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#4188140 OMNI console official thread

Posted by catsfolly on Tue Jan 1, 2019 5:01 AM

Happy New Year! 2019 could be a very interesting year...

#4184356 Robotron 2084 or Space Dungeon

Posted by catsfolly on Wed Dec 26, 2018 7:28 AM

Hockey Robots of Death had 16 robots on screen at once (I could have done more, but the screen felt cramped




Here's an example in Intybasic:






The robots can't overlap, so it's not really like Robotron. But it might give you some ideas...






#4175237 OMNI console official thread

Posted by catsfolly on Tue Dec 11, 2018 8:19 PM

I was a big fan of Ed Averett's games on the Odyssey 2 - games like UFO, Monkeyshines, PickAxe Pete, and Attack of The Timelords. He was for a while almost singlehandedly competing with Atari and Intellivision, writing like 24 games back in the day. I'm excited to see what he can do with this new console.


I think in many ways a console is like a musical instrument - each one has strengths and weaknesses and unique characteristics the help define the nature of the games that are done for that system. Just as the electric guitar didn't make the acoustic guitar obsolete, the existence of modern consoles doesn't make the old consoles obsolete. That's one reason why there is still interest in games for these older systems.


I'm looking forward to seeing this "new, 80's style, what could have been" console!

#4174520 Wishing for a new Intellivision Game - Shufflepuck Cafe!

Posted by catsfolly on Mon Dec 10, 2018 8:09 PM



But Klax would be nice on Intellivision also. Catsfolly to the rescue.   :) (for now I play the Lynx version) :)

The rights to Klax are owned by Time Warner, so I can't just make a version of it.


On the other hand, Mark Pierce (the designer and producer of Klax), started his own game company years ago and made a "Klax Inspired" game for iphones called "Starburst" which was similar to Klax except the game pieces moved up instead of down. So maybe something could be done,,,

#4174513 Wishing for a new Intellivision Game - Shufflepuck Cafe!

Posted by catsfolly on Mon Dec 10, 2018 8:04 PM

The Air Hockey game on Paddle Party was primarily designed as a two player game, with the single player mode thrown in so people could practice the controls by themselves.


Shuffle Puck Cafe is a single player game, so it can use first person view, and it has a variety of interesting opponents with different graphics, strengths, and weaknesses.


This kind of game is best suited to a mouse, or trackball, or some kind of analog controller. The Intellivision has only a digital "on/off" controller. Some tricks can be done such as having the movement speed up the longer the disk is held, or moving at different speeds based on the position pressed on the disk, but it will never be as natural as an analog control.

#4138743 Intellivision Entertainment launching a NEW Intellivision console

Posted by catsfolly on Sun Oct 21, 2018 7:11 AM

Whenever Blue Sky Rangers played the original Intellivision Football game, and had to select their plays and options on the TV screen while hoping the other player was too busy to notice what moves they selected, the players would always say -


"What we really need is a screen on the controller that shows information that only the player can see."


Looks like this is finally going to happen.


(The dreamcast had memory cards in the controller with displays in them, but the resolution was really low.

There was a Pac-man game for the Gamecube where the players used Gameboys as the controllers, and they saw a different view of things on the gameboy screens than on the TV screen.)


I'm interested in seeing what can be done with this little screen...



#4138740 Intellivision Entertainment launching a NEW Intellivision console

Posted by catsfolly on Sun Oct 21, 2018 7:05 AM


Eek!  It does look like a bedpan or a foot massager, indeed!  That's not really all that appealing, wow.  I think I would have gone with something more angular and ridged, based on contemporary aesthetics of the 1970s and 1980s "futurism" -- sort of like what Atari VCS (Ataribox) did.


Jeez, what a way of making the device look dorky.   :roll:



It's basically a small box with two controllers on top,


I think if they made it more angular, it would look like an Intellivision 2.



#4134592 help for an unknown game

Posted by catsfolly on Tue Oct 16, 2018 5:47 AM

In 1983 in America, the Atari 5200 and Colecovision were released to challenge Intellivision's status as the high-end system. So Mattel made some commercials showing in-development projects like World Series baseball and the system changer, since they had no new system to show.

#4077981 Doodle Jump INTV

Posted by catsfolly on Tue Jul 24, 2018 7:25 AM

I did an experiment something like this years ago, when IntyBasic was just a baby:




Of course, it was just a hack of clowns and balloons, and I never did anything with it...


So I had to check out this game.


I tried out version dj31.


Initially I had some trouble. When I pressed '1', I got the ending animation instead of any game play.


I tried many key combinations, and finally got the game to play by pressing 9 and 0 at the same time on my keyboard (running jzintv on windows). Not sure what this equates to on the Intellivision.


My visual first impression of the game was that it was running too fast - the player quickly accelerates to max speed so it is hard to appreciate the gravity effects.


But when I actually played the game, it seemed well tuned. I always felt like I could do better next time. I finally made it to level 3, and I had a good time getting there!


Here are my suggestions:


1. When the bird hits the player, the player disappears and the game freezes. This looks like a bug or a crash. I think something should happen here. For example -

   a. the player sprite turns upside down and falls off the bottom of the screen.

   b. the player sprite explodes.

   c. the player sprite bounces away from the main bird and then falls of the screen.

   d. a sound effect.

 If possible, the bird should keep moving...


2. In clowns and balloons, I varied the frequency of the bouncing sound effect based on the vertical velocity of the player sprite when it hit the trampoline. This gives some variety in the jumping sound. If your jumping sound is a musical type sound, maybe you could chose from a list of sounds based on the player sprite's velocity....


3. Maybe a few frames before the beam up, all the clouds could disappear and the player sprite could drop for a couple frames, and then get hit by the beam and beamed up. Just to add a little drama to it...


That's all I can think of at the moment. Looking good...





#3944115 The Official OREGON BOUND thread - IntellivisionRevolution

Posted by catsfolly on Wed Jan 24, 2018 10:43 PM

On THE FLASH TV show last night, the mysterious girl (who might be Dawn Allen from the future) was wearing an "Oregon Trails" T-shirt.
How timely is that?

#3883736 Find a remake of a game that was on the Intellivision.

Posted by catsfolly on Sat Nov 4, 2017 4:54 PM

My favorite is "LunchTime" which was a clone of the Intellivision version of Burgertime for the Radio Shack Color computer...














#3784864 Keith Robinson passed away :(

Posted by catsfolly on Thu Jun 15, 2017 8:33 AM

I first met Keith when we went to high school together, at Mira Costa high school in Manhattan Beach. He was well-known in high school for
making funny drawings and elaborate films.

Our high school had one physics class. I took the class a year after Keith did. For physics, we had to keep a "lab notebook". In the lab notebook, we had to make drawings of our experimental setups. A classmate told me that Keith had spiced up his lab notebook drawings by adding silly things like gorilla
hands holding the equipment.


I thought that was a funny idea, so the next time I saw Keith, I smiled and said "I heard about your Physics lab notebook!"
Keith looked shocked. His reply was "What! How did you hear about that? No one is supposed to known about it. Don't tell anyone about it!"
I said "Okay". Apparently there was something else interesting about Keith's Physics lab notebook, something controversial. But I don't feel guilty telling this story though, because I still have no idea what it was all about...

Keith made elaborate movies. For one scene, one of Keith's friends jumped off the "Mark Twain" paddle boat into the "river" at Disneyland. Somehow, his friend wasn't injured, and Keith talked his way out of their getting arrested.

So, we were all sure Keith would be a movie director or producer someday.

Keith did go on the work in special effects, and even worked with George Lucas on Star Wars ("Star Wars, The Holiday Special...")

The next time I encountered Keith was at Mattel Electronics. Funny thing was, I didn't recognize him at first.

When I knew Keith in high school, he was much shorter than me, and slightly overweight. So I was surprised to meet him 9 years later and discover that he was now much taller than me and thin and lanky. Apparently he waited until college to have his growth spurt.

Keith had been at Mattel about a month when I got there, and he was already working on Solar Sailer.

Keith and Mark Urbaniec competed with each other to make the coolest game, which let to innovations like custom fonts for their games.

After Solar Sailer, Keith moved into management. I ended up working for M Network on Atari 2600 games, so I never worked with Keith directly.

But Keith helped to make Mattel a fun place to work - he threw all his energy into everything, whether it was making "Blue Sky Ranger" logos and t-shirts,
or company events, or even the company softball teams.

After Mattel closed, Terri Valeski bought the Intellivision rights. He subcontracted with Realtime Associates and Quicksilver software (companies founded by ex-blue sky rangers) to make new games for the system.


Keith helped with the manuals and box art. In his spare time, he created his own comic strip - Making it. He was also a leader in the effort to keep the city of Manhattan Beach from tearing down the landmark Manhattan Beach pier (last time I checked, the pier was still there...)

After 5-6 years, Terri Valeski's company went bankrupt. which left him holding the rights to the Intellivision Intellectual property. Keith and his friends tracked down Valeski and bought the rights from him.

From then on, Keith kept the Intellivision brand alive through releases for the popular consoles and the PC and MAC, and plug and play games. and t-shirts and other goods. He could tell stories about the Mattel days for hours, and was always entertaining and enthusiastic, and generous in his praise of the people he had worked with.

He was the face and voice of Intellivison Inc.

He will be missed.



#3748180 Rain?

Posted by catsfolly on Mon Apr 24, 2017 7:41 AM



I get an assembler error:

0x50BA                  T2:
				;[26] 	SPRITE c,$0708 + c * 20 + RANDOM(8),$0288 + RANDOM(20) + 50,$2804+8*8
			;	SRCFILE "rain.bas",26
				; macro must be non-empty, but a comment works fine.
				MVII #Q1,R0
asm/rain.asm:1701: ERROR - undefined symbol  Q1


It compiles fine for me.


Are you by any chance using a version of Intybasic older than version 1.2.3 (the first version to allow an expression for a mob index)? The "c" variable is the only variable I see in that line...




#3731062 Rain?

Posted by catsfolly on Fri Mar 31, 2017 1:34 AM

Here are some simple experiments, so people have something to criticize:


1. A single dot animated (click to animate) :




2. 2 dots in a line (click to animate):





3. A separate dot moves at a different speed (click to animate):





Here is the source code:


Attached File  r.bas   6.02KB   64 downloads




#3731039 Rain?

Posted by catsfolly on Fri Mar 31, 2017 12:10 AM

Question for Those Smarter Than Me ™:

How could a full-creek rain effect me done, graphically? I am thinking of diagonally-falling rain drops. With the tile and shape liwmits, I am not sure how it could be done at all.

Purely an academic question, I have no practical need for it.

Whilst we wait for those smart people to show up, I'll try some diagonal rain brainstorming...


1. The most straightforward way to do rain would be to use the motion objects. Of course this means that you could only have 8 raindrops at a time.

(Unless you multiplex the objects - that would cause them to flicker, which might be okay for raindrops. )


The big problem is that you usually need the motion objects for other things - like player characters and enemies and shots and explosions...


2. If you have blank background characters, you could assign them to a gram character, and draw new rain animation frames every interrupt to the gram character. If you have a genius graphics designer (or just work on it for a ridiculously long time), you could maybe design the animation so that the raindrops exiting the gram character at the end of the animation match up with raindrops entering the character at the start of the animation - that way the animation will "tile" over several backtab characters.


You can set the motion object priority so these backtab drops appear on top of the motion objects.


3. If your background is full of custom characters, you can try adding an animation (like in step 2 above) to each gram card. Then the rain will be on top of the graphics (of course it will be the same color as whatever is in the gram card). Since you can only write about 20 gram cards per interrupt, this could only work for simple backgrounds.


4. If you loosen the connections between the Intellivision and your tv, you can sometimes get a "snow" effect. It's not rain, though... (nor is it diagonal)...


That's all I can think of at the moment...