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Hot Glue Gun Reccomendations?

Mon May 28, 2018 8:07 PM

One of the things I've never had - hence I have no experience with - is a hot glue gun.


Over the years, I've ordered mods (or custom this-or-that) electronics-type stuff, and I am amazed at how well that stuff works, when receiving stuff that has been hot glued.  That having been said, is there a "standard" (by which all others shall be judged?) hot glue gun?  Order any generic unit?  What's good, and what is wrong with what is not good?   How do you clean these things, when done?  Is there a hot glue gun 101 that I should read?


Thanks in advance, for any advice you can chime in with.



Cuttle Cart 3 For Sale

Sun Dec 17, 2017 3:25 AM

This is FOR INTELLIVISION, in case one doesn't know.


Thinking about $75, free shipping in United States, if interest.


Don't know what this is worth anymore, but $50 cheaper than the newer alternative ($75 shipped vs. $125 shipped).


I never even used this, until today. It boots up, and includes a 64mb micro SD that it shipped with.  Also, SD adapter (big deal!), label for actual cart, and a nice clean cart shell that screws together.  We'll see.  Pics below.


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Youtube Channel - "The Modern Atari 8bit Computer"

Wed Nov 1, 2017 11:41 PM

This may be old news, but I recently stumbled upon this Youtube channel, and it's great!





I also like this channel, "The 8-bit Guy".  He's not really Atari (more general-focus, with a lean towards Commodore), but some interesting content.



Everdrive 64 (Stoneage Gamer Deluxe), and Sega Genesis 2 Console

Mon Oct 16, 2017 8:45 PM

Greetings, all.

2 items for sale.

First: Everdrive 64 for Nintendo 64. Stone Age Gamer "Deluxe" Edition. I don't remember what version, but near as I can tell, it says "version 2.00" on the back (see pictures). Firmware (etc.) is whatever it shipped with, because if it works great (and it does), I don't mess with anything.
It is like new.

Bonus: Will include 32mb Sandisk SD card. However, you will have to locate your own ROMS, as I don't want to violate any policies by selling ROMs. However, I (or one of your friends) can possibly give a tip later where you can look on your own.  It also works quite well with a very-capable NES emulator that is quite usable!

Very similar to what is for sale here at Stone Age Gamer....



....except very close to 1/2 price, as I am looking for $75 with FREE SHIPPING TO CONTINENTAL U.S.  I like my friends in other countries, but I have found that shipping is just completely ridiculous, now.  I don't know if the Post Office is ripping off, but I can ship to England for less than I can ship to our close neighbors in Canada, sometimes.  Crazy world.  It's just almost not practical anymore.  Pics....


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Second: Very basic Sega Genesis 2 system.  Pretty good condition.  A few scuffs (most notably right front corner on top (see pics)) but everything is squeaky-clean.  Standard 3-button controller has a couple of scrapes, but has been disassembled, thoroughly-cleaned, etc.  No grease and dead skin packed into the nooks and crannies like an Ebay or thrift-store system.  Third-party 6-button controller still in package.  RF and composite cords.  Beavis and Butthead (sorry, that's all I had) to demo system with.  Original OEM power supply.


Looking for $35 shipped in continental U.S., which is almost a give-away, considering shipping.  Pics:


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Apology to Bill Loguidice

Fri Sep 22, 2017 1:03 AM

I am going to have to eat crow on this one, but I wanted to make it public.

I ranted against Bill Loguidice in another thread, (I got banned!!!) and I wish to apologize to him. It's not just that I got banned, because this isn't required.

I also apologize to emkay for being negative. But most of all, I apologize to AL for creating a problem.

I am going though a bit of some tough times right now, although that's no excuse. Take care, all.