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In Topic: 1200XL - Wizztronics or Newell?

Sun Dec 2, 2018 12:09 AM

The switch likely just shuts the upgrade off and on,
this was a 'feature' on the AXLON so a nod to that
system is sometimes included in whodunit upgrades.
But the switch placement isn't in the standard lineup
of Newell schematics. I would like to know where it
is placed since this just makes them more flexible.

It does something different with the bank switching that works exactly like the 130XE.

Newell was full of it, it's not ANTIC compatible, and
it's not like the 130XE because of that. It's just
different from RAMBO scheme is the point to which
he was speaking in the first place when the 'exactly'
word got misused like a street walker. No FUCS given
to clarity which is the typical Newell way to roll.

It does misuse bit 5 and you can't make it ANTIC compatible
or hueyjones70 looses his 80 column AtariWriter
which was hard coded to misuse the street walker
all day long. Again typically Newell code. I'm not
surprised by the confusion, caused directly by Newell's
sloppy thought process and total lack of communications
skill set. Remember first with Newell always - no FUCS.

Is this part the issue with confusion?
Attached File  XLESCM.jpg   72.37KB   1 downloads

Or is it the back side of the motherboard diagram with
the confusing trace cuts and jumper connections A-A,
B-B, C-C? Because some diagrams were cut off and didn't
include that last sentence where A-A, B-B and C-C were
made into jumper connections. IIRC the part where it
says 1200XL only is a diagram of the 800XL and if you
actually have a 1200XL, because of the no FUCS rule,
you'll have to figure out how it was done on the 800XL
first and then apply that insight to the 1200XL instead.

Give that some thought first, then investigate if you
can and get back to me if you think I can remember
this same tiger trap I fell into back in 94. I might
could help, but I'm not going to bother you if you
don't bother me first. Best of luck in any case.

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In Topic: 600XL Memory Test Issue

Thu Nov 29, 2018 5:15 PM

Change U7 74LS08 for 74HCT08 and give that a try.

In Topic: cartridge on/off switch

Tue Nov 20, 2018 7:29 PM

Not trying to pick on you here, but that's exactly
what Larry did do...

So are you talking about removing power for the cartridge
from the computer motherboard instead?

Because I have an 800 that does that and it's a very
handy way to turn on BASIC for example if that is the
cartridge in the slot. Flip the switch and hit RESET
and BASIC is either there or it's gone depending the
switch setting.

I didn't know what the switch did when I saw it underneath,
you can access with the left hand to deftly work it
while to anyone not knowing it was there, it's magic.

I flicked it with power on and my screen tore up, so
then hit RESET which appropriates the display list
properly again and I see BASIC. So I must have a
BASIC cartridge plugged in then? And yes, I do.

Doing this on XL/XE will lead to a lock up. So pressing
RESET then will cause a coldstart to happen, but aside
from those drawbacks this will work there too.

In Topic: DD sector editor

Fri Nov 16, 2018 12:50 AM

DiskRX that comes with SpartaDOS is DD capable as is.

I would try to duplicate the disk first so that other
accidents don't ruin what is there for rebuilding
first, something like copymate using two drives, one
as source and other as destination for the safety
factor again.

Hex editor would work with ATR files on the PC if
this project is being done with an emulator. You
don't say specifically so we can't really answer
adequately at the moment. The DOS being used would
be quite handy information to have here.

Do not do any further writing to that disk and this
should be the first thing done always. Tape over the
write protect notch for example can save the day and
the program on the disk.

In Topic: Super SALT diagnostic Carts.

Wed Nov 7, 2018 2:06 AM

MM74C151J          16 pin    ???

151 is a an eight input multiplexer

I know you said not to do that but the question
marks hijacked my mind. In detail, logic chip
numbers like this can be found in old databooks.

Datasheet searches I don't usually even attempt
since I already have the answer and just need to
look it up.