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#3965449 Atari 800 S-Video Problem

Posted by 1050 on Sat Feb 17, 2018 6:51 PM

EDIT: In Basic, lowering the luminance of the text seems to help with the ghosting issue.  Is there any way I can fix this at a hardware level?

Sure, you can construct a resistor network to cut
back on the level of luminance and/or chroma both.
Some insist on a 75 ohm resistor in line to 'match'
impedance to the TV/monitor but this is misapplied
#Fake News nonsense for RCA type connections in the
first place. Make it to be what works but understand
that it's probably only going to work with that
computer and that monitor both. Change one or the
other and the problem may show back up and in reverse
this time. 75 ohm inline wouldn't be a bad place to
start either. Which doesn't help any with the repeated
rumor that it's the only proper fix.

It's well known that the output levels of these
computers is quite variable, one is way to hot on
luminance and the next has chroma just a screaming.

Thanks in advance!

Most welcome - it's what we do.

#3963923 Atari 800 Xl without Basic OS

Posted by 1050 on Fri Feb 16, 2018 2:42 AM

An Atari 800 xl at the time of turn on, runs immediately to the self test. Which is the failure?

Could depend on what the results of the self test were.
You gave us nothing to go on.
How many blocks of green ram?
Does it make a difference if you boot with OPTION down?

In other case, exist an image, for example an atr or xex, for the atari basic.

Use Basicc.obj from inside this zip

I tried to use a DOS from a SIO2SD and then the B option Run cartridge, but it request me No cartrigde.

This indicates that there is no ROM in the location where BASIC
is usually found, if it's ram instead and even if it's BASIC
code as ram, it will fail with NO CARTRIDGE error report.

First time you run Basicc.obj it will autostart substituted BASIC,
after that you should do M. RUN AT ADDRESS A000 if you have
returned to DOS for example. Or you can just re-load Basicc.obj.
This is not a fix, it is only the file you asked for.

Measure voltage on pin 20 of BASIC rom with OPTION
down and then with OPTION left alone.

manterola, double check that you did not fold under a pin
on the BASIC rom chip or got it in backwards. Reseating it
should not have done that normally.

#3961310 One Last EPROM

Posted by 1050 on Tue Feb 13, 2018 12:32 AM

Well it's not a confirmed fact and it might be operator
error as in he should be entering the read section
via a different means perhaps. Don't know for sure,
but I have stated that I had something else other
than FF for first byte and Nezgar reports the same

Too odd, so I post a suspicion I'm having. I'm sure
David's still about and might investigate some. Not
prepended data either just altered to be FF for
first byte and pretty consistent about that so far.

I consider it a minor point still, at least it's
being discussed. My PC burner for example will
try to use the last file of record loaded until I
take steps to load an empty instead which then forces
it to read the actual data that is there. Cursor
might be situated upon byte #0 and one should
arrow up or otherwise take pains to not step on it.
But I don't know his software, I just know mine.

#3958798 One Last EPROM

Posted by 1050 on Sat Feb 10, 2018 4:50 PM

My take on it is no interpretation allowed, one way
commandments like a boss gives. It either gets done
or you get your paycheck somewhere else.

Magnetic strength is a function of ampere/turns, so
60 ohm winding has twice as many windings to make up
for half the current flowing thru it and that equals
the same power used and the same torque output as
the 30 ohm motor. They can do this by using smaller
wire of appropriate size. Not a doubling of gauge
thing but halving of circular mil thing which is too
often confused for millimeter instead of decadenal
area measurement based on SQUARE .001 (thousandths)
of an inch instead. So one circular mil is one square
thousandths of an inch - it can not then measure
.001 since pies are squared don't you know. Cross
sectional area measurement term.

The interwebs is completely full of garbage on the
issue and term of circular mil because even the
teachers of millennials didn't know this stuff.
They are quite convinced it has something to do with
millimeters instead of square thousandths of an inch
of a cross section of wire. Direct measurement can not
be done with circular mils, it has to be calculated.

It's best to use the full term circular mil and only
cheat between colleagues when shorthanding the term
into mils alone and never use two 'L's either. Already
too much confusion around the term circular mil, but
it has it's purpose in direct comparison to ampacity.

As in (4) 3 inch pipes can carry the same amount of
water as a single 6 inch pipe can. But 3 circular mil
wire will only carry half what a 6 circular mil
wire can. No way around the complicated maths to get to
actual dimensions and very limited field of work where
it applies as well means that a very limited few get
trained on the job as it were. Wire gauge charts
showing circular mils all but disappeared too.

Not knowing what it were just another low point in
the 'apex' of the information age.

#3953494 One Last EPROM

Posted by 1050 on Sun Feb 4, 2018 9:49 PM

USDoubler - but different from what I have.

Perhaps this is the rom used by _The Doctor_ when he
claims to have used it without the stacked ram and it
'worked just fine'?

Later versions included the extensive ram test that
I know would not allow such standard and single ram
chip use.

Mine starts with 1Dh and not FFh, have 2Ch at 0x0F00
offset too. But then blocks shift around such as to
indicate a change up in the source code at the very
least. Which begs the question why do that? Perhaps
the need for the more better extensive ram test?

Was never aware that there were two versions, but it
does appear to be the case for certain now. Thanks for
posting that as it's very interesting stuff.

They both deserve a disassembly at this point to
figure out what up and maybe why becomes obvious.

#3953461 TRACE Tulsa Regional Atari Computer Enthusiasts Club Disks

Posted by 1050 on Sun Feb 4, 2018 8:49 PM

A top slot cover could be made from another jacket
and taped onto which ever side you wanted to use for
top that day. Yes, be very afraid to grind off your
felt pads otherwise when using a single head drive.

Can not emphasize how the cleaning power of alcohol
is vastly increased with what might seem to be a minor
increase is it's formulation. Night and day difference
people. Please ONLY use 93% and higher isopropyl, you
can find it sitting right beside the 50% stuff in
many stores too.

WD-40 works too but very slowly so give it much extra
time and then rinse with alcohol swabbing as per

#3952519 Recapping my 800xl. Cap list?

Posted by 1050 on Sat Feb 3, 2018 5:20 PM

I'll also echo the non-need to do this. Only issue
with caps is in the 1050 drive and that's because of
the monster legs on those can work the solder and
fatigue it into mechanical failure. Rare is the bad
cap that has bulged from good old days when they
used the good soup inside them. Millennial cap
makers went cheap and used the weak sauce which
started the bulged cap fad in the first place.
Since then it's blamed for everything including
how the battery in my car just died.

If it were made at the turn of the century, you
might want to look up forums for that device and
read a bit more on it to see if those were stinkers
or not. I've got a couple of PC video boards with
100% ooze and bulge, but nothing like that from
the 80s or 90s.

Won't try to stop you and no, not to my knowledge
has anybody made such a list before this. Never
was a need...

#3952451 Disk Drive Problem - 1050 with 800XL

Posted by 1050 on Sat Feb 3, 2018 3:50 PM

Not really. Only two per 1050 drive but each 3086
has five transistors, any one of them can suffer from
beta decay where the gain just isn't what it was
when it was new and the performance of that circuit
is then lacking. Or outright failure which will
end the circuit's function. Only rated for 7 volts
maximum is one item of note for me, they just don't
hold up and carry their own weight it seems.

Blown diodes, bad voltage regulator, bad caps
lead the 'bad' item list with a funky 3086 next in
line. Kinda rare, but still trouble enough to just
replace if you can get them at a decent price. $10
is ridiculous, $3 is more like it. And $1 per in
50 count lots for the far visionary type.

NOS might not be the best buy as quality of silicon
used in the first generation. I would feel much
better with the more recent NTE 912 equivalent.

The usual way you find out if it is the 3086 is
when the drive starts working like new AFTER you
replace it at wit's end. So no easy way to tell.

You can play a hunch which is what I gather
koolmoecraig is doing. I would have cleaned
the switches first. If it's the switches then it's
still the switches and they can be cleaned anytime
and that's when it will start working again. No
foul, no error and it might be a good lesson learned.

#3952124 I Found Some Interesting EPROMS...

Posted by 1050 on Sat Feb 3, 2018 7:20 AM

Vast improvement just looking thru it, I did not do
a compare with what we probably already have from
other sources anyway.

1200XL.BIN should probably be renamed to be
1200XL_A.BIN since it's only the first half of the
entire OS though. 0xE000 - 0xFFFF would be the
last half. A simple DOS 2.0 save should work there
and then the stripping of six byte Atari file header
would get to that .bin file.

Overall, it looks right as rain and I'm trusting it.

#3950727 Newell OSN for 400/800

Posted by 1050 on Thu Feb 1, 2018 4:06 PM

It doesn't seem like he has posted the fastchip nor OSN ROMs.  When I created my thread for this, OSN comes in 2 ROMs and the fastchip you can't just dump and burn to another ROM, it doesn't work.

Agree with opinion of mechanerd's offering in post #14,
the only one that looks good is

Which has me as the source. It should be called Omnimon4k
since we now seem to have Omniview4k thanks to mechanerd
in another post linked to in post #11 and there his
ROM reading ATR seems to have worked. I don't have a
working Atari to know why or test how good it is
and dealing with rom issues while running an emulator
is going to be troublesome due the patches they use
etc., skewing results there. In this post at least, it
seems the ROM reading ATR didn't work so very well.
And I of course have no real clue as to why.

I thought we corrected my misunderstanding of what the
issue was with the math pack in another thread already?
At any rate, I was wrong we don't need a special 2716
to do that with, according to page 3 of the ramrod
instructions we only need a 350ns 2716 to burn the
code onto and bob's our uncle. So it would work just
fine, yet you keep saying it won't and I keep having to
say I was wrong about my assumptions in another thread
long ago when we didn't have good instructions for the
ramrod board which is posted as a link in post #9 here
in this thread.


But I'm no expert, user 1050 here on Atariage was helping me out. I never got further than using my stock math chip with OSN and an Omnirom that didn't work properly ;)

Oh please, no to the Omnirom speak, it gets too confusing
already. We only had Omnimon4k at that time so that
had to be it. If you'll read the third bullet in post #6
Atariage user six can fire off his Omnimon4k by doing
a jump thru 0xC001. It may be that the often invoked
RESET+SELECT method was an addon to XL/XE version of
OmnimonXL/XE and we just didn't ever know that before.
I don't think we have instructions for 4K Omni anything
do we?

  • Omniview80 C000-CFFF
  • empty/zero D000-D800 (hardware registers)
  • Fastchip D800-DFFF
Would this work? If so, what ROM is the Fastchip ROM and what is the OSN ROM?

Yes it would work. Fastchip rom is in my burnfile.zip
offering in post #5. OSN V4...? is also in there.
But so far only the Atari file header version of
Omniview4k is posted under a different name in the
programming section linked to in post #11.

So I'll strip the header and rename it correctly
right here.
Attached File  Omniview4K.bin   4KB   6 downloads

My original offering from way back, renamed
Attached File  Onmimon4K.bin   4KB   6 downloads

Fastchip by Marslett
Attached File  Fastchip.bin   2KB   5 downloads

And mechanerd's version of OSNE and OSNF combined
from the other thread where it did not have the
fastchip code but instead the standard math pack
code. With headers over there, here it is stripped
of math pack and headers as one OSNEF file version
who knows what? It is a different one yet so you
might give it try.
Attached File  E000_FFFF.bin   8KB   6 downloads

I've been busy, I think OSNv601 is as ready as it
can be without byte for byte confirmation of
accuracy from anyone holding onto that code. This
was recreated from PDF source only so it may contain
OCR errors not yet corrected - if you find anything
you may PM me or just reply here, your choice but
I certainly want to know about it.
Attached File  OSNv601.zip   95.31KB   8 downloads

And for those that don't want the hideous green
of OSNv601 here is transplanted US+ color
scheme which is the only hack done to it and
should be quite agreeable in appearance.
Attached File  Osnf_boboscolor.bin   4KB   6 downloads

OSNv601 does seem to test for which Omni is at
0xC000-0xCFFF and does branches accordingly.
Have no clue if it's done right at all or not
and it may be that this code isn't the actual
released version in the wild - Newell may have
patched the powerup vectors to do things
differently and I have no way to test it at
the moment. Can't sit on this in the meantime
either, simply can't even suggest as to when
I'll sit behind a real working Atari ever

Fast chip was an XL/XE thing that occupied not
only the original math pack area but also
international character set and maybe even
0xCxxx region to some extent as well. Don't
know a whole lot about it, ClausB did some
work on a version of his IIRC, but the original
seems to be untouchable as to source, concept
or anything else.

#3946289 Sound to Ampified external speakers...

Posted by 1050 on Sat Jan 27, 2018 2:41 PM

Sure, I've done the same for capture on a Sony MiniDisc
before, but I forget exactly how it was done. And
there I have input loudness control for setting
the recording level on both channels and/or the
option of recording as mono.

May have to experiment with adjusting the output
level I would assume too.

#3940904 Best source for Atari 8-bit ram chips?

Posted by 1050 on Sun Jan 21, 2018 11:03 AM

You just repeated the same, same as before.

So it sure sounds like you learned nothing from my
'clarity'? :)

You can use either ram with either ANTIC if you
will supply a refresh circuit for older ANTIC
when using them with 256 cycle refresh ram.

AtariLeaf, not redundant at all. Of course, if already
under the hood all you need to do is look at the
number on it, but as to a way to discover the difference
without looking, I do not know of a way. And it's a good

Refresh bars on the left side of the RF picture can
be seen - has anybody counted them in a side by
side compare before? I sure haven't, not too sure as
to what I'm looking for either. One of those things
I never got around to actually doing. Finding an old
ANTIC, finding a new ANTIC and the work of recording
a difference in the RF screen they make. And I may not
understand the issue well enough myself in the first
place - the difference may not show itself here as I
can only imagine it might. Don't have a working Atari
station as it were.

#3940739 Best source for Atari 8-bit ram chips?

Posted by 1050 on Sun Jan 21, 2018 5:07 AM

If you'll use the additional refresh bit circuit to
allow for the use of the older ANTIC then yes, they
can be used. Otherwise, no.

#3937055 About the Atari 1050 Disk Drive Power Supply,Mine is dead.

Posted by 1050 on Tue Jan 16, 2018 7:53 PM

Can't recommend that, people could die with this thing
unprotected. It has failed before with no explanation.

#3934892 XF551 Hyper FX MOD

Posted by 1050 on Sun Jan 14, 2018 4:39 AM

I've tried every mode and had troubles setting the mode
too. Literally at my wits end and she won't boot the
360K XF-551 disk with DOS.SYS on the backside. May have
been a flaky eprom doing most of my troubles.

But thanks for the run down on how to do it again and
I will try it again. But my takeaway is that I'm having
a lot of trouble with this and it shouldn't be so much