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New Rotary Knobs

Yesterday, 4:15 PM

Anyone interested in some new rotary knobs for your Jaguar Rotary Controller?

I made these up when I was producing my boxed rotary controllers but decided to go with a ATARI symbol.

After digging these out after a few years, I forgot how much I like them. I have some extras, anyone interested?


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Jaguar CD problem, need opinions

Tue Jan 29, 2019 1:21 PM

So I bought a Jag CD from a local store. I was told the person who traded it in said it caused his Jaguar system to stop working. The person who sold it said they didn't know what was the problem, but he was told it "blew" his jaguar system.  He also said the guy traded in just the Jag CD, nothing else. He also thought the guy who traded it in was kinda "lost" when it came to electronics.


I have not tried to hook it up to my system yet, but would love to see if it works. I do not want to wreck my Jaguar system, but I do have a replace Jaguar board that I bought on ebay a few years back.


My questions:

Does it make sense that the Jag CD could short out the Jaguar system itself?  I want to hook up it, but before I do, just thought someone else might have more insight or opinions????

So I asked for some "Jaguar" stuff for Christmas.....

Wed Dec 26, 2018 12:02 AM

So I asked for some "Jaguar" stuff for Christmas, and this is what my wife got me. A childrens book about Jaguars. She is very funny! I did get some cool retro stuff.

What Jaguar/game related stuff did you guys all get???

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Pokemon Go Spoof, Community Days Editions!

Sun Dec 2, 2018 11:40 AM

Come enjoy the awkward adventures of the greatest Pokemon hunter to ever stalk the streets of downtown Colorado Springs:


and the return of the PokeLord!:

Jaguar and Atari Merchandise(Hats, watches, shirts, bags, etc.)

Fri Nov 23, 2018 6:59 PM

Selling the last of my Atari and Jaguar stuff.

These have all been professionally made over the last year or so.

I made these items for myself and for gifts.

I have between 1 and 3 of most items. Once gone, they are gone!


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-Pillows (Atari, Jaguar, You Suck) $15 each or All 3 for $35 (pillow case only!)

-Winter Beanie Cap $15 each or 2 for $25

-Black Jaguar Cap  $17 each

-Charcoal/Red Baseball Cap $17

-Small Jaguar Rotary Controller Bag(two sided, Jaguar on one side and Controller on other) $10

-BIG Rotary Controller Bag (two sided, Jaguar on one side and Controller on other) $10

-Jaguar embroidered T-Shirt(Large only) $15

-4 different embroidered patches(You Suck, Fishing Derby, Tempest 2000, Rebooteroids)  $5 each

-Key Chain (You Suck) $7

-Pocket Watch (You Suck) $10

-Jaguar wrist watch $15

-Jaguar Banner (30"x"30, silk-like)  $15 

-You Suck Banner (30"x"30, silk-like)  $15 


Shipping not included but most items can go Priority or first class in envelopes.