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About Me

Getting on well with my assembler programming on my 130XE using MAC/65. My first assembler game Ramp Rage was entered into the abbuc software contest 2014 - final version will be released early 2015. If anyone needs any help with Atari gaming or BASIC programming send me a messsage.

Having great fun playing classic & new games in the 8-bit High Score Club here on atariage. New players and emulator users welcome too (checkout the beginners guide post)


created "Keep on Koastin'" for the 'write a 4K game in atari basic challenge'. I entered the (fantastic!) "Gwobby Strikes Back!" Into the abbuc software contest 2010 [Last Place -DOH!] released a much improved final version (1.2) April 2011 details here

Other releases were a 4 stage platform game 'Gorilla Warfare', and arguably my best game "Gwobby's Adventure" which is a fun game with an original theme. Download my other BASIC games; some good CarCrash, MITE, Bouncing Boneheads (sort of Yahtzee for kids), Flicking Footballs (head to head penalty shootout game)... and some (lots) that are bad, from the site's "Kendallsoft Klassics Tab".
Checkout my games on the Gwobby web site

$£$ Wanted £$£
I'm interested in buying the following:
Page 6 Magazine Issue 1
Any A.n.a.l.o.g or Antic magazines - preferably a bunch of the early ones (would need postage quote to the UK) :ponder:

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    Atari 8-bit gaming - Check out the Gwobby website http://www.gwobby.webs.com and play the latest versions of * Gwobby's Adventure * Gorilla Warfare * MITE * Car Crash * Gwobby JR * Trolley Trouble * Flikin Football * and some of my other games from years past.

    Mainly gaming, still downloading tons of games to play on real hardware using APE. It's getting harder to find many classics but there are a few gems which make it fun.

    Current A8 projects:
    Still finishing the final improvements and updates to my abbuc software contest 2014 entry "Ramp Rage" Version 1.1 hopefully for release in erm 2013/14/15!!!

    Worked with Matosimi on expanding his Xirius Defect game from abbuc 2013 to the XXL version - new version "X1" has a new level 73 the original one was probably impossible!

    Created "Micro Gwobby" (yes he's back!) for the 10 liner NOMAM 2014 contest. This rekindled my interest in Turbo Basic so I took a break from assembler and created "Gravity" which was a little game to support abbuc 2014 if my assembler project doesn't get done but will now dig this out for abbuc 2015...
    Keep on Koastin' - for the "Challenge: Write a game in Atari BASIC in 4K"/abbuc software contest 2012.
    Released the final version of my shoot'em-plat "Gwobby Strikes Back!"

    GSB was my first game in Turbo Basic and my first game with PMGs (well ones that move properly anyway). I finally mastered using player missile graphics thanks to the superb "Atari PMGs in BASIC" (by Philip C Seyer) available on atariarchives.org

    2nd contacts for me are atariage members bluecat or Gwobby
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    Recent finds:
    Tales Of Dragons and Cavemen (not NTSC) fantastic platformer. Fire One. Roundabout. Air Support
    Worth another play:
    BMX Simulator. Mario Bros XE
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    Ramp Rage

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