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In Topic: Stella 4.0 released

Mon Jul 7, 2014 8:39 AM

The preferred rendering method is whatever works best on your system :)  For Windows, that is probably Direct3D, and is what will be used by default.  For Linux/OSX, OpenGL will be used by default.  However, if you prefer to keep using OpenGL in Windows, you can still do so.  IME, Direct3D tends to work a little better, and has the advantage of (mostly) working in Windows without having to download drivers separately.


Basically, as long as you're using hardware-accelerated video (ie, have the drivers installed), the output will be the same for Direct3D and OpenGL.  So use whichever one works best for you.


In terms of actual output, consider trying the TV effects, which add scanlines, NTSC blur, etc.  They're available in the UI, or by pressing Alt-1 to Alt-6 on the keyboard.

In Topic: Stella 4.0 released

Wed Jul 2, 2014 6:45 AM

The "good" systems work better with the custom build (no options menu) 


about the video option: my mistake but it seems that -video directx is treated somehow as -video direct3d they both changed the rendering to Direct3d (checked in video settings menu)


OK, so this confirms that the custom build is fixing the menu issue.  So I will remove the code responsible for this in the next release.


Also confirmed is that this is only happening on ATI hardware for you.  Unfortunately, I don't have any ATI hardware to test on; all my systems (including ones at work) are Intel or Nvidia.  I just did a google search about ATI and missing/incorrect Direct3D acceleration, and it seems that it's a pretty widespread problem.  From the little bit of reading I've done, people suggest downloading drivers directly from the AMD/ATI webpage, and also reinstalling DirectX9 from Microsoft.

In Topic: Stella 4.0 released

Wed Jul 2, 2014 5:39 AM

For the "good" systems. also try the test build.  I see no reason why it should be crashing.


Also, the video option for the first example is wrong; it should be "-video direct3d".  After successfully starting each time, have a look in Options -> Video Settings to see exactly which video driver is being used.

In Topic: Stella 4.0 released

Wed Jul 2, 2014 4:23 AM

I am at a complete loss, and will have to think about this a little more.  There's absolutely no reason for the test build to crash, as it's exactly the same as 4.0 except for two lines commented out; the app entering menu mode after being minimized (which is what I thought was causing the menu  to appear).


On the other systems that do work, are they also using ATI video cards?  Because I know there were some issues in the past with ATI cards.  Again, it's extremely odd that it doesn't have working Direct3D drivers installed.  Perhaps you can update your drivers from ATI/AMD website (I know this isn't supposed to be necessary, but your system has specific issues it seems).

In Topic: Stella 4.0 released

Tue Jul 1, 2014 4:54 PM

I may know what's going on with the menu appearing at launch.  Try this custom build and let me know if it changes anything.


EDIT:  Even if this does work, you should still look into installing all Windows updates.  And please let me know what type of video card you have.