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In Topic: My video on the Bally Professional arcade

Tue Aug 9, 2016 3:59 PM

Nothing big...your enthusiasm about the console far outweighs any pedantic discrepancies that an old-console fanboy like myself might notice. Since you asked, though, there are really only two corrections I would suggest: the Gorf and Wizard of Wor coin-ops came out a couple of years after the Bally Professional Arcade did, whereas you give the impression that they already existed when the console appeared; and the Atari 2600 actually has 128 bytes of RAM. In the latter case, I think you actually meant to say that, rather than saying K. The structure of your sentence indicates that it was just the sort of verbal typo that we all make from time to time. So: no big deal! I'm just glad to see someone making high-quality Bally console videos.



In Topic: My video on the Bally Professional arcade

Mon Aug 8, 2016 2:13 AM

Great job! There's a couple of niggling factual errors, but that's just picky stuff...I enjoyed your video and watched a couple others on your channel. One of the coolest things I've ever seen is the game-playing on the side of your house!


And, of course, Tron...it gives a whole new meaning to, "Look, Yori! The walls!"



In Topic: The Atari interview discussion thread

Fri Aug 5, 2016 2:09 AM

Cool! Tronix released Dragonfly Software's Scorpion, of the best VIC-20 games. In fact, it comprises the only chapter in my book that's specific to that computer. I'm sure Reese has long since forgotten about it; regardless, I'm really looking forward to listening to this interview.



In Topic: Joyce Katz RIP (Original EG)

Wed Aug 3, 2016 1:51 AM



If you can that would be great, I followed Kunkel's work for a while, bought his book and shared some email chit chat. Always wanted to go to one of the gaming expo's back then, kind of wish I did now. :(


Cool -- I'll get on that, then.



(There are still chances to get to Expos!)


In Topic: Joyce Katz RIP (Original EG)

Tue Aug 2, 2016 12:44 AM

Oh, man. I'm sorry to hear that.  The writings of that trio had a big influence on a lot of us as we were growing up and getting into this hobby.


And how. The very first game magazine I ever read was the July '82 issue of EG. The numerous, wildly varied screen shots, and the synopses of hundreds of games, blew my ten-year-old mind.


I recorded and transcribed the keynote talk given by Kunkel, Katz & Worley (she wasn't going by "Katz" for some reason) at the World of Atari '98 in Vegas. I should try to share that. Maybe I can borrow a buddy's scanner. I had never really known which people were behind EG until that great convention, and the lecture was illuminating.