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In Topic: 6502.ts / Stellerator: A new, web-based VCS emulator

Today, 10:29 AM

Just wanted to say that I'm still around, but dealing with an illness for the past several months (the last few weeks have been particularly brutal).  That, and a backlog at work haven't allowed much time to work on Stella, or any of my personal projects for that matter.


The author of 6502.ts has indeed contacted me, and we are now working out how to proceed on developing a C++ core that can integrate into Stella.  As soon as we get more info, we'll keep you updated.

In Topic: Atari 2600 Trak-Ball Games

Thu Mar 31, 2016 5:48 AM

Yes, that falls under 'rewind functionality', which hasn't been added yet.  There is a limited form of rewind, but it only starts recording while you're in the debugger and do step/trace/frame advance, etc, and only exists for that specific invocation of the debugger.


What we'd need for this use case is for the entire emulation to be doing recording while playing a game, and then when a breakpoint is triggered, there will be something to rewind to.  That doesn't exist yet in Stella, but is (yet something else) on the TODO list.

In Topic: Atari 2600 Trak-Ball Games

Thu Mar 31, 2016 5:01 AM

It would be easy enough to add a _scanEOF or some such pseudo-register that holds the number of scanlines in the last frame (hence the EOF).  This information is already in the TIA class; it just needs to be exposed to the debugger.

In Topic: Stella 4.7.1 released

Sat Mar 26, 2016 4:08 PM

It is fixed for US-layout keyboard, but probably not yet for other keyboard layouts.  I probably should have been clearer in the changelog.

In Topic: Stella 4.7.1 released

Sat Mar 26, 2016 12:34 PM

Stella 4.7.2 is now released, with Changelog as follows:


* Fixed bug when entering and exiting the debugger; sometimes the character corresponding to the '`' key would be output in the prompt area.

* Updated DPC+ Thumb ARM emulation code to latest from David Welch.  In particular, this fixes incorrect handling of the V flag when adding and subtracting, but also fixes compile-time warnings that I couldn't get rid of before.

* Updated UNIX configure script to work with GCC 6.x compilers, and to remove references to obsolete compiler versions that can no longer be used to compile Stella.


This is basically the last release before the next big one: 5.0.  The next release will include completely re-written TIA sound emulation (see in another thread about information on this), and a revamped TIA emulation mode.  It seems that I can't do a release that fixes the sound issues before I fix some of the TIA issues too.  So this will be a big release, probably not ready until the end of the summer or so.


As usual, bugs can be reported here or by PM.  Donations are always welcome; download Stella from the usual location.