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Retail hell (The EB years) > Hidden "treasures"

Posted 02 August 2010

EB Games was famous for taking trade-ins (at usually sucky prices for mad markups later) and a big trade-in item was the Playstation 2. As many know, there was a space inside to put a hard drive. After one particular experience where the customer asked for the system back for a moment, opened the door on the back and grabbed something out of it, I made the...

Retail hell (The EB years) > Sega Dreamcast and the hell of 9/9/99

Posted 22 July 2010

So, I was at EB Games a mere month and I had my first system release...the mighty and lovable Sega Dreamcast! Just before the debut, I had my first EB Managers meeting in Orlando, FL at the Disney Swan hotel. Alcohol and free swag! Yes, various video game companies, shower me with gifts and t-shirts!!! Anyways, the first day went...

Retail hell (The EB years) > Day one of hell

Posted 20 July 2010

Ok, just like it says on the title. Hell. Molded into a managerial gig that ended with me leaving and surprisingly, not grabbing a boomstick and heading for a clock tower.

I worked at an Electronics Boutique (the original EB Games name since at first, the company was more Radio Shack than video game store) in Long Island, NY. I had left another manager...