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#3944284 130XE Reverse Option Key for Basic

Posted by 1050 on Thu Jan 25, 2018 7:23 AM

Really is easy for me so why not?

Attached File  don-130xeopths_fast math.bin   16KB   17 downloads

Corrected first checksum so it will pass with green
bars in the self test which is how I found it too,
so maybe that part of the OS is alive and well?

#3940904 Best source for Atari 8-bit ram chips?

Posted by 1050 on Sun Jan 21, 2018 11:03 AM

You just repeated the same, same as before.

So it sure sounds like you learned nothing from my
'clarity'? :)

You can use either ram with either ANTIC if you
will supply a refresh circuit for older ANTIC
when using them with 256 cycle refresh ram.

AtariLeaf, not redundant at all. Of course, if already
under the hood all you need to do is look at the
number on it, but as to a way to discover the difference
without looking, I do not know of a way. And it's a good

Refresh bars on the left side of the RF picture can
be seen - has anybody counted them in a side by
side compare before? I sure haven't, not too sure as
to what I'm looking for either. One of those things
I never got around to actually doing. Finding an old
ANTIC, finding a new ANTIC and the work of recording
a difference in the RF screen they make. And I may not
understand the issue well enough myself in the first
place - the difference may not show itself here as I
can only imagine it might. Don't have a working Atari
station as it were.

#3940739 Best source for Atari 8-bit ram chips?

Posted by 1050 on Sun Jan 21, 2018 5:07 AM

If you'll use the additional refresh bit circuit to
allow for the use of the older ANTIC then yes, they
can be used. Otherwise, no.

#3937055 About the Atari 1050 Disk Drive Power Supply,Mine is dead.

Posted by 1050 on Tue Jan 16, 2018 7:53 PM

Can't recommend that, people could die with this thing
unprotected. It has failed before with no explanation.

#3934892 XF551 Hyper FX MOD

Posted by 1050 on Sun Jan 14, 2018 4:39 AM

I've tried every mode and had troubles setting the mode
too. Literally at my wits end and she won't boot the
360K XF-551 disk with DOS.SYS on the backside. May have
been a flaky eprom doing most of my troubles.

But thanks for the run down on how to do it again and
I will try it again. But my takeaway is that I'm having
a lot of trouble with this and it shouldn't be so much

#3934232 XF551 Hyper FX MOD

Posted by 1050 on Sat Jan 13, 2018 4:15 AM

Afaik, there is only one version of the Hyper-XF OS, version 1.0 (A or B depending on 5,25" or 3,5" version), so this is the final firmware... (if there is a newer version, then I have not seen it)...

I'll add that there are no buggy versions either.
What we have is google translated instructions
that don't express in so many words that the
Hyper XF is or is not workable with a stock XF-551
360K floppy disk using the 5.25 rom.

If not, this would be first time I've ever been
aware of that boondoggle or even that possibility.
While it explains my problems trying to use it in
that manner, I would like to see it in source
code to perhaps make it not that way. AR capable
really means nothing to me, I've never played the
game nor do I want to. I'd rather have a drive
that 'plays well' with other Atari formatted floppies.
And this of course can not include the back side of
flippies unless they are flipped and used in the same
single side manner and this tends to not work out so
well with Chinon drives as we already know.

The Chinon needs a separate 50-60Hz timer and
perhaps one can be had using the hardware on the
XF-551 as is? Some new code, a jumper wire and this
issue is no more? A separate 555 timer might also

IBM 360K is different from Atari 360K and the
Hyper XF was written to be usable with IBM 360K
only with supporting software that was never released.
But the drive is still capable with it's rich array
of special SIO commands that presumably would have
been utilized in the unfinished IBM disk access

What exactly do you want me to ask him?

Ask him if would be in the mood to release the OS
system memory map equates and/or any source code
if he isn't going to continue work. How would he
feel if derivative work was released? TIA, Mathy.

Having nothing else, I at least do now have a
possible clue as to why the backside on 360K is not
working as a stock XF-551 360K disk. Thanks for the
discussion, in particular CharlieChaplin for giving
me a clue as to what might have been wrong in my
thinking for many, many years here. I assumed too
much yet again perhaps? I'll need to verify this
new direction in what might be the issue next time
I'm around the disassembly of Stephan's fine work.

#3931801 Bad Blank Disks - ?

Posted by 1050 on Wed Jan 10, 2018 7:07 AM

Bulk eraser might work indeed but I would attempt the
cheaper hard drive magnet method first myself. And I
often do even though I've had a bulk eraser for 40
years, it gets used too. Just place the disk on a
non-magnetic desktop and wrap any rare earth magnet
in a paper towel and wipe it across the disk like
you were mowing the lawn only half width at a time
and over the full jacket dimension. Fast as you can,
or slow as molasses makes no difference.

Erase head will take the magnetic media well beyond it's
saturation point 40,000 times a second in an alternating
pattern which means no remaining bias is even possible.
MS-DOS does respond to this trick and especially when
the error given is bad track zero. You can try it twice
if it still reports bad track zero, but the chances of
actually having a good disk are not so good with 2nd
wipe and attempt error report.

I reach for the magnet only because I don't want the
hassle of untangling the power cord on the bulk
eraser, either method gives the same result which is
a high useful return on bad track zero reports. 5.25
and 3.5 disks.

#3930807 810 Drive Busy light will not turn off.

Posted by 1050 on Mon Jan 8, 2018 9:24 PM

will deox the connections

That's good as far as it goes, but just spraying the
joy juice on there isn't really the entire fix, just
so you know.

The fix involves moving the connector while it's wet
with the magic juice. Again and again and again. The
physical movement while slathered is what removes the
oxide coating and this also applies to the drive
select switches. They need to be slid back and forth
10 or 20 times while wet and then a few more after
they've dried out too.

Lift and replace all chips while wet as well and for
the same reasons as above. Hopefully the underlying
theme and concept are getting across, movement is the
key ingredient in the proper use of deoxit. And far
too many assume something else and in those cases
deoxit doesn't work out so good. And we don't want
that for you, we want you to address the issue and
resolve it entirely first time thru and then we can
bank on the good connections with hopefully new
symptoms showing up.

#3929975 Atari 1050 12VDC internal power supply

Posted by 1050 on Sun Jan 7, 2018 11:51 PM

I can't recall even hearing about troubles with either
U5 or VR2, sorry.

Just a snafu check... you got a mica insulator on Q6?
And plastic mounting screw or otherwise total isolation
from the grounded heat sink? Because the heat sink tab
on Q6 is output pin just the same as pin 2 in the middle.

Heat sink is grounded by both 7805 and 7812 by their
middle pin 2 being direct connected to their heat sink
tabs too. So no mica insulator on Q6 is a dead short to

And for everybody, it's a common theme for this 220 case
style to have the heat sink tab connected to the middle
pin 2 just about every time. What isn't standard is what
that pin 2 is or does.

Sorry it took so long to find a motherboard I could gaze
upon. Without thinking about it, in 2 seconds I noticed
the mica on Q6 and went with it, double checking
datasheets. Should be some mica insulator sheets,
washers, and collars for bolt that come with decent
7812 package - you know just in case it's needed.

You can always blame it on the guy before you if it works
out that this is it. How could you know, it was gone
before you saw it for the first time.

Old standard question, any joy is probably going to
be met with at least some mumblings if my guess is
right, but in the long run - joy?

#3929689 I think the Atari OS ROMs are PD, here's why.

Posted by 1050 on Sun Jan 7, 2018 6:00 PM

"There is a copyright notice printed onto the rom chips but this is not acceptable either because:-"

Your park bench law degree has failed you. Just because
you can't see it without using a hex editor on the
code to plainly see it there means nothing at all.
That is standard state of the art practice and that
copyright notice in there trumps everything.

Their discussion of concealment involves printing it
on the paper behind the one glued to the front cover
of a bound book for example. One would need to take
apart the entire book to find such a thing and this
act of obfuscation negates the claim of copyright in
itself. Using a hex editor to read it is what one
would always have to do to as a matter of course, so
this is NOT the same kind of "concealment". It's a
legal term with non-standard meanings outside the
common man's use, they are speaking to obfuscated
concealment done purposely to drag offenders thru
the court system.

Copyright in code is valid and that's why it's there.
You can not get around this one.

Your only chance would be to prove that they did not
follow up and pay for copyright protection. But
corporations are given a very wide berth since they
have so many paid for copyrights, even with proof of
non-payment, the judge is likely to allow it protection.
And ALL of the code in similar machines - if it says

copyright Atari and dated.

And it all does, you have no legs to stand on.
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#3927959 An error in "Mapping the Atari"?

Posted by 1050 on Fri Jan 5, 2018 9:30 AM

Or for starters, at least an errata sheet for MtA.

Appendix 11, pg 187 covers 558 issue.

Addenda And Errata To The First Edition starts at pg 182
in the revised edition. Should be checking this area
when ??? pop up first time thru.

#3923695 Newell OSN for 400/800

Posted by 1050 on Sat Dec 30, 2017 9:57 PM

I wish I could be so sure as you though, while double
tasking with 601 source I see in that code this set
of bytes instead.

FEC9 28CAB246 8680 COLRTB .BYTE $28 , $CA , $B2 , $46 , 0

And by the chart, B2h is a darker hideous green. And
I swear I've seen a screenshot of that, you are right
about hideous.

So either you are using different code than I supplied
or ??? went wrong somewheres I have no clue of. Which
of course worries me that there is a 'hidden' overwrite
function within the code that would tend to negate this
OS setup COLRTB table, since the hideous green version
appears to be in 601 version exclusively, version 2 OSN
has stock Atari table (within reason).

Mapping the Atari starting at page 163 for color tables
in decimal unfortunately. And also bottom of page 62 if

that's closer to get too. B2h = 178.

For other OS such as Puff's Ultra Speed Plus OS the values
are 28 CC 92 46 00 and the screen is noticeably bluer
while the letters are whiter and it's quite a good look
taken as a whole. At the same time you know at once this is
NOT a standard machine you are sitting in front of.

might be useful?
65227 = 0xFECB

and then
just to be sure the overwrite isn't afoot.
710 = 0x02C6


0x02C6 is the Shadow for 53272 ($D018).

Thinking BASIC might inject it's own color scheme
here so maybe emulator use would be better.

For now I have no explanation of how you get the 601
green screen without some code corruption of some sort
going on. Or some yet to be uncovered overwrite going
on from somewhere. And I thought I gave it a good

look too.

As if this isn't enough, check out these dumps of
omniview which would be the file titled C000-CFFF.
Taking the place of my offered Ominmon800 code.

Not actually ROM files as they contain a six byte
Atari file header which when stripped from these
files become genuine .rom or .bin files. As is they
are Atari executables without the execute part
included. They will try to load into those regions
if you use DOS to load them in a standard manner,
but since it's ROM and can't be overwritten it's a
doomed exercise in futility. These would be the
results of a standard DOS K. Save memory choice
without adding the RUN or INIT vectors to the
'addresses to save' info inputted when making these

:) >>>> :-o


Go ahead, tell me all about that guy. Good on ya

for figuring it out too.

#3919588 ATARI Cassette belts now available -1010, 410, XC12

Posted by 1050 on Sun Dec 24, 2017 11:45 PM

Only function left not explainable by the fine pictures
you supplied is the play/record take up reel function.
It would drive a slip mechanism that allows for a high
degree of slip while at the same time provide positive
but very light torque on the cassette spindle that
tape is wound up on as it played, the source spindle
just freewheels. It also has a part in driving the
counter when play/record are used. Large black gear is
doing the fast forward/advance and rewind functions.
While the counter is directly driven by the take up
spindle only.

Unfortunately it's a case of bad design choice in the
plastic used which will always fail by splitting in
the root of the faulty gear like this over large amounts
of time. As plastic ages it 'oozes' fabrication oils out
of the matrix which reduces it's overall dimensions. Due
to time it's now too small to fit on the axle without
splitting. One viable solution would be one made of brass
but the tolerances required to give the same press on,
friction only fit are well outside mass production
capabilities which means an artist must fit it by trial
and error taking a good deal of time and no small amount
of talent.
Clickspring on YouTube type of talents.

But several cut and filed from thin tin cans or
more flexible plastic could be stacked to the same
effect. It's not entirely hopeless, just almost
hopeless. The typical superglue fix attempted to fix
these types of failures almost always result in too
much glue applied which ruinates the device entirely
and thus can not be recommended. It also means you can
never take it apart again.

Same issue but a different application has this as a
solid solution that saves me easily $60 for each one of
these I can put in. The original is hard white plastic
as well and splitting in the exact same manner - go figure.

#3916234 Found a 130XE with a hacked OS ROM...

Posted by 1050 on Tue Dec 19, 2017 11:38 PM

Thanks so much, I believe it does help tremendously,
first Omniview dump available by my count.

#3915575 Nibbler crashing

Posted by 1050 on Tue Dec 19, 2017 5:41 AM

Tis appreciated but really, full credit goes to phaeron
and his fabulous Altirra emulator for being loaded
with the awesome stones to be able to find the issue.
And at his work, I'm simply stunned. All I did was the
easy hack part and only after he told us how and where
to fix it. Some light hacking I can do and glad to do
it too, but really it's phaeron's fix all the way.

I don't know that it is fixed or RevEng's version
either, there is more than one hacker in this thread
it would appear - come to think of it, when isn't there?