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#4008066 Kyan Pascal - urgent call for help to all to finish this project

Posted by GoodByteXL on Sun Apr 15, 2018 4:35 AM

If you or anyone can determine the version of the (1986) version, I'll adjust the filename accordingly. I'm presuming it's version 1.0, given that it predates the 1987 date of version 1.1 ??

The 1986 version is Kyan Pascal V. 2.x. The KIX-prompt "%" identifies it. Additionally, type AS<RETURN> at the prompt to see the assembler version 2.x. Surfaced in Summer 1986.


V.1 doesn't have an separate assembler - compiler and assembler are kept together in one program demanding more memory. That's why V 1.x requires an XL/XE.


The 1987 version of Kyan Pascal 1.1 is a user modded version, as far as we could figure out. Last official version of KP 1.x was version 1.3 in late 1985/early 1986, which is not found yet.

#3623224 Gauging interest in Atari based Eprom Burner

Posted by GoodByteXL on Wed Nov 2, 2016 1:05 AM

Details are important.
No one can say that all eproms will burn/verify/read without failure.  In fact I will guarantee some will fail.  This is a brute force programmer and as such if there is the slightest manufacture's variance in specs for a particular eprom type you run the risk of a burn/verify/read failure.  There are no new eproms being made that I am aware of, particularly the 2732s.  So what we are using is at best never used, but aged and at worst previously used and erased sometimes many times and still aged. Eproms have a life span of not only erasures and reprogramming but also simple age and can become flakey or fail sooner than that even, regardless if the eprom previously burn/verfied/read before..  icon_sad.gif

Yes, and I sent you details in e-mails and described what is happening here and made a video to show you, what is not working. What more can I do to help to kill bugs?


But all you responded with was a simple denial of my statements instead of testing it by yourself (at least you didn't write in your e-mails that you had tested what I described). I am neither a programmer nor a hardware developer, just a long time experienced A8 user. And my goal was to help to wipe off the obvious bugs from that project. But I guess my approach was understood as pointless criticism.


In the meantime there is professional proof that I stumbled across bugs. With the help of tf_hh they are identified and described in the ABBUC forum. I recommend every user of that burner to study it thoroughly before trying to burn a 2732 EPROM. If you follow the guide lines there it works like a charm. icon_smile.gif


If not following the hints the minimum problem to happen is that it is not working with 2732 types whereas 2764-27512 are programmed fine. The max problem that could occur is a damage of the burner.


To state it very clearly:

My goal was and still is to help to you to bring this burner as a re-imaged project back to the community. And despite lacking a lot of skills I put quite some effort into it, dug out the original manufacturer sources from the ABBUC archive, sent as much material as I could about the old burner I use and tested all the items from the old user guides to make sure it is most accurate before I started to develop an English version of it.


As a thank you I received a complementary burner with two 2732 adapters from you and promised to test it with the goal to describe in the user guide which are the needs to know to successfully burn 2732 types with the new version of the burner and the original version using the second adapter. Thanks to tf_hh, who described the necessary work around to successfully burn, read and verify 2732 EPROMs with the re-imaged version, this is now possible and I will adapt it to the user guide in English and German. Last step will be to test it with the original burner and your adapter coming days.


So let's blast the hardware and software bugs and make it to a perfect project from bits of the past.

#3607829 Ah finally I got myself a mini Speedy

Posted by GoodByteXL on Fri Oct 7, 2016 8:00 AM

the mini-Speedy has approx. half the size of a normal Speedy. It has Bibo-DOS and High-Speed-Sectorcopy built-in (switchable), but therefore it does not have any space for a track display. Since I never needed the track display (and since I am no hacker/cracker), its more than enough for me.
You can use all Speedy software with the mini-Speedy and thanks to some software named "Turbo Emulator" (which only works with Speedy drives) you can also convert it into a Turbo 1050 and then use all Turbo 1050 software.
There are several sectorcopy programs which read and write with ultraspeed on a Speedy drive and also format a diskette while the source drive is still reading (e.g. Copy 2000, Sectorcopy 1.5 and many others).
Here is a picture of it:

There is some info missing still: The Mini Speedy was available in 3 versions. Speedy 'S' = High Speed Sector Copy in ROM, 'D' = BiboDOS in ROM, "DS" = BiboDOS and HSS Copier in ROM. So if it is a "DS" as on the pic above a switch helps to choose between DOS and HSS Copier.

Alas, there are some 1050 drives (mechanics), where the highspeed Sectorcopy program does not work, think I already had one or two 1050 drives with that case. But Copy 2000 and other Speedy programs worked fine, so it was not a big thing for me. Afaik, mega-hz also has an Eprom image for the mini-Speedy with a built-in Copy 2000 available...

And, Compy Shop stated in the user guide that there are some 1050 not working with a Mini Speedy because of component tolerances in electronic parts and offered a service to check and fix it.


HSS Copy can R/W with up to ca. 95,000 baud when the drive is in perfect shape. To exit HSS Copy press SHIFT-CONTROL-TAB together. Some other Compy Shop hard-/software reacts on pressing START-SELECT-OPTION together. In both cases a cold start will be executed.

#3604786 SpartaDOS - Early Versions

Posted by GoodByteXL on Sun Oct 2, 2016 8:22 AM


Would you mind sharing them? It would be nice to include these extra pages on my website.


Of course not.

#3603769 SpartaDOS - Early Versions

Posted by GoodByteXL on Fri Sep 30, 2016 5:36 AM


Well when I bought my copy of the SDCS, it only came with two versions, 1.1 and 2.3. 3.2D didn't come out until the RTime-8 was released. That's why there is no mention of 3.2 in the original SDCS manual and there is an addendum in the RTime8 manual that describes the new 3.2 features. Maybe they reissued the construction set with 3.2 included, but the original construction set did not have 3.2 in it.

Alright, that makes sense. I'd wondered myself why it wasn't mentioned in the SDCS manual. They probably did update the SDCS disk later but not the manual. Good historical information.


I bought the SDCS from ICD Europe in the late 1980's. It contained all SD disk versions from 1.1 to 3.2d. It came with the 1985 guide for 1.1 and 2.3 as the manual, and as "manual add on" the RTime8 Supplement which contained the latest developments for 3.2. An easy way to "update".

#3596673 Practical steps for using PORTB extended RAM

Posted by GoodByteXL on Sun Sep 18, 2016 4:52 AM


atari makes only one upgrade. in 130xe. with separet 6502c/Antic access :-)
and that why it is standard :-)



Hm, this is difficult to agree on as the "standard" set by Atari is to use PIA's Port B to address extended memory in chunks of 16 KiB, that's it. Thereafter other developers adapted that and designed memory extensions of different kinds following this idea for compability reasons.


Though I use and prefer memory extensions providing separate access of CPU/ANTIC I have to realize that most memory extensions ever developed for the XL/XE line do not provide this feature. Therefore software making use of it is very limited. Of course one can use this option for programming, but shouldn't expect too much positive feedback when it comes to run it on real hardware.

#3596247 Ideas for re-printing the Analog Computing Pocket Reference?

Posted by GoodByteXL on Sat Sep 17, 2016 10:28 AM


Yes, now that is a really nice scan/PDF!



The applause goes to a8isa1 for providing the excellent scans in 1200 dpi which were easy to rework.

#3596241 Project shipping ideas?

Posted by GoodByteXL on Sat Sep 17, 2016 10:23 AM

I've been unhappy with the shipping costs to Europe for over a year now. I can find no justification for the high cost.




But really......   what considered options would you suggest?


#3 could be a good solution when keeping control is important.


Consider "ready-to-send" pre-packing and pre-addressing of the items to be delivered and use one big box for sending it to the distributor of your confidence. He just had to put it in the mail. Within the EU this easy to handle.


For the old world there are a few additional options worth to be considered:


- There are several big meetings during the year, so somebody attending a meeting could distribute the items there.

- Have it delivered directly to a meeting (e.g. Fujiama; I did that once with prints) place.

- Support what in German is called "Sammelbestellung" (collective purchase order). We do that frequently via the ABBUC forum.

#3596178 Ideas for re-printing the Analog Computing Pocket Reference?

Posted by GoodByteXL on Sat Sep 17, 2016 8:52 AM

I've tried this before, but my printers have all been for letter-sized paper only. When you try to shrink or even cut/paste individual sheets, the results are pretty unsatisfying. Mine fell apart from use years ago, and I think this would be an excellent "re-image." project.





This is my approach. I guess the original is on legal size sheets, 4 folded?


Anyway, it is now reworked for PDF including index and ocr, greyscale pages. May be this is more suited to be printed.

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#3596065 Found a 130XE with a hacked OS ROM...

Posted by GoodByteXL on Sat Sep 17, 2016 2:51 AM

 I don't see them in my PC hexeditor in other words and
seem to recall no issues with the genuine US+OS in that regard.


Use Eddy from the SDX toolkit to see for yourself what rdea6 showed us. Plain ATASCII.

#3595380 Practical steps for using PORTB extended RAM

Posted by GoodByteXL on Fri Sep 16, 2016 12:19 AM



You are better off having Antic use the normal ram and your code going in the extended banks. This way your program will also work on XL machines which have memory expansions, but do not have the ability of ANTIC to address that memory separately.

This is not true for all memory extension for the XL series. There are some (still available) behaving exactly as an unmodified 130 XE. Generally it is a good idea not to use this feature as most of the "customers" cannot use it.

#3595374 Gauging interest in Atari based Eprom Burner

Posted by GoodByteXL on Fri Sep 16, 2016 12:05 AM

Received and already repaired my BXE41 cartridge by re flashing the eprom's ---checked blank first then burned and verified ----BXE 41 cartridge like new again.  I took the opportunity to put the SpartaDos ready rom on it. 


Question about the 21 volts setting:  What eprom's require 21 v, and is there a list somewhere..??


Also is this program convertible to SpartaDos or MyDos that will have a greater amount of disk space to store rom files..


Took the time to write up the answers to these and other issues in the small guide. So I guess you haven't read it ...

#3588663 Gauging interest in Atari based Eprom Burner

Posted by GoodByteXL on Tue Sep 6, 2016 9:01 AM

Eh I'd be interested as a novelty but price and postage out me out considering one can buy a fairly good usb burner off eBay that does a gazillion chips and usually cost 45 with free shipping...

Yes, China ware is cheap in many respects ...

And of course you are able to run an usb eprom burner with the XL/XE having written the needed software.

Lucky you ...

#3567127 SpartaDOS X 4.48

Posted by GoodByteXL on Sun Aug 7, 2016 7:25 AM

The SDX user guide carrying hyperlinks in the table of contents is up for download. Case close icon_wink.gif

#3566497 SpartaDOS X 4.48

Posted by GoodByteXL on Sat Aug 6, 2016 1:47 AM


Indeed it is ... stay tuned ...

Guess it is done. Thanks to FJC pointing to the video, it helped to figure out was was done wrong by me. Sent the new version to Drac030 to have it checked.


@fujidude: do you feel the relief?


Remark: browser capable of displaying pdf without addons or external viewers will show the bookmark pane when activated.