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Opened my first Atari game in about 25 years!

Sat Sep 5, 2009 10:09 AM

I have had never opened boxed games in my collection for about 15 years and last night I opened my first NEVER opened atari boxed game since I was a kid (I'm 38 now).

so I took out my crazy climber and ripped into the box like no tomorrow (LOL YA RIGHT JUST KIDDING)

I chose to open ET since I have 9 of them that have never been opened so I picked the one with the most box wear and carefully opened it. It was alot of fun and I loved it,,,,I was telling my wife all about it and she was looking at me like I was a retard. soooo I figured if anyone can relate to me it would be on here.

There seems to be a goof in the box I opened because I got 2 of the ET hint sheets in the box (they were identical)along with the rest of the stuff,, catalog,Instructions,and the raiders of the lost ark sheet.

just wanted to share the excitement that I had

Atar Game center (on Wheels)

Fri Aug 28, 2009 4:04 PM

I was looking at my Atari Age September/October 1982 issue and there is a christmas catalog in it with a really cool looking Atari Orginizer that is on wheels and has "smoked plexiglass doors and dust cover."

Does anyone have one of these in there collection and how hard are they to come buy???

There is one of these kind of Wheeled organizers on Atari2600.com but it is not as cool looking as the one in Atari Age with the smoked plexiglass

I'm addicted to EBAY

Sun Aug 16, 2009 5:34 PM

I'm new to buying stuff on ebay (I used to just look there every once and awhile) well now that I started buying stuff dam i'm hooked. I think the wife is going to kill me.