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#4168839 Is there any program to allow remote access to Basic and DOS?

Posted by Tyrop on Sun Dec 2, 2018 3:53 PM

I wrote a simple BBS in Basic back in the day (written for an 850 interface module and Hayes Smartmodem).  When a modem is connected, the BBS interfaces with the remote user using the R: device, and when a user logs on locally, it uses the E: device.  Does anyone know if there is a utility that can be loaded into memory that can piggyback R: onto E: (or somehow merge the two) so that if I break into Basic or go to DOS, the operating system will use R: instead of (or in addition to) E:?  If there is such a thing, I would love to be able to log into my BBS remotely, press a menu command that breaks me into Basic or DOS so I can remotely control my computer (like a gotomypc for the Atari), and then resume . 

#3427224 WUDSN IDE: The free integrated Atari 8-bit development plugin for Eclipse

Posted by Tyrop on Thu Jan 28, 2016 8:38 PM

That did the trick JAC!  Thank you so much for showing me what to do. Your IDE is a tremendous piece of work. It and Altirra are of great help in debugging.

#2348286 Ive got email from ATARI today...

Posted by Tyrop on Sat Aug 13, 2011 9:27 AM

I am an attorney in New York

Isn't this usually followed by "but I am not your attorney, and this is not legal advice"?

Not Mike Strutter, by any chance? :D

Funny video. No, I'm just a person interested in seeing what happens. I was disappointed in Atari for harassing an Atari enthusiast who did nothing more than show his enthusiasm for a 30 year old product by posting homemade programs written by other enthusiasts. I would have thought Atari would have been flattered that such an old product still gets attention today.

#2347409 Ive got email from ATARI today...

Posted by Tyrop on Thu Aug 11, 2011 11:03 PM

I am an attorney in New York and I have had experience litigating trademark infringement claims and also assisting in copyright litigation. The "cease and desist" letter basically says that the infringing material consists of access to "unauthorized console emulation software and/or unauthorized copies of game products (software) protected by Atari's copyright rights." Simply stated, it sounds like Atari thinks the web pages make available emulators and software copyrighted by Atari. I took a quick look at the web pages, and unless I am missing something, I did not see any emulators or copies of any of Atari's games or software. Atari has no rights in software written by third parties that run on Atari computers (unless the author gave away his or her rights to Atari).

Regarding emulation, you may find the following case interesting: Sony Computer Entertainment, Inc. v. Connectix Corporation.

Do a search for that case and you will find some web pages that discuss it. The court held that copying a copyrighted BIOS for use in a PlayStation emulator did not constitute copyright infringement - at least under the circumstances in that case.

#2144563 How does debugging in Altirra work?

Posted by Tyrop on Fri Nov 26, 2010 12:49 AM

If I want to use ATASM, how do I get the listing and label files into Altirra?

BTW, following phaeron's suggestion, I assembled the example program on the WUDSN website using MADS and I used the -t -l options. THe result was 2 files in the same folder as the example.xex file: example.lab and example.lst. Using ALtirra, I simply opened the example.xex file, and when I went into the disassembly window, I saw the labels. I saw the labels even though I did not do anything to separately load a label or listing file (which I think you are supposed to do using the .loadsym command from the console). Does this mean that ALtirra automatically looks for the listing and label files when you open the xex file? This leads me back to ask, how do I do this with ATASM? (I'd rather use ATASM over MADS at least for now).

Altirra is an unbelievable piece of work. The fact that it shows the beam, and also traces my program even through the VBI completely floors me. I'm coming from trying to debug my program with EXDDT (Extended Dunion's Debugging Tool), on the real hardware which also amazed me because you can switch back and forth between the disassembly screen and the graphics screen and watch your program execute in slow motion. But Altirra's ability to single step in relation to the beam has got to be a dream for anyone debugging graphics.
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