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#4076866 Opal Rotary Controller [OUT OF STOCK]

Posted by DrMalba on Sun Jul 22, 2018 3:01 PM

Ordered....been dusting off the Jaggy again lately, this should be very fun...

#3836441 Skyhammer Thoughts?

Posted by DrMalba on Mon Aug 28, 2017 1:46 PM

I’ve been thinking of picking up Skyhammer but I don’t want to drop a c-note for a game I’m not sure I’ll enjoy.  I’ve watched multiple reviews on youtube and everything I’ve seen has been down the middle.  Everyone seems to enjoy the Battle mode but passes on Mission mode.   I wasn’t a fan of Iron soldier, which this game reminds me of, but I really like the cyber-punk/Blade Runner setting.  Any suggestions to help get me off the fence for this game?


Its a great game, which shows both the potentials and the limits of the platform.  As others have noted, Skyhammer's Blade Runner-like atmosphere is great, the gameplay is nonlinear so you can approach it from tons of different angles.   I think it's fun just to roll around the city, blast up the side of buildings and explore.  Visually its one of the best titles the Jaguar ever produced (even if it was more or less orphanware),   


The game's primary issue is low framerate.  Get a few enemies on the screen, and the game can slow to a crawl, which can be very frustrating.  That cripples its replay value somewhat.  IMO not enough to pass it up for purchase, but I can understand how some people are turned off/bored.  

#3577270 Is Iron Soldier as good as the cover looks?

Posted by DrMalba on Mon Aug 22, 2016 2:44 PM

For its day, IS was/is an awesome game.  Other than maybe Highlander (a woefully underrated, ahead-of-its-time title IMO) this is the one game I spent the most time with on the Jag.


Many people have already commented on the smooth framerate, but the gameplay is really the star.  Once you get the hang of walking and rotating your view simultaneously, it becomes super-fun.   The explosions are great cranked over a nice stereo and it is satisfying as hell walking over and taking out a tank with your mech!

IS2 has some minor graphical improvements, maybe an extra weapon or two (?) but I honestly never finished the first game - its difficult enough as it is !


Well worth your time, in fact if you could only own five titles for the Jag I would say IS/IS2 had better be one of them.

#3534122 Does Primal Rage really need to be on a CD?

Posted by DrMalba on Fri Jun 17, 2016 1:35 PM

It definitely needs to be on a CD - a cartridge wouldn't make a very good drink coaster.

#3534120 Jaguar Cartridge End Labels Available

Posted by DrMalba on Fri Jun 17, 2016 1:32 PM

This could be the same seller as bigreddog as red is in their id. I know I only got mine from him after payment and chasing up and they were a little blured. the trouble with these is that they lift off slightly at the edges unless these are made differently somehow. And of course you only get one for each game. I have both cybermorphs, one sticker.


I just got a set of these, shipped promptly and without incident.   I think they look pretty sharp.   I did have a problem with some being a little difficult to lift from the backing, but once they are on the cart they look pretty good.


The only one I didn't like was Iron Soldier II limited edition cart label, as they used the green box logo - I think it clashes against the (admittedly very simple) silver label and this person should consider recoloring it so it flows better.  The rest are fine as they riff on the cart label or box label.



Speaking of the next run... Here's my request for a supplemental set of labels:




Yes indeed - my biggest gripe.  Was surprised there was no Skyhammer, etc.   i'd love to see another group for the Songbird and other homebrew titles.

#3531096 Battlesphere gold up for sale again.

Posted by DrMalba on Mon Jun 13, 2016 3:43 PM

Seeing how nuts Jag games have gotten sometimes tempts me to put my copy of Mad Bodies up on ebay.  Haven't seen one up there in a while.


$2.2k for a copy of Battlesphere (with dire warnings involving the persecution of "low bidders")  based on a  $1500 successful auction for a standard edition - is over four times the already ridiculous price I paid for my BSG years ago.    It really makes me want to sell most of my rare/limited stuff now including BSG.


At this point I could probably live with just a Jag, a skunkboard and a handful of carts for the rest of my days (and focus on my beloved C-64 :-)

#3516979 Why is the Jaguar so popular right now?

Posted by DrMalba on Tue May 24, 2016 5:51 PM

I suppose in theory someone could buy one of the readily available 20 or so unfolded boxes, a tray and put their mint cart and manual inside box and tray, then use the shrink wrapping machine they bought in an attempt to scam people out of a few extra $$ but that seems pretty remote. 


This is *exactly* what I think happens more often than not - why would you think this is remote?  Especially for a scene like this, where the console is not as popular or well-known and more rife for victims?  If I have something relatively rare like a crisp in the long box Space Ace, and wanted to make a little extra cash, sealing it myself is exactly the trick I might use to squeeze more money out of a potential buyer.    Atari Karts (a somewhat rare game) is a nice target for the full loose-cart-and-box scam too since its one of the readily-available boxes.


Also, looking at a few medium-res eBay photos is not enough to convince me that I can tell the difference between legit new old stock and someone's self-shrink-wrapped markup.   I agree you and I could probably make a pretty good guess by holding in your hand, but that's not going to help you on eBay.


Anyways I'll stop this stroll down conspiracy lane and agree to disagree.  What I am ultimately amused at is how many more sellers are hyper-inflating their prices for the games and the consoles.  We can at *least* agree that Mr. "Rare Atari Black Console Cleanest You Can Find" is full of fecal matter, amirite?

#3189668 Another World Jaguar Pre-Order

Posted by DrMalba on Mon Mar 2, 2015 4:41 PM

I just got mine earlier this month.  I was WL # 28.  So they are definitely working through the extras which were fraudulently ordered by delinquents and Jag-squatters.


Also, I miss the "asylum."  Good place, good people, if a few were a bit crotchety.