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#3991629 Need help: 1200XL no SIO (Won't read disk or SIO2SD)

Posted by Calibus on Thu Mar 22, 2018 7:13 PM


go ahead and line up and tell me "I told you so"


I swapped out R63 for one of the jumpers I removed when I installed my U1MB, and the SIO is now working perfectly with the Atarimax SIO2PC-USB device.



All's well that ends well I guess



#3988721 Need help: 1200XL no SIO (Won't read disk or SIO2SD)

Posted by Calibus on Mon Mar 19, 2018 10:54 AM

R63 limits +5V DC. If you’re using a standalone SIO2SD, you need to remove it. If you’re using an SIO2PC-USB device or a real drive, you don’t. The drive has its own power supply, and the USB device gets its power from the USB port on the host computer.


Since I'm currently using an AtariMax SIO2PC-USB device - R63 doesn't come into play.  Bummer.

I guess I'm stuck then until I can get a trace of a good working SIO transmission, since I can't tell if there is anything wrong with mine - nothing to compare it to.

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#3986662 Raspberry Pi SIO Emulator

Posted by Calibus on Fri Mar 16, 2018 10:27 AM

Please write a POST if you find a way to make RPi talking to C64


(Apologies in advance if responding to an old post is frowned on - but he DID ask... It just took 5 years...)


I was actually searching via google on using an RPi to talk to an Atari via SIO - and one of the links it threw my way was this one:




Spoiler alert - the initial posts in the thread pooh pooh that the idea is even possible - then someone out of the blue proves them wrong...

#3970839 1200XL Owners Club (serial tracker)

Posted by Calibus on Fri Feb 23, 2018 10:05 PM

Recently picked up one on ebay


83S DA 48802 123


Made in the US


I'm sorry I waited 35 years to grab one of these...

#3962067 C64 - A reappraisal 2017

Posted by Calibus on Tue Feb 13, 2018 9:03 PM

As someone who had neither Atari or Commodore in the 80s (TRS-80), I’m finding this topic very informative.
Back then I wished I had an Atari 800 but settled on a 2nd hand TRS-80 for economic reasons.

Thanks to the magic of eBay, I now have multiple commodore and Atari computers and someday I’ll hopefully have time to find space to set them up.

#3852195 Sdrive2 vs SIO2SD VS Sio2PC-USB

Posted by Calibus on Wed Sep 20, 2017 6:40 PM


For convenience and compatibility, the SIO2SD can't be beaten.  However, there is more to Atari retro-computing than just having an "always on" repository of software.  Some people are passionate about extending the system with the most powerful possible devices; Sparta DOS carts, PBI storage interfaces, etc.  All depends on why YOU have joined the community and what you are hioping to get out of your Atari.



I'm not interested in juggling floppies - I have enough TRS-80 ones in my collection already - so it sounds like SIO2SD is probably perfect for me.

I see there is a ton of software on archive.org - dunno if that is "THE" place to search or not, but it will definitely do for a start...


I'm definitely not looking to add a ton of hardware to a system - but I did order one of these: http://atariage.com/...-ram-expansion/- it was in my "impulse buy" price range and sounded useful.

I also couldn't resist one of these:  http://atariage.com/...purchase-thread


Now - what am I looking to get out of the Atari experience?  Way back in the day I just had my trusty Model 1 TRS-80 and some friends had Ataris and I was quite jealous of their graphics and sound capability.

I actually bought an 800 XL in 2007, but I didn't have anything handy to use as a monitor - so it was relegated to a closet and forgotten about till recently.

(I still don't have a monitor - but I'm actively looking - and keep getting distracted by stuff I see here along the way)


The games interest me obviously, and I am equally interested in what makes them tick.  

I've heard about the custom chips in the computers and would like to poke and prod at them via BASIC and assembler to see what I can make them do.


I also picked up an Apple IIgs in 2007 and blew the dust off that recently - and now I'm really interested in learning 6502 assembler since it could be applied to both families.

I figure this is my opportunity to catch up on what I was missing out in the early 80s...



#3731104 New to Apple II computers - with an Apple IIgs

Posted by Calibus on Fri Mar 31, 2017 5:38 AM


I'm glad to hear that I should be able to use either drive to boot from.

If I take a disk image that was originally on a 5.25" disk - can I put it on a 3.5" disk via ATDPRO?

Or will it need to go back on a 5.25"?


Is there a breakdown of the differences of each disk image type?


Looking around ftp://ftp.apple.asimov.net/pub/apple_II/images/games/adventure/


I see:


ATDTPro is supposed to handle them all (and more)
I'm assuming that one or more of these are probably for protected disks - and ATDTPro can write them OK - but if I wanted to copy the protected disk from one drive to another I'd need Copy II+?
Back in the day on the MSDOS side, I used to use a hardware card (Copy II PC Option Board) to backup copy protected disks.
Judging by what I read in the Copy II+ manual, no such hardware was required on the Apple II?
Besides the aforementioned CFFA3000 - what is considered a "must have" card?  My empty slots are just asking to have something plugged in.
I did order a DarkSound sound card along with the Floppy Emu - and I see they have a 4meg and 8meg expansion card.
Are the ram expansion cards usable outside of GS/OS?
My interests at this time are purely recreational (Games!) but I will eventually want to try dabbling in assembler.