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Help! Stuntman or Nightmare?

Thu Oct 18, 2018 2:49 PM



I found a cart today with no label on it and it was a unusual looking case so I bought it.



I figured out the game is either Nightmare or Stuntman (Nightmare didn't have a screen shot on atariage info page)



Here is a screen shoot of Nightmare  http://www.atarimani...tmare_7398.html



Here is a screen Shoot of Stuntman http://www.atarimani...-man_s7305.html



So Stuntman has no stars at the top of the screen and Nightmare has star on the top of the screen?



The cart I have looks like a Nightmare cart from comparing it online but the game screen looks like Stuntman (with no stars)



Can anyone shed some light on how to tell which game I have?