repeated
rumor that it's the only proper fix.

It's well known that the output levels of these
computers is quite variable, one is way to hot on
luminance and the next has chroma just a screaming.

Thanks in advance!

Most welcome - it's what we do.

In Topic: Sick 800XL - No Display - Where to troubleshoot ?

Sat Feb 17, 2018 6:25 PM

Nice one, well earned win too.

NO INGUTS!!! Got it. :)
Kind of weak sauce but if it's enough then yeah, I'd
be wishing I had bought more at $20 too.

Wasn't there a guy from Poland or somewhere that made a little module to replace the C060472 delay chip?  
I saw this a long time ago, and it disappeared.

Me too, but from what I could tell it was impossible
to be an actual replacement. Thread kinda died
at that point so I'm thinking well it didn't work
and those that didn't want to rake him over the
coals publicly just let it die like that. A non-
working scam gone full tilt eBay, how unusual.

I was born at night, but it wasn't last night.
3 AM, what a PITA huh?