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About Me

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Hello Friends!


My name is Joseph and am very excited about video games! I enjoy classic 8-Bit video games such as Nintendo NES, ColecoVision, and Sega Master System, but ATARI has been and always will be my favorite video games of all time. Especially the 2600, 5200, 7800, LYNX and JAGUAR! I also like ColecoVision A LOT for the homebrew scene! There are some great new games by some wonderful programmers like retroillucid, opcode and newcoleco and they are some of the best games I've ever played! I also enjoy Super Nintendo, Genesis, Dreamcast, PlayStation 1 & 3 but not 2, and Donkey Kong. Also 8-Bit Computers. Nolan's mantra is my vision - easy to learn, difficult to master. That's how I like to play. I am also a dedicated fan of Steve Wiebe and support TEAM WIEBE and I also like Walter Day of Twin Galaxies. I hail from South Florida.


I also really love learning about video game history and sharing my passion and knowledge of Atari History with others. Knowledge is like a candle light, you can pass it on by lighting other people's candles and giving them light. Thats what I like to think. Atari history is important to me and I think it should be passed on. And that is why I have dedicated my life's work to preserving the history of Atari, creating awareness and promoting the hobby.


I have been creating my own Atari web pages for many years with my first page going up in January 1995. In 2000 I became part of Atari7800.com and created my most famous web page which was hosted there, and I am working on my newest and greatest web page. I like coming to AtariAge to talk with old friends, meet new friends, and feel the positive energy of the Atari community to get new ideas and things that will make my next website the best ever. Thank you for visiting my page I'm glad you came!


Your Friend,
Atari Joe



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ROFL No one has the time to read your lengthy post - I imagine it has something to do with you not being satisfied with Ebay. Great for you, you're a fuckinmg genius. Now lower your prices you piggie in my pee-pee.


You know how, when you were little (like last week?) and you asked your parents for something as a gift... they'd often get something close to what you wanted but not quite... even if you gave them the exact brand and model number. Maybe it's because the other item was cheaper, or because a salesman convinced them it was better (ooh look, it has a keyboard with letters and junk!). These are people who kept the Odyssey2 going as long as it did. Just my theory.



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areyouhim (The Man Behind The Curtain)
Stan Jr. & Pitfall Aimee (a dynamic duo!)
Paul Slocum
Chuck D. Head



and all of my other friends, thank you!




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x x x Prototypes x x x


Atari Video System X (Fully Functional 5200 deck)
Sony PlayStation (1994 "PSX" mock up in textured Black)
3DO M2 (1996 Panasonic - in Black)
3DO M2 (1996 Panasonic - in White)
3DO M2 (1996 Panasonic - in Blue)
Apple Pippin Dev Kit
Atari 7800.com Dev Kit



x x x Video Game Systems x x x


Action Max
Amiga CD32
Amstrad GX4000
Apple Bandai Pippin Worldmark
Atari 2600 Heavy Sixer
Atari 2600
Atari 2600 Vader
Atari 2600 Jr.
Atari 5200
Atari 7800
Atari 7800 Silver DMC Edition (1984 Rainbow)
Atari Flashback
Atari Flashback 2
Atari Jaguar
Atari Jaguar CD
Atari Pong
Atari Super Pong
Atari Video Music
Atari Video Pinball
Atari XE
Bally Home Library Computer aka. Astrocade
Bandai Playdia
Casio Loopy
Coleco Gemini
Coleco Telestar Colortron
Dina 2 in 1 (Sega SG-1000 & Colecovision clone)
Emerson Arcadia 2001
Fairchild F
FC Twin
Gamecube GBA player
Goldstar 3DO
JVC X'eye
Magnavox Odyssey
Magnavox Odyssey 2 with voice module
Magnavox Odyssey 200
Magnavox Odyssey 300
Mattel Intellivision
Mattel Intellivision II
Mattel Intellivision INTV System 3
Mattel Intellivision Keyboard I
Memorex VIS
Messiah Generation NEX
Microsoft Xbox
Microsoft Xbox 360
NEC PC Engine
NEC PC Engine Core
NEC PEC Engine Shuttle
NEC Super Grafx
NEC Turbo Duo
NEC Turbo Grafx 16
Neo Geo AES
Neo Geo CDZ
Nintendo 3DS
Nintendo 64
Nintendo 64DD
Nintendo Famicom
Nintendo Famicom AV
Nintendo Famicom disk drive
Nintendo Gamecube
Nintendo Gameboy Advance attachment for Gamecube
Nintendo IQue
Nintendo M82
Nintendo NES toploader
Nintendo NES
Nintendo Super Famicom
Nintendo Super Famicom Box (hotel system)
Nintendo Super Famicom Jr.
Nintendo Super Gameboy
Nintendo Super Nintendo 2
Nintendo Super Nintendo
Nintendo TV Games 15
Nintendo Wii
Panasonic 3DO
Panasonic 3DO F-Z10
Panasonic Q
Philips CDi 400
RCA Studio II
Sears Super Video Arcade
Sears Telegames (Six switch)
Sears Video Arcade II (aka Atari 2800)
Sega 32X
Sega CD
Sega CD II
Sega CD-X
Sega Dreamcast
Sega Dreamcast Sega Sports Edition
Sega Genesis
Sega Genesis II
Sega Genesis III
Sega Master System
Sega Master System II
Sega Pico
Sega Power Base Converter
Sega Saturn
Sega Saturn Rev 2
Sega Saturn Silver Jap
Sega SG-1000 Mark II
Sharp Twin Famicom
Sony Net Yaroze
Sony Playstation
Sony Playstation 2
Sony Playstation 2 slim
Sony Playstation 3 with LCD screen
Sony PSone with LCD screen
Sony PSX (DVR/PS2)
Starpath Supercharger
Toshiba Nuon
VTech Motion
VTech Smile
VTech Socrates
VTech VFlash



x x x Computers x x x


Apple IIc
Apple IIe
Apple II (Swan Hatch from "LOST")
Apple Macintosh SE
Atari 400
Atari 800
Atari XL
Atari XE
Atari TT
Atari ST
Atari STacy
Atari Falcon
Casio MX-10 MSX
Coleco Adam Computer w/printer
Commodore 64
Commodore 128
Commodore Amiga 500
Commodore Plus/4
Commodore SX 64
Commodore VIC-20
Mattel Aquarius
Texas Instruments TI-99/4A
Timex Sinclair 1000 Computer



x x x Handhelds: x x x


Atari Lynx
Atari Lynx II
Bandai Wonderswan
Coleco Baseball
Coleco Donkey Kong mini arcade
Coleco Football
Coleco Playpal
Donkey Kong Hockey Game & Watch
Gameking II
Leepster L Max
Mattel Baseball
Mattel Football
Milton Bradley Microvision
Muga MP3 Sega Genesis Player
NEC PC Engine GT
NEC Turbo Express with TV Tuner
Neo Geo Pocket Color
Nintendo DS
Nintendo DSi
Nintendo Fire Attack Game & Watch
Nintendo Gameboy
Nintendo Gameboy Advance
Nintendo Gameboy Advance SP Limited Edition NES version
Nintendo Gameboy Color
Nintendo Gameboy eReader
Nintendo Gameboy Micro Limited Edition Famicom
Nintendo Gameboy Pocket
Nintendo Pokemon Mini
Nintendo Mario Cement Factory Game & Watch
Nintendo Punch Out Game & Watch
Nintendo Donkey Kong Hockey G&W x2
Nintendo Donkey Kong 3 G&W
Nintendo Blackjack Game & Watch
Nintendo Virtual Boy
Nokia N-Gage
Philips CDi Portable 350
Philips CDi Portable 370
Sega Game Gear with TV Tuner
Sega Master system adapter for Game Gear
Sega Nomad
Sony PSP
Tiger Game.com Pro System
Tiger Bo Jackson 2 in 1
Tiger Star Trek TNG
Tiger Jordan Vs Bird
VG Pocket
VG Pocket Max
VG Pocket Tablet
VTech Smile Pocket
Watara Supervision
Zodiac Tapwave



x x x Arcades: x x x


Missile Command
Crystal Castles
Moon Patrol
Neo Geo MVS Arcade (4 slot)
Nintendo Playchoice 10 with 20 games



x x x Plug n Plays: x x x


Atari joystick
Atari paddle
Coleco Sports
Commodore 64
Genesis collection
John Madden Game
Texas Hold'em



x x x Automobiles: x x x


Oldsmobile 442 (1968 - Yellow "Lansing Edition")
Oldsmobile Cutlass (1996 - Tan)
Ferrari GT California (2011 - Red)
Ford Excursion (2003 - Black)
Maybach 62 (2006 - Black & Silver Two Tone "Black Tie Edition" bought from Mom)



:thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: ATARI JOE'S FAVORITE CHARITIES :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


The Humane Society of The United States
The Special Olympics
The Federation For The Blind - Columbia, SC Chapter
St. Jude's Children's Hospital
Make-A-Wish Foundation
Women's Shelter
Me & My Mom's Community Youth Haven Center

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