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Mirage1972's Blog > 2600 Boxes/Manuals Wanted

Posted 01 February 2009

If you have any of these for sale or trade please let me know. Would prefer box only, but if you are selling CIB, that's probably fine as well. Please send a photo (or a good, accurate description if photo is not possible), as I generally only collect ones in good or at least decent condition).

I'm looking for NON-International (US) versions of...

Mirage1972's Blog > Misc stuff wanted

Posted 01 February 2009

Items I'm sort of passively looking for (but would really like to have!). If they turn up at a good price and are in nice condition with reasonable shipping, I will likely snap them up, so if you have any of this please let me know!

* Atari 1200XL in good/decent condition. Either stock or modded is fine.

* APF TV Fun pong unit (400 series)......