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#4157889 ST/Amiga Mouse adapter for Jaguar Gridrunner & Defender of the Crown

Posted by Matthias on Thu Nov 15, 2018 12:47 PM

Hello Guitari!


Got it back Gummy - thanks so much! However still no joy  :(  I get a shakey movement on the mouse config screen of Impulse X whereas before it was dead. But not moving now as it should. This is selecting both Amiga and ST mice.


In the "Controller Configuration" screen of Impulse X you need to set two things:

  1) The "Rotary Device" type, in your case set this to "Amiga mouse".

  2) The "Adapter" type. Unfortunately MacRorie didn't post the pinout of his PCB, but judging from the photo it seems he is following the pinout that i published in the 1990ies. So the proper setting for this adpater should be "ST M. Adapter M.Domin".


A wrong combination of "Rotary Device" and "Adapter" will show the effect of "shaking" when you move the mosue, but the mouse buttons should usually work.


Hope this helps


#4134911 Memory Track issues

Posted by Matthias on Tue Oct 16, 2018 12:46 PM


I didn't find any threads about the Memory Track in here to feed off of. Would this sound like an issue with the Memory Track itself, the games themselves, or perhaps the connection? I have this plugged into the cartridge slot on the CD unit which is plugged into the Jaguar itself. Like I said I can hold OPTION and access the memory track and see the saves, they just don't load or work properly when trying to play the actual game so I assume it is not a connection issue.


FYI: Instead of OPTION,  hold down 2 while booting Impulse X and you get my "Memory Track Manager Remix" loaded. It works similar to Ataris original MT Manager, but has some enhancements like displaying the content of a file or transferring it to a PC via serial connection. Browsing through the file content may help to track down the problem.

Kind regards

#3891169 Scrolling with Lynx

Posted by Matthias on Wed Nov 15, 2017 3:36 PM


Thanks so much guys for taking time and write these tips! But actually I already knew these things (I'm sure they will still be helpful for other people reading the programming forums), the only thing I don't know is how to actually modify Suzy's scrolling registers in code or where to read about how to do it. I had a look into the Lynx dev documents "Write the horizontal pixel offset from zero to the left edge of the screen into HOFF." hmm, is it one of the SCB "parameters" I have to do something with or...?

No, HOFF and VOFF are registers of the chip, you can set them at any time.

On my Lynbx-page you can find the sources for two small C-programs demonstrating the usage of both offset registers and a SCB-chain to implement a scrolling playfield:


Kind regards

#3886265 Lightguns

Posted by Matthias on Wed Nov 8, 2017 11:08 AM


caused by a recent request of Jeffrey_bones i did some research on the internet for using lightguns with modern TVs (LED ..) and found this interesting solution:

Kind regards

#3880122 Something I've been working on

Posted by Matthias on Mon Oct 30, 2017 4:37 PM


Will do - im using fat FS as the fat access code which just requires a few interface functions to be defined. As long as both access paths are specified (for both types of card) and a way of checking/setting type automagically then it would be transparent to the developer.
More info on fatfs here: http://elm-chan.org/.../00index_e.html

A good choice, i am using this lib for my own SD-card project also.

Kind regards

#3877614 Skunkboard stuck on erase?

Posted by Matthias on Fri Oct 27, 2017 8:59 AM

I am having a problem with some of the roms working. Raiden is an example, no matter how many times I load it, after it is done, the screen just goes to blue. Any of you have that issue?

Apparently Raiden doesn't switch on the video system when it is started, Atari knew about this and had to change the VLM start code to handle this problem. See Cart.S and CDBoot1.s in the VLM-sources.

Kind regards

#3822655 Frogz 64 Atari Jaguar game

Posted by Matthias on Mon Aug 7, 2017 11:00 AM


Actually it shouldn't be safe. On higher levels a snake patrols it.

You're right. Forgot about that. So on level 1 it should be safe, then on level 8 (which is the repeat of level 1 with extra difficulty) the snake should appear.

In the version that i talked about a third car was driving on that side of the highway, it always collided with the frog that was resting on the green stripe. In the newer version this car is now removed, so the frog is now safe.

I have cleaned up the edges of the Jagpad sprite. How does that look?

It's ok now :)

I have also fixed the glitch where the skull animation stays on forever. (that was a simple accident)


Next I will make the middle area of the screen where the grass is a "safe zone" (as it SHOULD be) and start creating the reset game subroutine for pressing 0 and # keys like you suggested.

As mentioned, the green zone between highway and river is ok now,
but key 0 only switches the music/sfx off, this key should be implemented as a toggle.

The frog always jitters (x-position) when sitting on the wood rows(from bottom to top) 1, 3 and 4, but not on row 2.

Kind regards

#3822608 Atari ST Games Ported to the Jaguar

Posted by Matthias on Mon Aug 7, 2017 10:06 AM


As WelshWorrier said, it's just an unfinished demo burnt to CD with a 'limited' number of copies (probably because he ran out of ink) in order for him to pay his rent for the month.  He regularly does this crap.  Don't buy into it.

The sad thing is, that for these 'rare' things people are paying more for both the CD and the shipping costs as they would for my regular products.
Unlike my Marble Madness demo for Lynx, the Jaguar version that is used there does not even have any kind of gameplay.

Kind regards

#3821880 Frogz 64 Atari Jaguar game

Posted by Matthias on Sun Aug 6, 2017 11:53 AM


attachicon.giffrogz64.abs  <-------- FOR VIRTUAL JAGUAR
attachicon.giffrogz2.rom   <-------   FOR SKUNK
Test build for finding bugs and playthrough.

Ok, i have downloaded both files, although i was wondering about the big difference in file sizes: 1MB compared to 1.75 MB.
Small advice: Adding a date/timestamp helps to the filenames helps a lot for later references (I.e. FROGZ64_20170806.ABS).

When started, the screen stays black for a very, very long time. 5 or 6 seconds is too long, i had rebooted the Jaguar 2 times and switched from testing the ABS to the ROM before i decided to let the machine run a longer period of time.

The animated Jagpad-Sprite still shows some bright pixels inside its shape.

The game runs faster under 60Hz than under 50Hz.

The green stripe between highway and river wasn't a save place for my frog.

Neither does key 0 toggle the sound/music nor does the "* plus #" combination (aka "reset") let you leave a level.

The skull sprite stays most often forever. IMHO it should disappear before the new frog appears.

Kind regards

#3645800 Hints for Orion's PHILIA

Posted by Matthias on Wed Dec 7, 2016 12:56 PM


It works! many thanks Matthias.

You are welcome :)

Only downside is it takes about 5 loads to get the CD past the menu and onto the gameplay. Wasn't there an issue with this release containing this bug? And Orion sent out replacement discs? I think I need a replacement!

The common trick is to make a copy of the Jaguar-CD on your PC, usually the copy works better on the Jaguar, at least if the Jaguar CD is a CD-R.


#3543289 Skunkboard Update

Posted by Matthias on Fri Jul 1, 2016 11:53 AM



So is 6MB mode completely debugged? Because I am testing my CGE 5th anniversary slideshow which is approximately 4.6MB in size, and I am finding that the last 4 pics in the ROM image are corrupted, and they would be the ones bleeding over the 4MB boundary.



I think this is caused by DetermineFileInfo() in JCP.C, but only if your file has the extension ".ROM". As Tursi said, the 6MB-file will be split into 2 parts, and therefore the second part will also be processed by DetermineFileInfo(), which will alter the base address to 0x802000 for headerless "files" if the file extension is ".ROM".




#3542740 Skunkboard Update

Posted by Matthias on Thu Jun 30, 2016 2:47 PM



Good idea. :) I did that by issuing "jcp -6 memdmp11.abs" and I browsed the memory before and after $C00000. What I am finding is that all memory above $C00000 (not just the first 8KB) is cycling through some sort of pseudo-random data pattern that repeats every 64 refreshes. The repeating pattern is not tied to a memory location. In other words, if I just bounce the memdmp screen back and forth between two ROM locations above $C00000, it will keep changing the data displayed for these two locations but eventually repeat every 64 times.


The memory prior to $C00000 does not cycle; it returns the same data every time you refresh, just as expected since it is in the ROM space.


I have just uploaded a Skunkboard-specific version of my tool here http://www.mdgames.de/Memdmp12.zip


This version  now supports switching between Bank0, Bank1 and the 6MB (sorry for the joypad-key-mapping), i tried it out with an updated formerly Rev2-board.


Interestingly you will see the behaviour that Carl has described when you browse the $c00000 adress area, but only as long you are just switching between Bank0 and Bank1. As soon as you have once switched to the 6MB-mode you will always see the first 2MBs of Bank1 shown in the browser at this adress area.


Kind regards


#3481211 Rebooteroids - Public Testing Phase (And user created level submission)

Posted by Matthias on Fri Apr 1, 2016 3:39 AM



if you do have a BJL-cable (or can burn a Jaguar-CD) my E2prom-Browser might be useful for you:



Best regards


#3478453 Rebooteroids - Public Testing Phase (And user created level submission)

Posted by Matthias on Mon Mar 28, 2016 9:58 AM

Awesome idea!

#3477120 Hints for Orion's PHILIA

Posted by Matthias on Sat Mar 26, 2016 9:43 AM



i am not sure if it is of any help to you (because the screnshots are dark and the description is in german language only), but here is my walktrough: