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In Topic: Stella b/w bug

Thu Mar 13, 2014 5:08 AM

Can you post the ROM?  I tried with both 'Canyon Bomber' ROMs I have, and B/W worked fine.  BTW, Rybags is correct in that the switch can be completely ignored by a game.  But this one should be using it, and indeed it does in all my testing.

In Topic: Need opinions on 2600 emulation

Wed Feb 26, 2014 12:01 PM

The next major release of Stella (4.0) will support the TV effects in OpenGL, Direct3D, OpenGLES, etc.  Whatever type of video hardware is installed on your system, it will take advantage of it.


That being said, if you have an Nvidia card then you definitely have the ability to use OpenGL.  You just need to download the right drivers.  Look here for more information.


EDIT: Incidentally, the major reason why I'm moving to the latest version of SDL2 in Stella is to have proper Direct3D support in Windows, and not require OpenGL at all (which as you've seen, isn't always set up correctly in Windows).

In Topic: Stella 3.9.3 released

Fri Jan 24, 2014 5:36 AM

I haven't heard anything about the Arch issue.  Stella includes the latest libpng directly in the codebase, so that can be used instead, to eliminate any external requirements.  Also, Stella compiles against both the old version (1.2.x) and the newer ones (1.5, 1.6), so this is likely an issue with the build environment used by the Arch package maintainer.

In Topic: Stella 3.9.3 released

Tue Jan 21, 2014 1:21 PM

For the Windows port, I use a Windows 7 virtual machine (VirtualBox).  On a fairly regular basis, I do a full antivirus scan on this, and it's the only thing I use the VM for.  So it's highly unlikely to be from my end, but not impossible of course.


Also, I've noticed that some antivirus products tend to mark anything downloaded from sourceforge.net as being a virus.  This has personally happened to me with other types of software, but none of them ever contained a virus either.

In Topic: Precisely what is wrong with VCS paddle emulation ..

Mon Oct 28, 2013 4:53 AM

I really think there needs to be an option to have the mouse controller "stop" at the side of the screen so that playing Kaboom! wasn't such a pain. Overall I agree that mouse controls could be better and TC did a lot of testing which seems like it could be useful to the Stella team.


Press Control-g to 'Grab' the mouse, to keep it in the game window.  Then it will never exit the screen.


Also, improvements are definitely necessary, but I don't have a lot of time (or energy) to do it right now.  I'm dealing with a lot of real-world issues (illness, work, etc).  As well, I'm in the process of porting Stella to SDL2, and as mouse handling is specific to the underlying graphics library being used, I'm not even going to attempt to fix it until Stella is up and running in SDL2.