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#1981193 Coleco ADAM S-Video?

Posted by coleconut on Mon Apr 5, 2010 8:31 AM

DoubleDown hasn't been on in awhile, I don't know what's up with that. :(

Anyone try a simple 5 Pin DIN s-video cable and see if it works? I'd try it myself but I don't have one.


I have played around a bit but just wound up using a 5-pin din cable for sound only and the separate rca monitor jack for video on a Commodore 1702.

#1960036 eBay Don'ts

Posted by coleconut on Tue Mar 9, 2010 2:20 PM

Yes yes and yes.

How about
Dont expect to get your best price if you wont ship beyond the lower 48. Hello. There is a bigger market out there waiting, wanting, heck BEGGING to bid and sigh a thousand sighs when your item sells for 5 bucks and I've tried to bid $25 but Ebay wont accept the bid 'cause the seller wont ship to you because you are in Canada, Europe, Australia, whatever.... These are not 3rd world countries, people.

Dont post your listing without checking what ridiculous price Ebay has determined shipping should be. I email at least twice a day asking if that single cart I am lookin' at buying when its sent to me via priority post is really $46.75

Two words. SPELL CHECK. Or risk sounding like a moron who wont be able to find the post office once you sell your crap. I'm not talkin' like breif instead of brief, I am talking ARARI CARTIGE REEL NICE ADITON TO YOUR COLECSHUN.

And what's with those listings where the seller wont take 2 stinking minutes to dust off their crap? Pictures of dust bunnies and 25 years of garage fallout. I am not saying you need to powerwash and armorall everything but at least dust the friggin thing off.

Ahh, I feel better.

#1923753 Paddle question

Posted by coleconut on Wed Jan 20, 2010 1:46 PM

I haven't seen one personally, but I've read here at AA that there is a Y-cable that performs the function that you desire.

It really wouldn't be hard to make an adapter if that Y-cable is elusive.

EDIT: There's a Y-cable in this picture above the console: http://www.atariage....date-on-gemini/

I have a Y-cable. Didn't think to try it but assumed it was a straight pass thru which I assume doesnt address the issue. I mean I would assume paddle activity on player 2 paddle does not use the same "address" as 1. So what the console would be seeing is one player even with 2 paddles on a Y adaptor. For example I'd use the Y adaptor on a colecovision to use a Gemini controller to play the game and use a Colecovision controller on the other "branch" of the Y cable to input from its numeric keypad. the Colecovision would just "see" 1 controller not the two.
I will check it out though and in response to the other reply, try refurbishing the "real" paddles.

#1923633 Paddle question

Posted by coleconut on Wed Jan 20, 2010 9:36 AM

Im a Coleco guy but enjoy 2600 games on my Expansion Module 1, the Atari adaptor. I also like to use the Coleco Gemini controllers which I find both responsive and easy to maintain, the paddles on these controllers are easy to clean and eliminate jitter. Issue is that I cant use 2-player paddle games with this setup noting that the original paddles both plug into port 1 and plugging in a single paddle on port 2 doesnt seem to work.
I suppose my question is whether or not there exists an adaptor of some kind to use 3rd party single paddles like on the Gemini controller and enable player 2 or perhaps another solution could be suggested? I DO have Atari paddles but they jitter a bit and the cleaning process is much more involved, havent attempted it yet.
Goin' fer that high score in Kaboom...
thanks in advance.

#1909080 Giving it some serious thought..

Posted by coleconut on Thu Dec 31, 2009 3:19 AM

My story is that I used to collect then my (now ex-)wife wanted it all gone, I got an acquaintance to come by in his boat-of-a 1970's station wagon, we filled his trunk, back and front seats and the rest that didnt fit got trashed (sigh)
Years later I found myself single and I went on a speedbuying binge, I bought everything on ebay, I mean 5 figures worth and hoarded. Supreme re-action I am thinking. I am not depressed and hopefully not a hoarder like that current TV show but it was psychological I am sure.
Now it has balanced out a little more, I dont play everything I buy or bought, to me it is a collection. If I sell anything, it is 90% of the time a duplicate.
I suppose my points are that I REALLY regret getting rid of everything originally, and understanding my motivation (even after the fact) of why I binge-bought helped me gain control over it. Anything to excess is not good. Balance is good.

#1787803 FS: New CV Release - FIREMAN ! 2nd run? Pls read

Posted by coleconut on Mon Jul 6, 2009 11:18 PM

Ok, I'm gonna toss this out and see where it lands.
I am considering a 2nd small run on this CIB version. In an attempt to be fair to the current purchasors, I am thinking of changing the box colour.
Owners of the red box will still have something unique but gosh, there are several of you who I'd like to see get one - guys who I have dealt with in the past buying and selling - many I know wont turn around and Ebay them but wanted one but except for a matter of minutes or hours just missed out by a hair.
If you have a loose (or will get one soon), you could get box only - and cheap to ship if I mail flat.
What's the consensus on this? I want to be fair to all.....

#1784015 FS: New CV Release - FIREMAN ! 2nd run? Pls read

Posted by coleconut on Wed Jul 1, 2009 2:16 PM

I am excited to now be able to accept orders for the unreleased Colecovision FIREMAN game.
Update July 2 8:30pm EDT - boxed copies all spoken for - still a couple of loose available
Update July 7 1:19am EDT - pls see my msg near end of thread for info
The official announcement of the release was made at the 21st Annual ADAMCon convention in Grand Rapids, MI this last Sunday where Daniel Bienvenue received the very first copy.
This is NOT a homebrew, it is a prototype of a fully playable unreleased Colecovision game. screenshots
The release was done in the style of Taiwan Cooper Black.
cart.JPG bothfront.jpg bothside.jpg boxback1.jpg
A total of 20 loose cartridges are available as well as another 20 boxed. Important these are all manufactured and ready to ship NOW, no waiting for production.
I hold the original prototype and artwork and no further copies will be made or offered by me, making this release limited so please dont delay in ordering.
Note as well that I did not accept pre-orders until I determined final quantities but those of you who previously expressed interest should receive a PM from me tonight asking you to confirm.

To order, send me a PM first here on AtariAge. I will need the following information in your message to me:

1. Which do you want? CIB (Cart, Box, Instructions on reverse of box (in the style of Taiwan Cooper Black))
Loose Cart only.
2. Where are you? State and Zip OR Province and Postal Code - To determine currency to use and shipping cost.

Special AA pricing is as follows
Loose cartridge only - $29.00US Dollars OR $32.00Canadian Dollars plus shipping
CIB - $41.00US Dollars OR $45Canadian Dollars plus shipping
Unsold copies if any after Aug 01 will be offered (at a higher cost) on auction site(s), etc.

I want to keep shipping/handling cost to minimum (only actual S&H charge) so it will vary as per your location. For example least expensive will be to Ontario and Quebec, then a little more for the rest of Canada and N. Eastern US, a little higher again shipping cost would be to remainder of US. I will ship overseas BUT I lose sleep over the cheapest ground shipping as it takes about 6 agonizing weeks with no tracking so I would REALLY like to use airmail, more expensive yes, but it takes days not weeks.

I will reply within 24 hrs on actual shipping cost and my PayPal details. Id like to be flexible and accept money orders as well but Id have to receive them ASAP.

FYI for those that dont know me, here is my 100% feedback on Ebay.

Finally, special thanks to the following:
ChrisC artwork extraordinaire in the true Taiwan Cooper Black style
5-11under ROM dump and quick turnaround on cartridge manufacture
retroillucid superb job on making the boxes and labels quickly and professionally exactly to my spec provided. Quality materials are used.
A 100% Canadian project, thanks team!

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