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In Topic: Super Game Module 2

Thu Feb 21, 2019 8:38 PM

1. Yes, transparent. Same for tiles, unless you disable it.
2. It may be a sprite or may be plane B
3. It has to be for the virtue of configurable resolution, scrolling and zoom.

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Thanks for the answers.


I'm thinking that one use for "plane B" would be as a non-scrolling text overlay on top of the game screen - for displaying player scores, lives, and other information - like many arcade machines had back in the day.


I guess I should read up on Super Nintendo scrolling and zoom to find out how this sort of thing was done on other systems...

In Topic: Super Game Module 2

Thu Feb 21, 2019 8:48 AM

Random hardware questions:


1. If sprites have 16 colors, is color index 0 transparent? How about for tiles?


2. If I want my sprite to walk behind a lamp post, does the lamp post have to be a sprite too?


3. Can the framebuffer be wider than the number of tiles displayed on the screen?


Just trying to get my head around this new hardware...

In Topic: Super Game Module 2

Mon Feb 11, 2019 1:05 AM

Great newsletter and really looking forward to next one to hear more about the upcoming games. I assume MSX2 games would be part of the line-up (from previous Opcode announcements about MSX2 games), would love a SD Snatcher with English patch. 


I am not sure if possible but It would be so nice with some Laserdisc games. Colecovision has always been my favorite system mainly due to it's focus on classic coin-up games. It's been awesome with all the great homebrew support to further expand this library. But somehow the Laserdisc games is always none-present. I understand the technical limitations but there barely has been any retro releases at  all  for any system etc to capture this part of the classic coin up culture. Astron Belt, Cliff Hanger, Road Blaster.... mmm :party:

RoadBlasters? Do you mean "Road Runner"? Road Blasters was not a Laserdisc game.


In the mid 80's, Sega and Namco had sprite scaling arcade hardware - the game would store one image of (for example) a tree by the side of the road, and the hardware would scale the sprite image up or  down when the object was supposed to be close by or far away.


Atari Games didn't have sprite scaling hardware in 1987- so they faked it in Road Blasters. Every side of the road object was rendered at many different sizes - and they just switched the graphics for the sprite as the object got closer.


Since the Omni has scalable sprites, I imagine it could do Road Blasters much more easily than the original arcade hardware.


Edit - oops. Sorry about that.  I was confusing Atari Games' Road Blasters with Data East's RoadBlaster, which was a Laser Disc game. Sorry.

In Topic: Killer Bees +

Mon Jan 14, 2019 11:46 PM

This is fun.. It reminds me a lot of the original game.


The green robots give me trouble because I am in the habit of always chasing robots.


Some suggestions:


1. It would be nice if the game screen would initially pause for a second or two to give the player a chance to find their position.


2. The tip about "different robot colors meaning different movement patterns" seems misleading since some robot colors are deadly.


3. The "How to play" section needs better key debouncing so the player can easily see each page. Wait for like one second of no key pressed before accepting a new keypress that advances the page.


4. If the power up icons were in the same order as their descriptions, it might be easier to follow.


So far so good. I have seen the boss a few times,but haven't beat him yet....

In Topic: OMNI console official thread

Tue Jan 1, 2019 5:01 AM

Happy New Year! 2019 could be a very interesting year...